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7 Common SEO Mistakes to avoid in 2015

If you are ranking too low or don’t have a search engine optimizer for your website, there are some factors to reflect on and double check that you aren’t doing the mentioned mistakes. These questions might not arise if you have the right SEO services provider working for you. Relevant SEO is important to produce […]

How to add product properties in spree commerce

The Spree Commerce platform which delivers ecommerce solutions is a great choice for many reasons. One of them is a great bunch of functions and settings one can adjust. If you are new to Spree, you might come up with  number of questions. One of the most frequent ones is how to use product properties […]

How to add video in eBay listing template [2015]

While you’re selling on eBay, there are some products for which images aren’t enough for explaining everything in your eBay listing template design and for that reason you need to add (embed) videos in your eBay listings. It is much valuable to add product videos to help you sell more. To add videos in your […]

9 tips to increase your eBay store visibility

All the sellers on eBay aim to be at the peak of the search results for products they’re selling. In such a big competition, the first requisite is to have a professionally designed eBay store as well as ebay listing template for the reason that sellers want their listings in top of the customers who […]

How to create custom pages in Magento

Magento is an eCommerce solution for your business and being open source, also is appropriate for small companies serving only a single city/state in addition to Multi National Companies. So, coming to the topic after installing your store with Magento, you will need to design and code custom CMS pages according to your requirement. It […]

3 most effective ways to write an eBay product description

As great an opportunity there is for eBay store owners to sell their products on eBay, so is the severe competition. Amid this intensely competitive market, the best way to advertise your product is by writing an effective eBay product description that is informative and electrifies the buyer. A precise and accurate product description highlights […]

5 reasons to develop your ecommerce website with magento

When you are thinking to develop an ecommerce store, the requirements will be robust coding, powerful and fast growing ecommerce script, user-friendly design and obviously a modern look, Magento is one of the leading ecommerce platform that’s designed for an entirely scalable UI and to tender premium performance. Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform that […]

7 strategies to update and optimize your ebay store

You’ve opened an ebay store and its running quite well. Now, certain variations are bound to happen in the course of business. Similarly the pricing policies, product images, product description etc may also need a makeover. Updating your online store timely will help you to match up the current trends and keep ahead of others. […]

6 tips to boost your eBay shop on social media

Social media when used correctly has an immense potential of driving traction, sales, learning about their behavior and interacting with existing and potential customers. The only thing required is in-depth knowledge about each channel, knowledge about the target audience and understanding about how to use each social network. Once you understand the behavior of the […]