Augmented Reality Development

With our diverse expertise in Augmented Reality Development, we have delivered the ideal services at a global level. Our aim is to provide impeccable services to our clients by seamlessly incorporating Augmented Reality in their business.

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This is what makes us different:

Our mission at Infigic is to facilitate a quick and strong connection between the products and services of your enterprise with users. Enveloping the entire globe, we strive to bridge the gap between the virtual world and the real world. The level of engagement we provide via our Augmented reality apps takes the user experience to a whole new level.

When digitalization is combined with real-world scenarios, the experience is beyond excellent and this is exactly what we provide our clients with at Infigic. We understand that integrating new techniques are a must for companies nowadays. Thus, to help them provide engaging content to users and keep customers hooked to the brand, we offer to craft a holistic approach for enhancing the digital presence of our clients and building brand recognition.

From mass consumers to enterprise owners, we serve a wide array of clients, thus imbibing a versatility in our services. We cater to the needs of a multitude of different kinds of industries, thus, strengthening the communication, security, attractiveness, profitability, and robustness of businesses. We strive to take visualization beyond human imagination, thanks to the flexible model of engagements and a cutting-edge expertise in modern technology. We possess immense experience that contributes to the flawless nature of our services.

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Our Augmented Reality Development Services

Virtual Reality Development

With a team of developers expert in the virtual reality domain, we develop apps for industries such as e-commerce, real estate, retail, healthcare, design, etc.

Markerless AR

Based on simultaneous mapping as well as localization, we develop markerless AR, the best version of Augmented Reality.

Development of Location-Based AR

With the help of GPS, we help in driving customers right to your location.

AR Code Development

We develop efficient AR code to increase your brand’s recognition and improvise on the product communication.

AR Consultation

Our team of expert professionals is ever ready to turn your ideas into a spectacular reality. Get all your queries clarified with our AR consultation services.

Dive into the world of Augmented Reality backed by Industry experts & AR Technicians.

Augment Reality Experts

A pool of experts and professionals who have an in-depth knowledge of the subject of augmented reality and modern technology

Domain Consultants

A whole network of consultants who specialize in various technologies and domains available on a contractual basis.

Wide Range of Solutions

Partnerships in the technology and business domains that aids in providing you with the utmost solutions for fulfilling client needs.

Strong Processes

An indigenous system of managing information

Our key capabilities in Augmented Reality app development include:

  • Development of Augmented reality mobile apps
  • Development of m-commerce and e-commerce applications
  • Augmented reality app development in the field of e-learning and online education
  • Interactive display & kiosk
  • Virtual try-ons
  • Beacon navigation



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