8 Reasons Why We Love Spree Commerce (And you should, too! )

When it comes to choosing an e-commerce site for your company, there are many options available. Your ecommerce website holds the top priority for your company and therefore it becomes a difficult task to choose the right framework that fits your business requirements.

Spree commerce is currently considered as the most popular choice among online store owners and a lot of retailers are moving towards Spree. And precisely, that’s the reason why we have chosen Spree commerce as one of our key platforms.

Here are 8 reasons which tell you about the rising importance of Spree commerce:

1. Easy to Use

Spree is Lightweight and easy to use. It’s user interface for online store and back end administrative module is quiet user friendly.

Easy to Use

2. Ruby on Rails

Spree is written on Ruby on rails which is currently a very popular, reliable and stable open source platform.

Ruby on Rails

3. Easy Documentation

Developers of Spree have created user-guides and documents that are easily available and of immense help to new companies. You can be part of the Spree community and avail the facility of expert advice if you have any issues regarding the application.

Easy Documentation

4. Licensing

Spree- BSD license has the least amount of restrictions irrespective of your business size. Even if you are a small company or a multi-national giant, you are free to use Spree for commercial purposes without paying any license fee.


5. Customization made Easy

Spree is completely flexible, and can be molded as per your business requirements and not the other way around. With a lot of ready extensions available from the community, Spree often becomes the preferred choice for many ecommerce companies.

Customization made Easy

6. Mobile Optimization

Online shopping has moved from “desktop at home” to smart phones and tablets. Therefore, It has become imperative to optimize the stores for small screens. Spree stores perform exceptionally well on all hand held devices like tablets and smart phones.

Mobile Optimization

7. Provides Extension

Whether it is integrating any 3rd party applications or creating a new one for yourself, with Spree’s Additional Programming Interface(API),Spree extension development is child’s play.

Provides Extension

8. Tighter Integrations with 3rd Party Tools

With the roll out of Wombat, Spree offers tighter integration with Wombat – a platform for storefronts that need to connect to key systems such as accounting, ERP, and fulfillment.

Tighter Integrations

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