10 Best Veterinary Website Designs for Inspiration

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10 Best Veterinary Website Designs for Inspiration

Undoubtedly, pets are the most trustworthy companion. Henceforth, due to the increase in the number of nuclear families and rise in per capita income, the pets have taken the form of a family member. The shutdown of pet day care centres and pet schools, due to pandemic, has created ample opportunities for the veterinary websites that provide services through online. If you are looking for the best veterinary website designs for inspiration then you are in the right place. 

In this post, we have listed the top 10 veterinary website designs that will help you in developing such a pet  veterinary website, if you are thinking of entering into this business.

Some useful statistics about the veterinary websites:-

  • It is projected that the revenue of veterinary services in the U.S. will amount to approximately 54.9 billion U.S. Dollars by 2024.
  • During the financial year 2019, over 12 thousand veterinary hospitals and polyclinics were found across India. Along with numerous aid centers and dispensaries, about 65 thousand veterinary institutions were present across the country that year.

Top 10 Veterinary Website Designs for Inspiration :-

1. Bakersfield veterinary hospital

Established in 1923, the hospital aims to provide excellent modern veterinary medicines and old fashioned personalized medical care. It provides various services like grooming, wellness, health maintenance, diagnosis, pet surgery, dental care, client services, end-of life support, boarding, and emergency services.

The content of the website is engaging and informative. Additionally, taking an appointment is easy with well structured navigation and creative visualizations.

2. Jefferson Animal Hospital

As the name suggests, it is an animal hospital based in the United States operating in two locations. The first one is located at the outer loop of Louisville meant for regional emergency and trauma centres whereas the other one is located at Bardstown road, Louisville, which is a medical centre.

The website is very informative with a registration form to schedule an appointment with the doctor. Also, the navigation of the website is well structured with an added advantage of good visuals. They have also provided quick links for better accessibility. 

The best part is that they are available 24/7 and have provided safety tips for the pets. They also provide good wellness care and improved diagnosis to the ill pets.

3. Petvetkalamazoo

As the name itself suggests, it is based in Kalamazoo. The website specializes in providing high quality and personalized care to the pets. They provide medical, dental, surgical, and wellness healthcare for dogs and cats. They provide tailored services to the pets.

The website is fascinating with engaging contents. The details about veterinarians and blogs about health in the website are so informative. They provide improved quality of services. Furthermore, the appointment setting is easy and the contact list for query handling attracts the customers.

4. Brace Bridge Animal Hospital

This animal hospital is based in Canada. They treat each pet as their family member by providing customized and improved services. It is this quality that sets this website apart from its competitors.

They have a specialized pet health library that provides various blogs associated with pet health  written by seasoned writers. The website also allows you to shop multiple products for your pets. Also, they have mentioned their pet services in a detailed manner.

5. VCA Hospitals

It provides a vast array of medical, surgical, and specialized care to the pets. It is the largest animal health network in North America which uses cutting-edge technology to treat the animals.

Additionally, setting an appointment is quite easy with VCA. The hospital treats pets as their family members. Also, the well structured navigation helps to get the more relevant information.

6. Corvallis cat care

It is a cat hospital based in the United States. They provide integrative and geriatrics medicine to the cats. Additionally, they conduct health exams to keep an eye on the cat’s health. Their mission is clearly visible which aims to provide a peaceful environment, integrative medicine with compassion and understanding, , working towards complete body healing.

The website provides a well structured navigation with an easy way to schedule an appointment. They provide emergency services, improved diagnosis, dentistry and nutrition to the cat.

7. South Bay Our pet vets

It is located in the heart of the business district in Old Chula Vista. It provides medication and pet food. Additionally, it provides dentistry, diet & nutrition plans, parasite control, wellness and preventive care, vaccinations and microchipping.

The diagnosis like radiography and laboratory services help in more improved medication. The website is informative with good contents and creative visualizations. Also, the drop down menu and well structured navigation help in getting the much needed information easily.

8. Mount Vernon Animal Hospital

It is an affordable skilled veterinary hospital based in Mount Vernon. It provides grooming and health services to the animals.

The website provides information about its seasoned team that helps to understand the hospital’s culture. The navigation is well structured with appealing visuals. Also, the drop down menu helps to get the more relevant information. You can also schedule an appointment easily through its quick links.

9. Orlando Vets

It is a network of veterinarians and animal hospitals in Orlando. It offers a wide array of pet services in the Orlando area. They provide personalized services and their mission is to enrich the quality of lives of pets and their families through personalized partnerships.

They have provided an easy link to schedule an appointment and have mentioned interesting videos that best describe their treatment. They have provided details about preventive care, dental, dermatology, internal medicine and other services.

10. Adobe veterinary centre

It was established in 1964 as an Open Hospital and has AAHA accreditation. It is based in the United States and provides a high level of medicine to the pets. Their wide array of services include pharmacy, prescription diets, surgery, ultrasound, urgent care, and wellness treatments.

Furthermore, the website is informative with an easy option to schedule an appointment. The navigation is well structured and the drop down menu helps to get the more relevant information. They also have a special ‘covid-19’ section to keep you alarmed regarding pet health amidst the crisis.

These are some of the best veterinary website designs for inspiration. If you are looking to launch your own veterinary website or online pet pharmacy store, then get in touch with us and let our experienced team of designers craft the best veterinary website for your pet care business.

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