12 Best Bakery Website Designs

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12 Best Bakery Website Designs

The celebration of any happy moments in our lives is incomplete without a cake. The freshly baked products serve as a sweet treat for every individual around the world. Also, the studies reveal there is a link to the appearance of the food with the appetite. Regardless of the kind of services and product you are offering, one always requires putting the best marketing strategies forward. There is no doubt that bakery websites are therefore the need of the hour for almost every Bakery business owner working in the specific industry. Thus we have listed 12 best Bakery website designs for inspiration.

For creating amazing bakers websites one can take the assistance of genius developers that will work on the design as well as development. Taking a look at the best baker websites can certainly be inspiring for building an exceptional design. Hence the collection that we have right here is very useful for you. 

Here is the list of best bakery websites that can help to empower your project soon!

1. Hanz & Franz

The bakery specializes in miniature cakes, therefore their cake website design is colorful and fun. They want to convey the taste explosion you have in your mouth when you have one of these cute cakes. They have used co-ordinated photography, with great contrast between background and the mini cakes. This kind of contrast and the entire bakery web design creates an aesthetically beautiful theme. 

2. Levain

This is again one of the most beautiful bakery websites that we had come across. All of Levain’s bakery branches are located in New York and they had started with their first bakery in 1995. They have used watercolor elements that easily convey the cosmopolitan vibe. There is a unique Line cam feature that gives the live feed of some branches in the city. For one of the branches, the camera is placed on the counter display that has cookies and cakes and will surely make anyone go and buy something.

3. Niedlov’s Breadworks

One of the best online bakeries is Niedlov’s Breadworks and its both a wholesale bakery and a cafe since 2002. The site is therefore tailored for matching both features. The entire website seems minimalist and that of the upscale and modern coffee shop. Such kind of bakery website designs targets both wholesale customers and the individuals alike. They also provide a PDF menu version and gives an interesting touch. In case any changes need to be made, the owner always has the option to upload a new one.

4. Boudin

The bakery specializes in their sandwiches but makes all of the bakery goodies like bread and pizza as well. The website uses an amalgamation of different bakery web designs into one. They have used the classic feel for the traditional bakery items and meals and this is observed even in their typography with colors of reds and browns. Then the sandwich section is modern looking and they have even made a complete section for gifting the other foods and sandwiches. They have also made a bread club that one can sign up for receiving regular bread. This is an impressive business model for sure!

5. Lune Croissanterie

As you may have already guessed by the name the bakery is all about croissants. It’s an Australian Bakery that began in 2012 and the team of experts kept joining along the way for better. As they mainly have one product to showcase you can see this one as a minimalist website. They have made use of asymmetry themes as their layout and there are overlapping elements that are artsy for sure.

6. Gruber Bakery

This Austrian Bakery has a long history and had been established in the year 1938. The website has a modern design and they have everything related to high-quality bread. Most of the space is white and the typography is modernist. There are 3D borders on every button that looks attractive. The entire website oozes out the art of baking in the most traditional forms. One can also take a look at the video trailer of the bakery.

7. Mah ze Dahr Bakery

Just as the name suggests this website is also a treat to the eyes. The bakery is located in New York and they do catering for special events. This is why you will see an aesthetic elegance in the website design as well, which is usually seen on a wedding planner website. The product organization is perfect and one will want to buy them just looking at the pictures. They have the corporate and wedding party categories, and some interesting ones like Thank you gifts and Congratulations that makes them one of a kind.

8. Mira Cake House

This is another interesting website as the Mira Cake House has a bakery chain around the area. The main branch is in Malaysia. They have their online shop as well where they sell the patented cake mix in over fifty flavors. For being able to manage such a huge clientele the design of the website has more of the business approach than focusing on nostalgia. They have emphasized greatly on the user-friendly shopping experience. The background is white and text, in contrast, are in red with simple yet appealing realistic pictures. The owners probably are aware that you are hungry, so they just went ahead with selling their products to you. This strategy seems to be working well for them. 

9. La Brea Bakery

The bakery got established in 1989 in Los Angeles, they have numerous services and bakery products to offer. The website has a twist on the classic layout and modernized in own way. This kind of layout is suitable for displaying information that’s in bulk at just one glance. There is the focus that can be seen in the blog category and this can be an effective marketing strategy of the bakery.

10. Tartine Bakery

Located in California, this bakery website is the mono-spaced type and takes the hipster look to another level. They have also added mini-documentaries that are so interesting to read. There is no camera feed, but something extra for sure.

11. Emporium Pies

This is another of the most beautiful bakery websites that we came across. The Emporium Pies are located in Dallas and were introduced in the year 2011. There are some really big pictures of pies that you will see here. And apart from that, there is an aesthetic that’s sentimental as well. The bakery is mainly about the pies and that reminds most people of summer and flowers. The website shows you exactly that and there are several animations included, yet nothing seems overdone. Once you visit the website you can see the love for delicious pies.

12. Fox in the Snow

This is one of a kind bakery shop that leans towards the hipster visuals. They also have a coffee located in Ohio. You will see that the entire website is suggestive of the printed menu. They rely mainly on the elegant typography or enhancing the overall experience. They can use more contrasts in some places but overall the effect is soothing to eyes.  

Closing Words:

Baking is certainly a creative act that needs technique, knowledge, passion and so much of love to be put in for making sure that the product brings the smile on people’s faces. While you build a website for your bakery business, the key point to keep in mind is conveying the feeling without much dependence on platitudes. 

Some bakeries do this by showing their work, while the other top bakery websites make sure that they are telling a story. And there are still others that just have a “Buy Now” tab placed in front of the customer, so make sure you take a wise decision on your own. 

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