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5 Reasons why you should have an eBay Store

If you are planning to venture into online business and still unsure of which ecommerce cart or ecommerce solution to choose from, this blog would help you to answer some of those questions which you might have in your mind. Also, if you have an ecommerce store and looking to add an additional sales channel, […]

How to stop others from copying your ebay descriptions?

You might have taken a lot of care and effort while framing and writing descriptions for your products only to find out that some other seller blatantly copied it and posted it on his store. How disappointing can that be ?? Your solution lies here, Just follow these 5 simple steps and you can keep […]

How to add video to your ebay listing?

Videos have the power to convey a lot compared to text or image. Including videos on your ebay listings will attract more customers to your site and will add life to your webpage. According to a recent study, video viewers are 85% more likely to purchase a product than non-viewers. Following steps will guide you […]

How to change ebay shop name?

A new name, a better name or a trendy name may strike months after you have opened your ebay store. Or maybe you want to make minor changes to your store name. Its very easy to make that change, just follow these simple steps: Step 1: Go to “My ebay” and click on “Accounts” Step […]

7 Things every eBay Store owner should know

As a ebay store owner, It is very important to get the basics right. As the famous saying goes “ Every skyscraper is built on a strong foundation of pillars.” Here are 7 tips every professional eBay store design owner should know especially the ones who are going to get started : 1. What’s in a […]

How to unfollow interests on eBay?

Step 1: Go to ”My eBay” and hover the mouse cursor over the Account tab, then click on ”Communication Preferences” Step 2: Under the title Saved heading and click on ”Show” to the right of it Step 3: Uncheck the box below “Include in email” There you go..!! If you have any further doubts, please comment 🙂 You can follow us on Twitter […]

3 Ways to stay in touch with your eBay Customers

With your day to day business transactions on running your ebay store, it becomes difficult to be in touch with your customers. However, that’s the gist of entire business, how stay in front of the customers even with our transactional work load. Here are 5 ways to stay in touch with your ebay customers:   […]

How to create custom page in ebay?

Have you ever felt the need to design your own custom ebay page? Have you ever wondered how ebay store owners come up with fabulous designs for their ebay store? Well, they plan out and create their own unique designs. Creating a custom ebay page is very easy. Just follow these step by step guidelines […]