PSD to Magento Conversion Services

If you’re looking forward to great PSD to Magento conversion, you’re at the right place. Enjoy a smooth conversion and get every advantage – from advanced customization to better designs and increased speed – that Magento has to offer. With our strong foundation and rich experience with Magento, you can get the maximum out of your project.

psd to magento theme

PSD to Magento Theme Conversion

On the face of it, PSD to Magento conversion is simply a conversion. But the expert Magento teams at Infigic know better. It is about upgrading the quality of your website and bring in customers who wouldn’t have visited you otherwise.

Excellent PSD to Magento conversion requires a deeper understanding of how formats influence the overall website engagement. When we convert PSD to Magento theme, it opens new a world of wider opportunities for you.

You get not just a website but a fully integrated ecommerce solution that’s highly flexible, highly user-friendly. That, and a host of other features, takes your website to another level.

PSD to Magento Template Conversion

Not all conversions are the same. Our proven team of experts, skilled in PSD to Magento template, can bring you benefits others don’t even begin to understand.

Take a critical aspect, like browser compatibility. Only a truly competent, experienced team of experts can make sure your websites becomes compatible with every browser.

That’s not a design perspective: browser compatibility is one of the surest ways to making sure you don’t lose out any customers.

psd to magento conversion service

PSD to Magento Services

Improve Usability

Have users enjoy the improved usability for a smoother interaction and higher engagement with the conversion.

PSD to Magento Theme Customization

Get the power of Magento to customize your ecommerce store the way you want, and the kind visitors love to shop at.

Search Engine Friendly

Rank better with an improved website that’s considered superior by search engines and stay on the top of the search results.

Better Coding

Use the Magento platform for better coding that’s robust, flexible and versatile, all of which translates into richer user experience.

Faster Loading

Remain your customers’ top choice by having your website load rapidly, effectively cutting the waiting time of shoppers.

Friendly Interface

Exploit the power of Magento to provide an intuitive, smooth and friendly interface that your customers will simply love.


Latest Projects


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MYJOOTA app is a custom shoe ecommerce retail compa-ny that supplies shoes to Malaysian military to help the soldiers measure their feet and get the shoes designed as per their feet size.


INVVADE augmented reality app allows the users to zoom in and view any event live from anywhere and also allow users to explore anything from right outside their window all the way to the other side of the world straight from the phone.


SWEETIST is an online ordering system for bakeries founded in New York with one remarkable idea that people should have convenient access to all the available great desserts in their city!

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