Can’t Revise Listing Descriptio​ns in eBay Store and they come up in HTML only? Your Problem is Resolved

Lot of the ebay store owners come to us with the issue “Why have my listings change to HTML when I try to revised them” ?

So here is the issue, If you have updated windows to windows 8.1 you may have to upgrade your “Internet Explorer” to put ebay pages in compatibility mode in order to see your listings.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow :

Step 1:

Open Internet Explorer go to

Step 2:

Then find your tools icon (the little gear) and click on “Compatibility View Settings

Compatibility View Settings

Step 3:

Open the dialog box and click on the “add” button click on it then close and “Internet Explorer” will automatically refresh.

Click Add Button

Your problem is resolved !

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