5 transactional mails you need to optimize today for your Magento store

Most people think transactional emails tell the recipient about some financial transaction – an online purchase, for instance. Actually, they include a lot more. Magento’s transactional emails cover order confirmation, account creation, post order feedback, daily deals, forgot password links, email newsletter sign up etc.

As a marketer, you’ll likely value the importance of transactional emails a lot more if you understand what all things transactional emails do. Here’s a brief list:

  1. Transactional emails make the task of your support team a great deal easy.
  2. They offer a subtle but powerful opportunity to upsell.
  3. They present a unique occasion to reinforce your brand.
  4. They reduce the post-purchase anxiety of your buyers.
  5. They send out notifications like password-changes and help reassure users their accounts are secure.
  6. Transactional emails are opened a lot more, are opened more repeatedly, and generate more revenue per email than promotional emails.

Now that we have established the correct context, let’s look at 5 really actionable ways to super-charge your transactional emails for your Magento store.

1.Welcome Emails

Welcome emails are made to convince your customers to shop for your products or services. This type of emails requires being impressive for your customers. You can brief them about how it is beneficial for them to create an account and what benefits they will get with this. Let’s see the importance of welcome emails in a better way.


Here is an example of the Birchbox’s welcome email which has started it with a brief thank you message. With vibrant colors, they have evidently made the email attractive and impressive. They have also given a short list of benefits that the customer can enjoy by having an account. This is a perfect example of welcome emails that is sure to catch your customer’s attention. You should make optimum utilization of the opportunity to directly interact with your customer with this email. With Magento, it is easy to edit the transaction email content according to your wish.

Bonus tip: Ensure your emails goes into recipient’s inbox

Unless your emails are delivered to the recipient’s inbox, optimization has no meaning.

To ensure your emails reach the inbox and not the spam folder, you’ll want to first carry out the DKIM SPF authentication. Think of DKIM SPF as digital stamps that validate your outgoing emails. With these stamps, the recipient’s email server is convinced your email is not a part of phishing or spoofing scam.

You may use separate IPs for transactional emails and marketing emails. That way, the changes in a reputation of one IP doesn’t negatively influence the reputation of the other. Many organizations also use a different domain altogether (using sender@yourcompany.net in place of sender@yourcompany.com, for instance).

2.Email For New Order

This is a crucial point in the list of Magento transactional email. The confirmation email gives your customers the assurance that his order is confirmed and the transaction work is on progress. Here you can add your personal touch to convince your customer for purchasing more from your store. It brings interest in your customer’s mind to shop again from you. Here is an example of the confirmation email of Amazon which shows their framework on such emails.


Lamer.com marketing strategy is a remarkable one in this regard. They provide a coupon code to their first customers for their next purchase. This persuades the customer to opt for their service again. Well, this strategy is an amazing one but we should also keep few things in mind before planning something like this. This sort of coupon code might not work well in case of first-time buyers. This is because most of the time first-time buyers are skeptical about their next purchase. So instead of offering the discount on their next shopping, it will be a better option to ask them to join you on social media platform. In this way, you can also stay in touch with your new customers and keep them updated about new developments in your shop.

Also, it is important to alleviate post-purchase anxiety; after making the payment, your customers may suddenly feel unsure as to whether they made the right choice. Potential customers are known to frequently abandon shopping carts when they grow unsure.

It is the right time to show all the benefits and features of the product they have already purchased or is considering to purchase.

At such times, transactional emails can not only explain the features but also show why the product was the right purchase. You can also add the contact details of the team if the prospect is unsure of the product.

All this goes a long way in improving the buyer’s confidence in your product.

Firebox’s order email is a perfect case study on how e-commerce stores can give more trust and confidence to their customers with every transaction


Bonus Tip: Focus on the “email’s objective”

The chief objective of transactional emails is to report a transaction. Don’t lose focus and turn the email into a sales email.

Keep your subject lines self-explanatory. A subject line like, “Your product delivery schedule” is less accurate than “Your smartwatch will reach you in 2 working days”.

Next, let the customers know if they need to do something.

If you’re writing regarding an abandoned shopping cart, don’t bury the idea under numerous offers. If you’re writing regarding a handbag your buyer is trying to return, tell them what exactly they need to do. Making things simple is your first priority; don’t mess with it. Sales content can wait.

