9 tips to increase your eBay store visibility

All the sellers on eBay aim to be at the peak of the search results for products they’re selling. In such a big competition, the first requisite is to have a professionally designed eBay store as well as ebay listing template for the reason that sellers want their listings in top of the customers who are interested in such products. If there are only a few buyers searching for your products, there isn’t any conjecture that you got 4 page-views. On the way to obtain well-mannered number of page views, the promotion must be moderately active. At eBay, this appears in the form of “Best Match” which’s developed to assist visitors in searching the faithful what product they are in the hunt for: only from sellers that have a higher trust rating.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has for all time been a key factor in any type on digital marketing strategies. This redirects to the question if you can SEO on eBay? There have been a lot of alterations in eBay’s search working over the years. It focuses on customer satisfaction and purchasing assessment to assist buyers in locating products more proficiently. There are no magic tricks or elements which robotically boosts your listings to the crown of eBay’s search results.

However, there are certain key perceptions to reflect on while you’re focusing to build an SEO strategy for eBay. They are as follows:

1. Professional eBay store design and listing templates:

Most of the people have questions about why to design eBay store and listing templates. The foremost requirement to increase your store visibility and enhance customer experience on the store is to have a custom designed eBay store and listing template. An eBay store design and listing template design will give your store a professional look and will make the visitor friendly with your store. This will convert the store visitors and explorers to regular customers.

Professional eBay Store Design

2. List in the correct category:

Ebay strives to facilitate buyers and locate your products by opting for a category and provides the results which best describes their requirement. A seller should be specific while selecting category for the respective product. Be specific, careful and don’t search by the category name. It’s generally a fine plan to select the category with highest bid and page-view counts, be sure that it’s apposite for your product.

List in Correct Category

3. Optimize your titles with “relevant” keywords:

Most of the sellers create attractive eBay titles. Their philosophy is about ways to illustrate their product, add image, format the listing but one thing the sellers not often think is on the subject of creating search friendly listings. Your title should have 3-4 appropriate keywords to bring your product in the search results. You should always double check if you got your title spelled right. The amalgamation of keywords which denote about your product and its specifications is considered as an appropriate title. Title is the chief factor to show your product in the search.

Optimize your titles with “relevant” keywords

4. Put up discount sales on regular basis:

There are several reasons to create sale on eBay listings. Being in a competitive portal, you will need to attract customers and as a result you can offer discounts to attract them. If you are competitive with another seller for identical product and are able to provide a better price than him, you must definitely offer a discount offer to gather in more customers. If a customer gets satisfied by your services, he/she may recommend others to purchase from you. Discount offers always attract customers if relevant.

Put up discount sales on regular basis

5. List multiple products separately:

According to eBay, a seller is able to list multiple products in one fixed price listing. When you create a fixed price listing, you specify a Buy It Now price for each item. Buyers can purchase your items immediately without bidding and waiting for an auction to end. When selling multiple items at a fixed price, it pays to choose a longer duration, such as 10-day, 30-day, or good till cancelled.

List multiple products separately

6. Auctions:

When you apply for auctions, you’ll be given many choices including sell for a fixed price, selling various matching products and in categories you can situate a hidden minimum-selling price. The format of auction is flexible.


7. Fill in all of your product specifics:

While creating a listing on eBay it is necessary to fill in all of your product specifics. This helps the customer to gain information as much as possible according to his requirement. This indirectly improves the search rankings as it could match the keywords. Fill in the attributes as much as you can accurately so that you provide the appropriate and best to the customer.

Fill in all of your product specifics

8. Answer your eBay messages in less than 24 hours:

The customers may leave messages for you to solve some queries. It is essential to answer their questions positively the moment possible to increase trust for after sales services. If you answer behind schedule, the purchase might be done from some other seller till then and your trust rate may dwindle.

Answer your messages in 24 hours

9. Mobile responsive:

As noticed, 70% of the eCommerce purchases are done from mobile devices. Therefore it becomes necessary for you to design eBay store and customize mobile responsive templates. A mobile responsive store has high end width design display among complete categories navigation, optimized and compressed graphics for quicker page loading and perked up browser compatibility.

Mobile responsive

Regrettably there isn’t any surefire formula to achieve a good position in search results. Still, striving to best quality and service to customers is the key trick for optimizing ratings and trust thereby improving the ranks consistently with good business practices with an intention to maximize sales along with customer satisfaction. Another thing that strikes in order to sell more is demand for a product. You should perform an accurate market research regarding demand for products that you are selling.

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