Top 9 Best Face Recognition Apps

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Top 9 Best Face Recognition Apps

The proliferation of technology has given rise to various smartphone applications that are helping to make our lives secure. In this regard, the smartphone industry is witnessing a significant boom with a surge in multifunctional features. The features like smart lock, face lock, fingerprint system, voice search, voice recognition have come in the picture. The credit goes to Artificial intelligence, whose applications have facilitated our lives.

Most commonly, the face recognition apps are getting an upward surge. These apps come in a highly secured format so that only the owner is able to open the smartphone using high-end face detection technology.

In this post we have listed the top 9 face recognition apps that are getting popular for their features and security. If you also want to use such a highly secured app to keep your phones safe, you must read this article.

Why face recognition apps are gaining popularity?

Amidst the pandemic, people are following social distancing norms. With the upheaval in social distancing, physical touch is being avoided by the people. In this regard, face recognition apps are gaining high traction as no physical touch is required to open the phone.

Top 9 best face recognition apps in 2021

1. Face 2 Gene

It is an app used by Healthcare professionals. The app facilitates in genetic evaluation of the patients. By detecting the face of the patients, it uses its high-end technology to reveal traits within a person. 

It also detects genetic disorders so that the medical professionals can perform an enhanced evaluation of their patients. Hence, it is termed as “Face 2 Gene” to detect genetic disorders.

2. BioID

It is a multi-factor user authenticator app. . It allows the users to access any app or websites that supports this app. Without any extensive knowledge of bio-metric technology, the companies can easily add security features of face recognition to their apps.  It is used to unlock your phone and hence, gained a large traction.

3. Railer

The app is mainly used by the reputed companies for their systems for employee check in and check outs. By recognizing the face of employees, the app provides them access to them and this helps in filling the attendance sheet and reporting the management.

4. LogMe

In this app, you can upload any picture of yours and others from your gallery. The app detects and extracts faces from the uploaded photo. Eventually, it becomes easy for you to reply to anyone privately who also uploaded their pictures in the Logme community. You can send the message to your peers by using this high-end application.

5. Face App

The app is meant for entertainment purpose to give the desired picture that will suit to a particular face. Nonetheless, it helps in creating customized selfies with the help of AI enabled technology. The realistic transformations of the faces is done using the neural networks of artificial intelligence. It also detects the approximate age of the people just by face recognition.

6. Luxand Face recognition

This is not just another face recognition app. By just tapping into one picture  you can give the names to faces. The app will recognize the face within seconds. Not only your face, the app can detect multiple faces so that the phone gets unlocked only using the owner’s face.

7. Face DNA Test

This app examines the relatedness of two people by assigning scores to the profiles of two people. By recognizing the facial expressions, the app identifies the traits which two persons have in common. As the name suggests, it is a comparative study between the personalities of two people.

8. Applock face

Generally, people use complex passwords for the privacy of their phones. But now they do not have to carry a load to remember passwords. Applock face uses cutting-edge biometric technology to recognize your face. Just by coming in front of your phone, your phone gets unlocked with the help of this wonderful application.

9. FacePhi

This app is used by the banking industry to avoid fraudulent cases and protect leakage of any sensitive documents. Although the app is not readily available to be downloaded by the users, it has gained significant traction. Only the banking professionals are eligible to use this app. It uses the facial bio-metric solution that allows account access or transaction approvals just with the help of selfie.


We can infer that face recognition apps are the future of this generation of Baby boomers. Companies are investing immensely in intense research and development, robust strategies, and technological advancements of the existing applications.

Also, the introduction of improved capabilities of features is enhancing the overall functionality of the face recognition apps. Interestingly, these apps will present new pathways to our life and it will be exciting to note how companies increase the credibility of the existing apps and how they can simplify our lives.

If your are looking to develop a face recognition app for your company, then get in touch with us. Let our experienced app developer craft the best face recognition app as per your requirements.


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