3.Abandoned Cart Email

Not all customers proceed to checkout after keeping products in the cart. This tendency gives birth to abandoned carts. A survey shows that more than 60% of shopping carts remain abandoned in an eCommerce store. A huge amount of revenue gets stuck because of this. So you have to make efforts to convince these customers to complete their shopping. In this case communicating with your registered customers is easy with friendly emails and reminders about their chosen products which are kept abandoned in a cart. For a better explanation of this point, the example of ralphLauren.com abandoned cart email is found to be very convincing.


What Ralph Lauren does here is that it sends friendly reminder emails to the customers with the special offer on those particular products which are kept in the abandoned cart to make it affordable for the customers. With this, they make sure that their shopping should not be kept incomplete because of any budget issue.

Another example which has explained the same in a different manner is the following.


Warby Parker’s trick to convince their customers to complete their shopping is smarter. As you can see they did not offer any discount here instead they reminded them about free shipping and return which can be a driving force for the customers to proceed to the final step of purchasing. Customers are often worried about the shipping and returning charges on their online shopping. As a result, if they have even the smallest amount of doubt in a particular product they do not make the purchase because of shipping and returning charges. Here Warby Parker has found the perfect solution to the problem for its customers.

4.Email For Shipping Confirmation

Every customer eagerly waits for the shipping confirmation email. In this email, you can advertise about relevant products that will be useful for your customers. In other words, shipment emails are happy emails for your customers and they are always enthusiastic about it. You can use this opportunity and suggest them other relevant products to buy in future in the email. You can also add a product tracking number and expected delivery schedule with this email.

In the below-mentioned example, Huckberry has made a direct shipment update email that contains detailed information on the shipment and tracking. Also, they have mentioned about the products that are trending which can work as an upsell to the customers.


Bonus Tip: Look for additional areas to help your customers

You’re sending out this message because the recipient did something, or tried to do something. Now you need to explore how you can help further.

The recipient would appreciate when you make a genuine effort to add value. If the recipient has, for instance, bought a reading device, see if they’d care considering a power-bank. If the recipient has bought a computer, maybe they’ll need a glare-control screen as well. This can be fulfilled with dynamically populated lists, wherever feasible.

Harry’s Razor sends some kick-ass email with some solid advice on how to maintain and manage stubble. This transaction email not only gives a notification that the order is in place but also gives them some value on what they can do with the product that he has purchased. Sounds cool right?



This is another example of shipment email where the company has given advertisements of other products which are available in their store. Though the product advertising in the email is a good idea here it would have been better if suggestions of relevant products were given. For example, if a customer buys a pair of jeans you can suggest them to buy shirts and t-shirts to pair with it.

Keeping all these factors in mind a shipment email should be constructed in such a way that the customer can easily track and gets updates on his or her product delivery. You should never forget the real motive of this type of transaction email. Along with the required information, you can input something which will be useful for your sales.

Bonus Tip: Fully exploit Analytics

Sending out emails without exploiting analytics is pretty much like undertaking a journey without a map; you don’t know where you’ll end up.

To begin with, do you’re A/B testing (also called Split testing). See which kind designs and content produce the results you’re looking for.

Next, you’ll want to better use responsive layouts. With more and more emails being read on mobile screens, it is imperative your designs suit all sorts of devices.

Finally, keep the email neat and clutter-free. The average attention span of people today is reported to be no more than 8 seconds. If your message is cramped, verbose or otherwise heavy, you lose.

Keep going back to your analytics to understand the recipients better.

Here is a transactional email for order confirmation from Amazon. Along with the order number and details for the purchased item, the email features a Popular Shopping Features.

Amazon keeps experimenting with their email transaction designs.


5.Email For Customer Feedback

Customer feedback emails are very important for your business. Unlike other transactional emails, this email is delivered to the customer after the product is delivered, so that the customer can share their shopping experience with you. Usually, product marketing is not initiated here but offering discounts on sharing their feedback is definitely a good strategy.


In this email, it is clearly seen that the company is offering a gift on customer review on the mentioned time. This is a smart way to motivate customers to make further purchases from their store. For a successful feedback transaction email, more emphasis should be given to customer satisfaction than sales. It is always better to post feedback survey forms directly on websites where offers can be merged with that easily.

Now, what about the customers who are not so satisfied with your service? Well, in that case, you need to make efforts to please them. You should ensure that you take proper measures to help these customers get their satisfied result. Always remember that dealing with existing customers is easier than the dealing with the new ones.

