9 Things you need to do while getting started on eBay Business

Starting an ebay store can be little daunting. Before you plunge into the game, it is better that you do some solid preparation to ensure things are in place.

Here are nine to-dos that you should  have in place before you start your ebay store :

Step 1: Identify your Target audience

The first thing before getting started on ebay is to do an analysis of your target audience for the product which you are planning to sell.

   Tip :


Target audience


Step 2: Outsmart the competition

 Closely observe what your competition is doing, try to see which products have the most ratings, what is moving fast. Try to observe their weak links and play around that.


Out smart the competition


Step 3: Getting started on eBay with the right product & vendor

 This is going to be a make and break decision for your business. Try finding the product which has a huge potential market at ebay, also identify the vendor who is able to understand about your new venture and is cooperative enough to give some help in terms of product exchanges & credit.


Tip : Try having some back up vendors. You never know who may come handy during the rainy day J


getting started on ebay product


Step 4: Start Small, Think Big

 It always good to dream big, but all the big ideas started small especially the ones where there is less funds available in bank.So, it’s better to take small steps and move forward. Slow pace but persistence can surely help you grow your business in a short time

Think big start small


Step 5: Chart out a B-Plan


Though, its one more ebay store, but its your “Business”

So like any other business,  Before getting started on ebay, Create a B-plan with:



3)Goals & Objectives

4)How your ebay store is different?

5)What are your strengths and weakness ?

6)Marketing Plan

7)Sales Plan

8)Operations Plan

Try to be as detailed as possible and slowly you will find out fixes for some of the key things which you missed out while planning about your business.


Chart out a Business Plan


Step 6: Expand your business

Being a small business, you need to decide how much money you need to spend on inventory vs marketing.Do set goals for Sales – Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly.A close review of the goals will help you to keep a tab on where the business is heading to.


Time for expansion of ebay


Step 7: Make it Legal

 After you have a hit quite a number in sales, it is better to make your business legal.Try to meet a lawyer, get the paperwork done and establish the business legally.


make your ebay business legal


Step 8: Create a system

 Once you see that the business is regular, you can systematize a lot of things.You can bring in processes for each of the tasks from sending emails to feedbacks to following up with vendors. In the end, you want to make your business scalable. Isn’t it ?


Create system Automation



Step 9: Never give up

 This is the most important part of the business cycle. There would be times when things would look scary, the sales doomed and marketing cycle broken, but this is the actual test of entrepreneurship and your grit.Do not stop until you succeed. Keep working till the time you find a break through.


never give up on getting started with your ebay store


 I’d love to hear your questions on getting started on ebay and answer your questions — please share them in the comments section below.


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