How to promote your ebay store using Social Media

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There are numerous ways to promote your eBay products but among them, social media could be the best possible source to drive in more sales. As eBay is an online shopping platform and auction house, it allows people selling products to the interested consumers. It has been observed that eBay sellers achieve more sales if they promote to the right demographics. Social media is a great way to advertise products as there are millions of shoppers surfing. Check these tips to boost your eBay store through social media and increase satisfactory sales. Here, we’ll talk about using just Facebook, YouTube and twitter to promote your eBay store effectively.


Promote eBay Store Using Facebook

Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform for promotion be it eCommerce rationale or any other. You can create a fan page different to your personal page and use it to promote your eBay listings. Read step by step guide to setup your eBay store on your Facebook page. With Facebook you can build a society of your fans who interact with you via commenting or posting queries related to the products you sell. As you’re promoting your eBay products using Facebook, you can invite your friends and customers to become a fan of your page. The best way to let customers know about your Facebook page is to promote it in your customer emails. Persuade them to like your page in order to get the latest updates about deals and discount offers. You can also use your Facebook page like a small blog. Engage your fans with compelling content. Use Facebook questions to ask your fans on what type of products they use daily or like to see. Their responses can supercharge your offering.

To keep your customers engaged, respond to your fans messages quickly. Also consider replying to questions, comments or and wall posts with in an affable manner. Do not appear to be inactive or rude as your comments are visible to all your Facebook fans.


Promote eBay Store Using YouTube

If you are looking to advertise your products more specifically and in detail using videos then YouTube is the place for you. Youtube is the best possible medium to attract customers by providing detailed information about your products. Customers visit YouTube to get visual experience, watch reviews, video tutorials and also to understand usage instructions of products. If you’re selling complex products which require detailed/visual information to understand more precisely then YouTube may be a compulsion for you to sell more. Youtube works best when you have the resources, time and skill to capture high definition videos. Formulating a good video involves lots of planning like discovering camera angles, movements, backgrounds, lighting, and the tale you’re going to discuss in the video.

Remember not to create low quality videos or videos with poor explanation or editing. Video is an add-on to your brand and considering that reason, your customers should feel the level of proficiency on your YouTube product videos.


Promote eBay Store Using Twitter

Twitter is considered as a great medium for announcing promotions, new products or posting news about the type of items you sell. If you’re just starting to promote using twitter, begin with inviting customers to follow you on twitter. You can do it the same way as mentioned above for Facebook. You will need to engage with people who regularly tweet about topics or products linked to your business. Try to make your posts interesting from the commencement stage only so that customers retweet your posts which in turn can increase sales and establish faith. Build a great customer service reputation by solving queries in a friendly manner, responding quickly to questions, offering special discounts for retweeters like, “Check out the new products in our eBay Store. We’ll provide 10% off to the first 20 people who retweet this.” Learn what potential customers are talking about by searching Twitter hashtags for the products you sell. Hashtags are keywords that regular buyers may use in their twitter search. Your tweets are only seen by your followers but when they are sent to the search via hashtags, it is shown to everyone following that hashtag on twitter. On the left sidebar, twitter displays trending hashtags. Pay attention to Twitter’s suggestions and craft your post including them as they come up with good and regular customers.

Try not to keep a hashtag before/next to the link. It could be confusing to have highlighted links/hashtags next to each other. Don’t spam your followers with tweet after tweet of your eBay listings.

Increase your fan following through social media and boost sales. If you are looking to get a professional eBay store design, email us at [email protected]. Also check our designed eBay stores portfolio.

How to create promotion boxes in eBay shop

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Promotion has always been done for increment in sales and profit. To drive in more sales on your eBay store, you need to promote your products. As we’re talking about eBay, it doesn’t mean to find advertising areas, publicity or other marketing tactics but, to promote products in your eBay store itself.