Bonus tip: Treat them especially so they come again

Yes, you need to really care. If the recipient is already your customer, remember this it costs five times as much to attract a new customer than to keep an existing one.

Value every existing customer and show you really care. Make every experience as smooth and as glitch-free possible. For instance, how can you make the signing in process easier and faster? With a neatly worded message, you can hand-hold the customer to do small things.

Avoid sending from no-reply addresses. When you send from no-reply addresses, you’re effectively telling the recipient you don’t want to hear from them! That doesn’t sound very friendly, does it?

Tony Burch is a classic example where they are sending out information in the transaction email to add their email in the user’s email book. A lot of times email’s do get into the spam box or in the promotion tab in Gmail which creates a lot of anxiety for customers. With this information, users can add the emails in their address book and safely expect the email coming up in their inbox.


In certain transactions, the recipient finds it excruciatingly difficult to wait. One classic example is password-change requests.

Your recipient is almost on tenterhooks; every second of delay increases the risk your customer will move away and never return. Such transactional emails must be delivered promptly.

There’s something called the ‘What Next’ question in marketing. When the recipient receives your email, what is the recipient expected to do? What Next?

Answer the question as early as possible in the email; that tells the recipient you can be trusted when it comes to attending to matters. Do it well, and your recipients will open every email you send out because they know your emails are useful and clear.

Lingo’s cool password email is an interesting case study how they have redesigned their Forgot password page. Not only the page looks clean and quirky but also in the footer they are having a messaging of their uniqueness and what they stand for – this reiterates the value they offer to their user base.


Bonus Tip: Sweat the small stuff

Take care of the smallest of details.

Here are some of the many small things you’ll want to take care of. Keep your emails scannable, readable; don’t forget a huge proportion of emails are now read and re-read on mobile devices.

Use simple HTML designs to be sure your emails are read perfectly across devices. You can test whether your promotional message should go in the footer or whether the sidebar makes it more presentable.

Finally, toe the line. Countries like Germany and Canada require your subject-line cannot mention a sales-offer (otherwise it will be construed as a marketing message, not a transactional message).

Transaction emails provide you the opportunity to directly communicate with your customers. In other words, it gives your company the voice to speak. Modifying these transactional emails in your Magento store according to your business need is highly advantageous for the sales of your company.

The above were some of the things we thought were important to optimize transaction emails for your Magento eCommerce store What are some of your favorite tips to optimize transactional emails?

5 Simple Hacks to Boost Performance of Your Magento Store

Are you a Magento store owner who is lately very dissatisfied with the slow performance of your store and hence losing a lot of sales. Then you have stopped at the right stop because here in this blog, I will discuss on how to speed up your Magento store’s performance easily to ensure that you don’t lose any more sales due to high abandonment rate or an unsatisfying user experience.

Follow these steps below to speed up your Magento store’s performance and keep it running fast to ensure return shoppers and sales:

1. Latest Version

It is important that you run the latest version of Magento as new updates and versions generally have bug fixes and performance enhancers. The three vital steps when it comes to upgrading a Magento installation are:

  • You need to install a fresh Magento file tree for the version you are trying to upgrade to.
  • Then run the installer from the file tree on top of the outdated database and hence upgrading the database.
  • Switch extensions and themes from the old version to the latest version.

Keep your Magento store updated

2. Utilize Caching

There are currently various forms of caching that can be implemented with Magento. Additionally, Magento comes with a built-in caching module as well.

  • To utilize Caching, navigate to “System” → “Cache Management.”
  • Select everything and then under the drop-down select “Enable” and click “Submit.”cache_storage_management_disable

3. Enable Flat Catalog

Magento uses the EAV (entity attribute value) model to store customer and product data. Upon enabling the flat catalog for categories and products, it merges product data into one table, hence enhancing performance by responding to MySQL queries fast.

  • Navigate to “System” → “Configuration” → “Catalog.”
  • Under “Frontend” change “Use Flat Catalog Category” and “Use Flat Catalog Product” to “Yes.”
  • Click on “Save Config.”
  • Clear Cache as mentioned in tip no. 2 Utilizing Cache.


4. Image Optimization

Did you know that on an average 56 percent of a website’s page weight is made up of images. Optimizing your product images can drastically increase the speed of your pages as this reduces their download time. You can resize them before uploading using a tool like Photoshop or there are a number of extensions that you can use to auto-optimize your images.

