3 most effective ways to write an eBay product description

As great an opportunity there is for eBay store owners to sell their products on eBay, so is the severe competition. Amid this intensely competitive market, the best way to advertise your product is by writing an effective eBay product description that is informative and electrifies the buyer. A precise and accurate product description highlights the benefits and allows the features to take a back seat. Moreover it portrays a crystal clear picture of your product and boosts the chances of a buyer finding, buying or auctioning your product.

The key to make a visitor become a customer on eBay a perfect product description. In this blog we highlight 3 most effective ways to write an eBay product description this helping you get more buyers to your storefront.

1. Write about the benefits

Before writing the description you must know the best qualities of the product. Along with that the store owner should have thorough knowledge about the target audience. Often the audience doesn’t know the intrinsic details of the product. Highlight the benefits of the product rather than the features. Suppose you are selling a computer and it belong to a reputed company. How will you make the listing compelling enough to convince the visitor that he should buy from you? Peep into the owner’s manual and write down the features. Instead of highlighting facts such as its configuration, specific feature that makes the product different from others, advanced technology that is newly fitted, concentrate on noting down the benefits that a user gets by buying that computer.

Write about the benefits

2. Know the audience

There are two types of audience on eBay, one who has all knowledge about the product while the other is a complete layman. An effective description on eBay speaks to the needs of both these classes.

Suppose for above example, writing a description “fast hard drives, so that your precious data is never lost even when the system crashes” suffices for a non-technical customer but not for a hard-core computer geek. He would be interested in the configuration, graphics and other technical details.

The best descriptions first highlight the benefits followed by the point-wise feature listings from which the benefits are derived. To check the features dig into the user manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Know the audience

3. What is your customer expecting?

Place yourself in customer’s shoes and read the listings as if you were a customer. Before writing the product description do an audience analysis to know the needs and fears of the potential customers. This helps in understanding their mindset. A set of 4 questions every eBay store owner should ask himself before creating a listing include:

  • Who are my potential customers?
  • Why do they want to buy the item?
  • How much acquainted are they with the product?
  • How do I write a description that gives them a strong reason to buy from me?

Once you have a clear idea about these 4 questions, writing the product description will be a breeze.

What is your customer expecting

Apart from reaching out to the target audience, you need to compete against other buyers in your category and stand out among them. As an audience, when given too many options, which product will you be most attracted to, the one with technical details or the one with a balance between features and benefits?

Make the description a place where you can bond personally with the probable buyer. Write in a friendly way as if you’re talking to the reader. The day you understand the reason which makes a person buy your product, you’ll beat all competition and be the best.

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