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How to Start an Online Boutique

Oftentimes, the tips on how to start an online boutique are so simplistic you’d think you’ll begin making big money in the next 24 hours. In other cases, these tips make the whole task look more difficult than building a nuclear reactor! Luckily, neither of these cases is true. You can plan, build, and operate […]

10 things you must do before launching your online clothing store

When you first set out to chase your dream of starting your online clothing store, things can quickly turn quite confusing. There’s so much to do: identifying the right ecommerce development company, setting up the website, negotiating with wholesalers, making marketing and branding decisions, managing your inventory, promoting the site… At times, all this can […]

Magento vs Shopify: What should you choose?

Of the many competitors jostling for being the platform of choice in the eCommerce website development, two names stand out: Magento and Shopify. Since quite some time, there seems to have been a never-ending debate: When it boils down to Magento vs Shopify, what platform should you choose for your online shop? What makes the […]

Migrate from Magento 1 to Magento 2

When Magento 1 was first released in March 2008, it is unlikely that the creators of Magento would have been able to forecast how popular it would become. Today, an estimated 240,000 online stores run on Magento 1.x. The year 2018 is going to bring a major change: officially, support for Magento 1.x will be […]

5 Tips to Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates on Your Magento Store

You have a great eCommerce store. You think everything’s in place. There are lots of visitors but, strangely, too few purchases. You’re not alone. Perhaps cart abandonment is the scariest nightmare that shocks eCommerce stores to near death. Shopping cart abandonment, the site visitors action of adding items to the virtual shopping cart but quitting […]

5 Transactional Mails You Need to Optimize Today for Your Magento Store

Most people think transactional emails tell the recipient about some financial transaction – an online purchase, for instance. Actually, they include a lot more. Magento’s transactional emails cover order confirmation, account creation, post order feedback, daily deals, forgot password links, email newsletter sign up etc. As a marketer, you’ll likely value the importance of transactional […]