Magento image optimization

5. Choose a Fast Web Host

And last but not least, choice of a reliable and fast web host will prove to be the most important decisions you need to make when trying to improve Magento performance. The reason is because you will be in complete control of your resources.

magento-fast web host

Now that you have got some simple ways to boost performance of your Magento store, you are ready to manage more customers and watch sales rising. Contact us to get support for your magento store and make sure it is never outdated.

How to add coupon codes in Magento 2.0

There could be many promotion or marketing strategies for your eCommerce store intended for attracting customers. Among them, offering coupon codes could be the best possible approach for your store. It is one of the most used profitable advertising methods as discounts and attractive offers are always accepted by the customers. There are many benefits of using coupon codes like selling a product with flat 20% off alongwith free shipping or something like that. Coupon codes aren’t wasted as there are customers who save their coupon code even if they can’t buy that product. You might be thinking like “Why would someone do that!” but coupon codes have certain ages say a month or a year. They won’t purchase it from your competitor’s website but will use that coupon at a later date and unquestionably buy it from your store.

So, let’s begin adding coupon codes in Magento 2.0

First of all, let’s add rule information:

Step 1: Login to Magento admin and click Marketing > Cart Price Rules

Click Marketing in Magento Admin

Step 2: Click “Add New Rule” – give it a name, status and select customer groups

Click Add New Rule in Magento Admin

Step 3: Select the “Specific Coupon” option and enter a code in the “Coupon Code” field.

Select Specific Coupon Option in Magento Admin

Adding conditions to your coupon code:

Step 4: On left sidebar, click conditions tab

Click Conditions Tab in Magento Admin
Step 5: Click the “+” button if you want to add some condition to the coupon

Click Plus Button in Magento Admin

Step 6: Select the desired condition

Select Desired Condition in Magento Admin

Adding actions to your coupon code:

Step 7: Select the discount percentage and other required fields as per your coupon

Select Discount Percentage in Magento Admin

Step 8: Add Rule Labels if required and save it

Add Rule Label in Magento Admin

Now you’ve successfully added coupon codes to your Magento store. If you have any further doubts, drop us a mail at info@infigic.com and we’ll get back to you with the best possible solution. Infigic is a Magento Development Company and we are always there to solve your queries.

How to create custom pages in Magento

Magento is an eCommerce solution for your business and being open source, also is appropriate for small companies serving only a single city/state in addition to Multi National Companies. So, coming to the topic after installing your store with Magento, you will need to design and code custom CMS pages according to your requirement. It is moreover probable to add custom backend workflows in order to congregate diverse store requirements. By means of Magento, one can manage his ecommerce website design and performance.

Step 1:

At first, login to the admin panel of your Magento store.

Go to CMS -> Pages. From there you will be able to manage your pages and add custom cms.

CMS Pages in magento

Step 2:

Then in CMS tab you will be able to see all your pages and make changes from there.

To add a new page click on the “Add New Page” button located in right side

adding page in magento

Step 3:

You will see the following four options:

  1. Page Information – Title, URL and status
  2. Content – Custom CMS (code)
  3. Design – Custom design and layouts
  4. Meta Data – Meta keywords and description

New Page info Magento

If you have any further doubts, you can drop us a mail at info@infigic.com. Infigic is a Magento development company in India and we are always there to solve your queries.

5 reasons to develop your ecommerce website with magento

When you are thinking to develop an ecommerce store, the requirements will be robust coding, powerful and fast growing ecommerce script, user-friendly design and obviously a modern look, Magento is one of the leading ecommerce platform that’s designed for an entirely scalable UI and to tender premium performance.

Magento is an open-source ecommerce platform that grants online traders with a bendy shopping cart system as well as control over the look, offers powerful marketing, search engine optimization, management tools, contents and functionality of your online store.

Infigic is an ecommerce development company offering digital marketing services and Magento custom development services for our clients worldwide.

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Make your Magento store go multichannel using M2E Pro extension

You may be among the small businesses that started off with an Ebay store or Amazon and gradually developed your business. Now you’re planning to consistently maintain and improve the growth rate.

Since you’ve expanded your business, you might come across two major problems.

  • You may notice that the payment fees has started piling up.
  • Moreover, there arises difficulty in maintaining track of stock when you start selling on other websites.

