5 Points to be considered while writing an eBay Description

Ebay is a crowded marketplace, every second day there is a new seller in the market who opens up a store with the same product which you intend to sell.

Grabbing the attention of the buyer and converting into a sale is an uphill battle.

Writing an ebay description is one of the most important aspect while selling your product on ebay. A buyer keenly goes through the description of the product before buying the product especially the ones which has technical implications. 

Below are  5 points to be considered while writing a product description for your ebay store :


1. Make the description interesting to read

The best descriptions are clear, catchy and to the point. Ensure that you are writing an ebay description in a conversation language.


interesting product description for writing an  ebay description


 2.Provide Technical Details

Technical knowledge shows the real knowledge of the item. Provide every technical detail you know while writing product description, including the details of the manufacturer, where and when it was made, its history, and any other details which you can add on about the product.

technical information for writing an  ebay description


3. Take a pic of the original product description

Try to take a picture of the original description of the product and upload that along with the product. This would give make the buyers more comfortable about the product which they intend to buy.For example: If you are a mobile accessories ebay store, you can take a picture of the product description of the charger and publish it online.

Take a pic of the original product description

 4. Leave nothing out of your description

Even though while writing an ebay description, sometimes it  may look long enough, but do not try to skip information. The buyer would surely appreciate the extra hard work which you have put in to describe the details about the product.


full product description


5. Use FAQs in writing an ebay description


Do try to add in a FAQ section about the product, generally there might a list of questions which you might get for specific products. This would help to make a lot of questions which the buyer will have in his mind.


Add FAQ to your ebay description




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