3 Reasons to use eBay HTML Template

Whether you are a brand new ebay store owner or a seasoned ebay store owner, eBay HTML template give you a competitive edge when competing against much bigger brands with deeper wallets. In this blog post, we’ll share 3 reasons to get your ebay listing designed:


1. Make your store stand out

To make your ebay store look more interesting, ebay offers you customization options with unlimited font sizes, styles and colors in a color palate of over 1000 colors.

Find out the right ebay store design & ebay template designer who can help you design your store as per your brand identity.

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2. No HTML knowledge

Softwares like Auctiva, Turbolister, Sellbrite  have made the entire listing process easy,  there is no need of having any prior HTML knowledge to create your product listings.


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3. Simple Copy-paste


All that is needed is a simple word style interface which can help you get started. All that you need to do is to copy, paste and customize whatever layout you need from the net, and your site is ready. If you are well versed with html, you can also directly modify your auction template using html.


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If you have any questions around your ebay template design do drop in a comment below.

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4 Ways to outsell your competition at eBay and promote your eBay Store

Unable to generate traffic to your ebay store? Is your ebay store sales dropping day by day ? Here are 4 ways to outsell your competition at ebay and promote your ebay store well :


1.   Be an expert on whatever you sell

Here is the key to master ebay. Every product which you sell, you need to be a master at it. How can you create a proper listing without even knowing what you are selling?

If you don’t have much knowledge about the product, you can head over to the product documentation and get informed. This would help you to promote your ebay store better than your competitors. Who doesn’t like to buy products from people who know the products in and out ?

Tip :You will also be able to find useful keywords and phrases in the product documentation.


finding the perfect product to promote your ebay store


2. Create a keyword rich title


Majority of ebay store owners who list their products on ebay use the actual product title for listing. For example, “iPhone 5 16gb” is listed by many sellers by its title.

Ideally you should think like a user while creating the titles, If you were looking for a iPhone 5, how would you type in google ?

Ideally, if you want to get in additional traffic coming in, It should be listed as “iPhone 5 16gb available at the lowest price”.

This would be a creative way of using relevant keywords and phrases which will bring in the good amount of traffic to this listing.  You can find these targeted keywords with Google.


key words to promote your ebay store.


3.  Find out how your competitors are listing

Before finalizing the listing title to promote your ebay store, do try to find out what your competitors have used for those specific products. Try to find out the possible keywords and phrases and see if anyone is using the same. Try to find out keywords and phrases that give you less competitors.

competition for promoting your ebay store corporate competition


4. Misspellings can help you sell

 Misspelling have been a great way to generate traffic. For example, a product that has to do with “Sony Xperia” can also be written as “Sony Experia. This would give you some additional mileage, which others might not get J.

misspell can help you to promote your ebay store google keyword

Do let us know your thoughts in the comments section below. If you have used any creative ideas to promote your ebay store. Do share it below.


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How to optimize your eBay Store Template for Google?

Very few ebay store owners explore the potential of optimizing their ebay store template despite the fact that over 80% of online shoppers do a prior research on google before purchasing the product.

Here are some tips that could put your eBay store into the rankings that matter.

1. Add Metatags in your ebay store template

Even though the human eye won’t find the Metatags but search engines always are on the eye for meta tags. You have to optimize your ebay store template and ebay html template with meta tags.

meta tags used for ebay store template


2. Choose your keywords carefully

 The best way to select the keywords is to put yourself in the place of your customers and decide what words would you search for while looking for the product. To help you find useful keywords it would be worth using, you can use the google keywords planner to find out what people are searching for. Once you shortlist the keywords you can use these words in your titles, item descriptions and even your store URL and eBay ID if you can. It also worth keeping in mind that search engines will give importance to words in titles and also ones in bold.

use of key word for your ebay store template SEO 


3. Add Custom Pages in your ebay Store


Custom pages are broadly used to share more information about your products, and company related information to the customer. These are pages within your store that you can create and enter unique content to show promotions, showcase an item or give details about your business.

 ebay store design for accessories



4. About Me Page

About me page is a page that sellers underutilize, ebay store owners can optimize this page by adding keywords, linking it to the store and even promote affiliate links.

Ebay store design for military products




5. Write ebay reviews and guides

Writing ebay guide is a great way to position yourself as thought leaders and share information, Also it is a great way of getting links from ebay which will potentially attract more visitors to your listings and stores. eBay recommends using “search tags” on these pages to show what topics and content are revealed in your content and to make your content visible to the search engines.

  • Tip : Don’t forget to include a link to your listing or store!

ebay guides and infigic blog


I am sure these tips will surely help you to improve get traffic to your ebay store and increase sales.  What other ideas have you implemented to optimize your ebay store template ?


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3 Reasons to use Social Media to market your eBay Store

With the increased popularity of social networks in our day to day life, ebay store owners also are seeing Social network as a strategic channel to increase their business presence If you haven’t started using Social Media for promoting your ebay store. Here are 3 reasons to use social media to market your ebay store :

1. Huge Market to Sell to

Using social networks for marketing your ebay store is a very good strategy. Millions of users are connected with these social networks. Attract these visitors to visit your website and you’ve got it made. Social networks like Facebook & Twitter open the gates for ebay store owners; these sites help you to market your ebay store

market your ebay store using social media



2. Easier tools to market your ebay store

Social networks like Facebook give business owner tools whereby they can easily pick and choose demographics which he is targeting or whose members may be interested in what he has to offer. It is amazing how deep a social network can go. Ebay store owners can get into advanced targeting options. For example: One can target even the audience who are using iPhone 5s as their mobile device !

target marketing using social media for your ebay store


3. Enormous potential for boosting ebay store traffic and sales


Though some ebay store owners still consider social networks as a fad meant only for teenagers, most ebay store owners have realized the social networks’ potential for boosting site traffic and sales.Online and real-world entrepreneurs alike are flocking to social networks. Affiliate marketers are not to be outwitted, and they have begun promoting the products of their affiliate partners in social networking sites.

Social media sales for your ebay store


Fad or not, creative and strategic use of social networks can really market your ebay store.


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