10 Best Architecture Website Designs for Inspiration
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10 Best Architecture Website Designs for Inspiration

The architecture industry is getting diversified and digitization of this niche has become the new normal. Henceforth, we have listed some of the best architecture website designs for your inspiration. If you are planning to develop an architecture website, this post will prove beneficial for you. 

Some useful statistics about the architecture websites

It is projected that the revenue of architectural services in the U.S. will amount to approximately 48.3 billion U.S. Dollars by 2024.

It is projected that the revenue of landscape architectural services in the U.S. will amount to approximately 4.405,0 million U.S. Dollars by 2024.

10 best architecture website design for inspiration

1. Dwell

It contains aesthetic and exquisite designs of modern homes. It provides information about dwell exclusives, renovations, tiny homes, and vacation rentals. One just needs to login using appropriate credentials to avail the wonderful opportunities of a modern home. 

The website has informative and engaging content. Additionally, the drop down menu helps you to get more detailed information about the ongoing projects. The designs of this architecture company are very fascinating, appealing and innovative with a charismatic theme. Also, the contact details of the renowned designers will help you to plan such designs for your homes.

2. Mitchell Giurgola

It is a New York based architecture firm that is committed to building with purpose and perspective. It works on all building types like civic & cultural, educational research stations, and workplaces. Sustainable design solutions are the cornerstone of their practice. This is the reason a huge populace is inclined towards the company.

Furthermore, the website provides detailed description of its services that help in contributing to the customer’s understanding. Also, they bring craft and collaboration in the work spaces. The website contains exquisite designs of the projects to make the customers accustomed to the services.

3. Homecult

It is a Ukraine based company. It believes that home is your perfect universe. The company is concerned towards modern homes and provides exclusive interior decorations to the living spaces. It also provides a luxurious touch to modern homes. Its seasoned team collectively works to give complete customer satisfaction.

Furthermore, the navigation is well structured and the content is engaging to show transparency in information. Moreover, the creative visualizations of the website help in getting a more appealing touch to please the customers. You can directly contact the team by using the quick links of the website.

4. Olson Kundig

It is a collaborative global design practice. It serves for residential, commercial, conceptual, academic, and spiritual & hospitality work spaces. Its seasoned designers provide excellent services and the website provides a customized search option to get the best deals.

Also, the drop down menu helps to get the more relevant information and you can easily get in touch with the team for your requirements.

5. Jensen Architects

It is based in San Francisco, United States. They practice architecture using art and technology. They provide excellent living spaces to make a modern community. Also, it exists for generating modern homes with beautiful designs.

Furthermore, they work on cultural, residential, retail, school, and workplaces. The well structured navigation will take you to the best deals at affordable prices. Also, the visualization of the ongoing projects will compel you to buy with confidence.

6. VMDO Architects

Based in the United States, VMDO creates community-centered environments that connect people and place through architecture.  With offices in Charlottesville, VA, Washington DC, VMDO has specialized in architectural design since 1976. Its commitment to sustainability, vision, mission, and values are clearly depicted on the homepage.

Furthermore, the creative visualizations make us more informed about their services. You just have to log in using quick links provided to avail the wonderful opportunities.

7. Shea designs

They create excellent spaces for restaurants, hospitality, hotel, retail, and workplace. They specialize in design audits, concept design, 3D design development, architectural documentation, fabrication and inspire with the help of their excellent projects. The company was founded by David Shea in 1978, since then, it is popular for its cohesive interior design

The drop down menu is relevant and the quick links will help you to avail the services. 

8. Ennead

It is a New York based architectural firm which makes transformative architecture for institutions in the public realm. Its services include master planning, historic preservation, and interior design. It works for cultural, educational, commercial, governmental, laboratory, healthcare organizations.

The content of the website is informative and the services are also in detailed manner. Also, the running visuals help in getting accustomed to its culture. The description is very comprehensive and provides quick links to understand the services. 

9. Ortiz Leon Architects

Since its foundation in 1984, ORTIZ LEON Architects has become one of Europe’s preeminent architecture firms, providing architecture, and programming. They believe in sustainable architecture. Their architecture surpasses technology and approaches nature.

Also, they have listed their accomplished projects in a detailed manner and provide an easy way to communicate with the team. Additionally, the services are meticulously tested so that the customers believe in them and approach them with confidence.

10. Design builders

It was founded in the 1980s and provides a luxurious touch to your homes by inculcating eco-friendly and sustainable values. Additionally, they have been awarded numerous prestigious awards. They also have an inspiration gallery to know about the accomplished and ongoing projects.

The navigation of the website is well structured and the detailed description of its services help to know the best deals. You can get quick links to get in touch with the industry persons. Also, the creative visualizations help in knowing the culture better.

These are some of the best architect website designs for inspiration, If you are looking to build an architect website, then get in touch with us, Let our experience designers create the best architect website for your architect company.

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