Augmented Reality eCommerce / Retail App

Give your customers an immersive experience of your products, speed up the buying process & grow your sales

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Augmented Reality app for eCommerce & Product Presentation

Infigic Technologies visualized, designed and successfully developed a AR-VR driven mobile app for the Retaiers. The app generates a 3D model of the shoe and gives customers a AR view of the shoe.

The key strength of the app is that it allows customers to try out various styles virtually. In other words, the app enables the customer to fully view how the pair of shoes would look on them without having to physically put the shoes on.

Further, the app lets the customer quickly change the style, design, color and to other parameters. As a result, the customer gets to ‘put on’ any number of shoes from the inventory the store is carrying. This completely eliminates the boxing-unboxing time of trial shoes. The choosing of the right pair of shoes is self-service.

The app solves every challenge of the client. It uses technology, is easy to use and quick. Most importantly, it enriches the customer’s buying experience. The customer saves time, enjoys the shopping experience and is able to make the buying decision quickly. Since the customer can try any number of pair of shoes in a very short time, they are fully satisfied with their buying decision. Show less<<

See how it works

Download and open the FREE Shoe App


Point the image through the viewer


Watch the Shoe to come to life on your device



Pleasantly surprising

Half your sale is done when you can make your client feel happily surprised. The VR app does just that, and more. It intrigues visitors enough to try it at least once. And that takes them to the next level of your sales process!

Richer experience

No more dull and boring images for visitors to your portal. Treat them to a richer experience. Your customers need a real reassurance the shoe will look great on them – and lo! Your customer just purchased another pair!

Returns-free sales

The 360-degree, all-angles-covered view-cum-trial of the shoe guarantees the customer doesn’t miss any of the beautiful yet finer details! Customers are so satisfied there’s hardly any chance you’ll see product returns!

AR for E-commerce

Leverage the world of 3D to give the ultimate real-world feel to customers and boost conversions!

AR for Retail

Let customers compare multiple products simultaneously! Once your store is AR-enabled, shoppers can access your digital assets associated with your merchandise. You can offer better content in videos and help shoppers make the right choice – with full satisfaction!

AR for Marketing

Turn your catalogs and outdoor ads into interactive tools that are fully shoppable! Use AR to build richer experiences around every single promotional tool and please your customers even as they pull out their wallet and make a purchase!



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