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There are many open source technologies available to fulfill your web development needs but for a robust and fully customizable frontend as well as backend, ruby on rails is the best choice for your web application project. Infigic provides you with complete web development project. We also develop essential gems to super charge your application development and tailor it for your customers’ needs. Not only we design and develop your web application but we also make sure that it is perfectly accessible even on tablet and mobile devices.

Our development team will support you before the development as well as after its launch. It is our responsibility to ensure that your website meets your design, development and branding needs.

Development Services

Infigic has a team of design and development experts with extensive experience in ruby on rails development for both web and mobile. We design more than expected web experiences using latest technologies and user experience models. We believe in building clean design, well-commented code and providing warranty of the same so that you can make sure that everything’s at its place and going on perfectly. Your ror web app will definitely work well in any device including tablets and smartphones.

We are your one-stop destination for each and every development need:

  • Custom application development
  • Ruby on Rails Integration
  • ROR web development
  • Backend
  • ROR Migration
  • Testing and Maintenance

Before getting your website or mobile commerce app developed, you already have some pre-decided ideas or plans on using web products or popular services. The development team at Infigic has already implemented various types of services and integrated them with websites and mobile applications.

We deliver websites’ frontend as well as its backend so that you can make changes within some clicks. With a backend, anyone from your team will be able to make changes, add new content or update existing data without the need of broad technology knowledge or experience. Thus, saving you time, cost and resources.

Our Expertise

  • Our Expert Ruby on Rails developer has experience in developing advanced ruby programming such as ROR with Rails Envy, Rails IRC chat, RSS aggregator.
  • DBMS/RDBMS : MySQL, PostgreSQL, SQLite,
  • Server/Maintenance Support : Project Deployment(passenger, nginx and other production servers), Heroku, Capistrano
  • Code Versioning: Version Controlling (git and svn),
  • Third Party Integration: Amazon S3, Different Payment Gateways, Social network Plugin integration
  • Project Management Tools : Redmine, Basecamp, Jira, Pivotal Tracker
  • Analysis and Development: Data modeling, Requirement Analysis, Designing, Performance Improvement
  • Testing: Unit and Integration testing, performance testing
  • Development Environments: Linux (Ubuntu) and Mac

Technology Stack & Project Management:

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Our Process of Development

Our developers are motivated to build amazing websites and applications using ruby on rails. We design a prototype for you within 1-2 week/s, develop modules on the part of a large system and then build the entire application for you, including business analysis and interface design.

Infigic’s team works with clients throughout the world irrespective of different time zones. Infigic renovates digital vision of start-ups as well as big brands into reality that can be viewed perfectly on computers, tablets and smartphones which makes your customers explore your website/application comfortably on any type of device.

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