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The Best Pharmacy Apps for 2019

When you can buy almost everything online, there’s no reason why you can’t buy medicines online. The steady growth in the number of apps to purchase medicine online shows how online businesses are adding convenience and comfort in one more area.

Thousands of ecommerce stores under Magecart security threat. Is yours too?

Ecommerce stores are under a new, dangerous threat of cyber attacks that can steal personal and payment details of customers. Only quick, expert help can prevent the worse fears from coming true What’s common between British Airways, Ticketmaster, Vision Direct and Newegg? They were all affected by Magecart cyberattack. Ecommerce stores have been attacked worldwide […]

7 design mistakes to avoid in your Magento store

When it comes to online shopping, variety is the factor that attracts the attention of the customers. Without a doubt, variety is the spice that can boost your store. Customers are more likely to purchase products from a store that is easy to use and has things put in the right place. Your store is […]

Union Budget 2017 – 2018 And What It Means for The IT Industry and Startups

The Union Budget is India’s most awaited, and often the most debated, policy announcement. Industry leaders and economics experts lay threadbare the provisions and their likely impact, live on television channels. Stock-markets respond immediately and everyone tries to figure out what the budgetary proposals would translate to. Later, as the dust settles, some finer points […]

10 Things You Must do Before Launching Your Online Clothing Store

When you first set out to chase your dream of starting your online clothing store, things can quickly turn quite confusing. There’s so much to do: identifying the right ecommerce development company, setting up the website, negotiating with wholesalers, making marketing and branding decisions, managing your inventory, promoting the site… At times, all this can […]

Magento vs Shopify: What should you choose?

Of the many competitors jostling for being the platform of choice in the eCommerce website development, two names stand out: Magento and Shopify. Since quite some time, there seems to have been a never-ending debate: When it boils down to Magento vs Shopify, what platform should you choose for your online shop? What makes the […]

5 Tips to Reduce Cart Abandonment Rates on Your Magento Store

You have a great eCommerce store. You think everything’s in place. There are lots of visitors but, strangely, too few purchases. You’re not alone. Perhaps cart abandonment is the scariest nightmare that shocks eCommerce stores to near death. Shopping cart abandonment, the site visitors action of adding items to the virtual shopping cart but quitting […]