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Best Medical Websites Designs

If you are looking for best medical websites design or healthcare websites design for your healthcare facility. Then you are in the right place, this post describes the best medical and healthcare websites for design inspiration.

According to research, 75% of people access different search engines to find health experts or healthcare centers, and about 89% of users take the help of the internet to resolve their healthcare queries. 

Another research done by Mckinsey states that more than 85% of patients strongly believe in taking full responsibility for their health & having expertise in utilizing resources to fetch any health-related information.

The above facts indicate that healthcare design is the most critical asset for all the hospitals and healthcare service providers. 

Whether you are running a hospital or providing different healthcare services, an effective healthcare website design helps you to reach potential users and expand your business. 

To serve your patients in the best way, you need to make a healthcare website design that is user-friendly, highly-responsive, reliable, secure, and informative. 

One of the best things is you can design the best healthcare website by taking help from a professional web development company at an affordable cost.

As of now, we will provide you with the list of the most prevalent healthcare websites for your inspiration. 

List of 7 Best Healthcare Website Designs 

1. Mayo Clinic

Mayo Clinic healthcare sites

Mayo Clinic is one of the leading medical centers in the USA. As soon as you visit the site, you will be able to see a prominent search bar to search for anything on the site. 

Mayo Clinic has one of the best medical websites that consists of different sections for patients, departments, research, and more. In short, the site delivers all the information to the visitors with ease. Moreover, the site features big, user-friendly, and ADA-compliant Call to actions. 

Any information about any health problem can be obtained by accessing a condition in alphabetical order or by using the symptom checker. The site also presents some featured topics which provide in-depth information from the healthcare professionals.

2. Olathe Health

Olathe Health medical website

Olathe Health has an effective user-interface that serves the needs of all the website visitors. 

Initially, the website features four things, which include finding a location, finding a doctor, a patient portal, and payment of bills. It also features phone numbers at the topmost bar, and it’s fully interactive, which means visitors can instantly make a call.

In order to keep users engaged, the banner section plays a short video that shows various parts of a hospital-like front-desk help, operation room, and more. 
Due to its clean design and proper highlighting of sections, Olathe Health is known as one of the best medical website designs & it has the ability to convert its first-time visitors into permanent website users without much hassle.

3. Michigan Avenue

Michigan Avenue healthcare website

Michigan Avenue is yet another best medical design due to its eye-catching user interface and clear call to action. The site mainly consists of 2 sections, which include privacy care and independent health care. 

As per BusinessWire, more than 78% of website visitors love to obtain virtual healthcare solutions, and Michigan Avenue succeeds at it. The site has an instant call to action, which enforces its first-time visitors for making registration, booking an appointment, and booking a virtual appointment. 

4. Cibola Hospital

Cibola Hospital website design

Cibola Hospital’s site has a clear and straightforward design, which helps them always to attract more & more users consistently.  

When you visit the website, you will observe that all the fonts and colors are used effectively. As it is a general hospital, you can view different sections like services, providers, patients and visitors, health library, and so on. 

After the banner, you will see different services from the hospital providers. As you scroll down, you will see a list of healthcare professionals divided based on the skills and expertise. 

5. Rest Assured

Rest Assured medical websites

Web Accessibility is the most vital factor that helps to drive more users on a website. The site has been designed following the latest WCAG 2.0 AA accessibility compliance. 

It is another best medical website design as it features big fonts along with quick keyboard navigation, and it is especially targeted for the person with disabilities and senior citizens. 

Apart from this, the site also features a section that displays the benefits of using the Rest Assured system.

6. BSWhealth

BSWHealth is one of the leading non-profit medical organization in the United States. The homepage of the website displays a big image of a doctor shaking hands with the patient.

Also, it displays a banner with the text, “Say Hello to Better,” and a big search bar for searching anything on the site. This produces a feeling of friendliness and loyalty in the eyes of the site visitor. 

The site also has a category page when you click on the “see more tools” under the Patients tools. Under this category, a patient can perform a lot of things like book appointments, manage health online, check their past records, and much more.

Apart from this, on the homepage, you will be able to see various recognition that BSWHealth has obtained.

7. Centura Health

Centura Health healthcare website

Centura Health is one of the best healthcare sites available on the internet. The site presents all the details in a sleek & ease-to-understand manner. 

Centura Health’s site features 5 primary navigation links and 2 secondary icons. All these 5 navigation links on the website provide search options along with some advanced filters so that patients can easily search for anything on the site. Out of 2 secondary icons, one is for patient login, and the other is for searching anything on the site.

An effective search option to find a centura healthcare provider or the location on the center of the homepage increases user-friendliness & trustworthiness of the website. Apart from this, patients have the option to pay their bills online, donate to their foundations, & perform various other activities.  

One of the most amazing benefits of Centura Health is that they have implemented big, high-contrasting fonts that get instantly recognized by people with vision issues.


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