6 points to be considered before you start your eBay Store Business

The easiest way to start your ebay store business is to grab the web. Before starting a business on ebay store, there are some points you must keep in mind so that you can achieve your target well.



 1. Registration-The first step to start your eBay Store Business

First and the foremost thing is to register on ebay. It gives you the opportunity to participate in bidding as well as further create your own business profile and chance to start your ebay store business.



start your ebay store business

2. Choose relevant User Id

You need to choose a unique user id to represent your business. There would be suggestions available, but you can go for what you make you feel comfortable as it is your brand identity to your prospective buyers.



user id and password


3. Confirm your registration

Upon signing up successfully, you will receive email. Follow the instruction as specified in the mail. You are now registered with ebay and ready to setup your seller’s account.


conform your email account

4. Set up seller’s account

To set up a seller’s account click on the “sell” link that appears at the top of any ebay page. You will be providing your debit card or credit card and checking account information here. Simultaneously you will choose the way in which you wish to pay your eBay fees. Be sure you won’t be charged anything until you post any item for sale.

 Seller's registration


5. Get your id verified

The id verification option can be used instead of credit card information. It is mandatory if you don’t have a credit card. Getting your id verified will give you an ID verified icon on your feedback profile. It will help in giving more confidence to eBay community to trust in you and buy from you. It will also allow to send feedback information to you.



verify your id


6. Provide online Banking

PayPal is a feature that allows you to accept online payments. It is an additional facility that you can provide to your buyers. It helps in increasing conveniences among buyers so sign up at www.paypal.com and make it your preferred payment option in your item listing.

online banking, paypal

That’s all you are done with starting your ebay store.

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Best wishes!



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