No doubt there are multi channel solutions to help you out, but they come in with a hefty price. That’s when Magento M2E Pro extension comes to your rescue.

Following are the major benefits of using an M2E pro extension with Magento:

1. Hassle Free

Using M2E pro extension allows user to sell and keep a track of products on multiple channels.

It creates a powerful and flexible system that provides great functionality.

Hassle Free

2. Makes you independent

Using M2E Pro, reduces your dependency on big merchants. Now you can manage all the products on different channels with ease.

Makes you Independent

3. New versions

M2E pro has free extensions which allows you to sell on any platforms like Ebay, Amazon, Rakuten etc.

The extension is under continuous development and hence new versions come up regularly.

New Versions

Do share this blog and if you have any queries, comment below. You can follow us on twitter (@infigicdigital) as well..!!

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Magento Newsletter Subscription not Working

Few days back I was working on Magento theme design and faced a very rare issue. The issue we faced was magento newsletter subscription not working  in Magento theme which is by default provided with the bundle of Magento.

I took few steps to make it working and found out many solutions which can work for you.

Here are few steps you should take and check before you make a final call to change the coding:-

Step : 1

Open  app/design/frontend/smartwave/You_templet/template/newsletter/subscribe.phtml

Step 2 :

Relapse with

<form action=”<?php echo $this->getFormActionUrl() ?>” method=”post” id=”newsletter-validate-detail” onsubmit=”setNewsletterCookie()”>


<form action=”<?php echo $this->getUrl(‘newsletter/subscriber/new’, array(‘_secure’ => true)) ?>” method=”post” id=”newsletter-validate-detail” onsubmit=”setNewsletterCookie()”>


Step 3 : 

Log in to your magento admin and go to System -> Cache Management and then flush your magento cache

Select Reindex Data

I hope this is able to solve your problem. If still your magento search is not working, kindly let me know and i will help you out.

Looking for a experienced Magento development company to work with you or hire magento developer who would be  working with you on your project. Do drop us an email at info@infigic.com and we would be happy to connect with you.


Magento Search Not working [Resolved]

Few days back I was working on Magento theme design and faced a very rare issue. The issue we faced was Magento search not working in Magento Responsive Web Design theme which is by default provided with the bundle of Magento.

I took few steps to make it working and found out many solutions which can work for you.

Here are few steps you should take and check before you make a final call to change the coding:-

Clear Magento cache

Sometimes due to caching issues in magento the search might not work so to solve this problem the preferable solution is to flush magento cache.



To flush your magento cache all you have to do is:-

Log in to your magento admin and go to System -> Cache Management and then flush your magento cache


Flush Your Magento Cache

If you are in development mode you can disable the cache if you want to by just selecting all and then selecting disable from the actions dropdown.

Reindex Data:-

Sometimes if magento is not indexed properly then also there can be issues in the search. So another suggested and solution is to reindex the data in magento.

To reindex your data all you have to do is :-

In your magento admin panel you have to go to System -> Index Management in that click on select all and then select Reindex Data from drop down and then submit.


Select Reindex Data

Return to base magento theme:-

Get back to base magento theme and check if the magento search is working or not if its working then there must be an issue with the themes custom coding .

If it’s working compare files named catalogsearch.xml

Now where is catalogsearch.xml file :-

Compare the file in app/design/frontend/base/default/layout/catalogsearch.xml to app/design/frontend/default/your_theme/layout/catalogsearch.xml and see if you are missing any line of code.

One more thing you can do to test is to take a backup of catalogsearch.xml of your theme and delete it from the directory to see if it is working.

Check product attributes:-

Sometimes due to some reason attributes are not properly configured.

To manage your attributes go to catalog -> Attributes -> Manage attributes

Seach for name attribute

And configure it like we have (Important check that the scope of name attribute is set to Global).


Set Attribute to Global

Also search for sku attribute And configure it like we have (Important check that the scope of sku attribute is set to Global).


sku Attribute

Change the configurations of search:-

Sometimes the configurations of catalog search are not properly defined.

So to change the search configurations we have to go to System -> Configuration on the left hand side click on catalog and from that select catalog search tab and configure it like we have done.


Catalog Search




I hope this is able to solve your problem. If still your magento search is not working, kindly let me know and i will help you out.

Looking for a experienced Magento development company to work with you or hire magento developer who would be  working with you on your project. Do drop us an email at info@infigic.com and we would be happy to connect with you.