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SEO Predictions for 2015

Being “tech savvy” has become outdated and “mobile savvy” is in. The vast internet space has shifted from desktop computers to mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Mobiles will takeover and change the way shopping is done. This is the first and foremost prediction made by seo experts. Apart from that here is a […]

How to send email in development with spree?

This problem arises because you don’t have a local email server to receive your emails. Step 1: The first step would be to Install the mailcatcher gem in order to test the setup in development. You will be using it as a SMTP server to catch all the incoming mails and display them on http://localhost:1080/: […]

6 common mistakes in ecommerce design

Worried about the decreasing conversion rates of your customers? Wondering why your ecommerce store is not able to out-sell your competitors? Just take a look at some of the common mistakes made by sellers online and try to correct them. 6 common mistakes in ecommerce design You can suggest some more tips by commenting below. […]

Make your Magento store go multichannel using M2E Pro extension

You may be among the small businesses that started off with an Ebay store or Amazon and gradually developed your business. Now you’re planning to consistently maintain and improve the growth rate. Since you’ve expanded your business, you might come across two major problems. You may notice that the payment fees has started piling up. […]

How to create Magnetic eBay Listing Descriptions?

Your description must be such that it leaves the reader in awe and prompts him to purchase the product or at least have a detailed look at the product. You don’t have to be a pro to create excellent descriptions. Just make sure that you Include more positive listings, relevant details and neatly stitch a […]

6 Tips to Enhance your eBay Store in 2015

2015 – New Year, New resolutions, New outlook…. With the onset of a brand new year, every young company is looking forward to take their business to the next level or probably to greater heights. A Positive outlook and a broad mindset can definitely help the developing stores to capture the market and increase their […]