Check the formulated step by step tutorial below and add promotion boxes in your eBay store or eBay listing template design:

Step 1: Go to Manage Shop and click Promotion Boxes on the left sidebar

Click Promotion Boxes in eBay store

Step 2: Click on “Create New Promotion Box

Click New Promotion Boxes in eBay Store

Step 3: Choose the type as per your requirement and click “Continue

Choose Promotion Boxes Type in eBay Store

Step 4: Select the “Position on Shop page” and click on continue

Select Promotion Boxes Position in eBay Store

Step 5: Select the “Display Type” and “Item Selection Criteria

Select Display Type in eBay Store

Step 6: Give your promotion box a name and preview/save it

Give Name to Promotion Box in eBay Store

Now, you have successfully added promotion box to your eBay store. You can solve other queries by commenting below. If you are looking to get a professional eBay Shop Design, email us at [email protected]. Also check our designed eBay stores here. Follow us on twitter (@infigicdigital) for more updates.

How to add SKU to eBay listings

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There are many eCommerce store owners who sell on various websites like eBay. If you are an eCommerce store owner and sell on ebay as well, then you might need to add SKU in your eBay listing template to easily recognize products of different sizes and colors by the code itself. In order to add SKU to eBay listings, you must have Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro (For more information visit here)

Step 1: Go to eBay and login to your seller account

Login to eBay Seller Account

Step 2: Create a new listing from there and add the suitable category

Create New eBay Listing

Step 3: If that selected category is compatible with variations, you’ll see a tab “List multiple variations of your item”. Under that click “Create variations

Create variations in ebay

Step 4: Then start adding variations. Click “Continue” when done

Add Variations in eBay

Step 5: In the second page you can add “Item specifics” for the product

Add eBay Item Specific Details

Step 6: Here comes the third tab “Variations” where you can add SKU to your product

Add SKU to eBay Product

Step 7: Tick “Add a SKU for your item” and enter the desired SKU then click “Add”. Ebay also allots the SKU automatically. You can also manually enter the SKU label yourself as it is comfortable if you’re selling on multiple channels viz. amazon, big commerce, Shopify or also if you own a Magento store.

Enter desired SKU in eBay Item

Step 8: Now you’ve successfully added the SKU. Complete the remaining sections and save your listing

Now you can jump back to the main listing page to see all your listed variations and add/edit from there only. You can solve your queries by commenting below. If you are looking to get a professional eBay store design, email us at [email protected]. Also check our designed eBay stores here.

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How to add video in eBay listing template [2015]

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While you’re selling on eBay, there are some products for which images aren’t enough for explaining everything in your eBay listing template design and for that reason you need to add (embed) videos in your eBay listings. It is much valuable to add product videos to help you sell more. To add videos in your listing template, you will need to post your video on a video sharing site. Use youtube to add videos in your eBay listing as it’s free and eBay supports it.

There are many other reasons to add videos in eBay listing template:

  • People are more likely to see videos over text
  • It doesn’t take a lot of effort to watch a video than reading the list of specifications
  • 1 Picture = 1000 Words, 1 Video = Everything
  • Videos add personal touch about the product with complete hands-on

Get the right gadget to record HQ videos with proper audio. You can also use a microphone (if needed) which will record audio more clearly and loud enough.

add videos to ebay listing template

Pretty recently, we found out through the google product support forum that Youtube has removed the Youtube old embed code method. As ebay’s policy does not allow Javascript and iFrame, here is a tutorial on how to add video in ebay listing template – update 2015

Step 1: Go to the uploaded Youtube video

Go to Uploaded Youtube Video

Step 2: Go to the Share -> Embed button and click on “Show More

Go to Share -> Embed

Step 3: Select the video size in it

Select video size

Step 4: Check if you want to disable suggested videos when the video finishes

Check show suggested videos

Step 5: Copy the Youtube iFrame code

Copy the Youtube iFrame code

Step 6: Go to Youtube code converter for eBay site and add the Youtube iFrame code in it

Go to Youtube Code converter for ebay

Step 7: Generate the eBay code

If you want to generate responsive/mobile friendly code and make it center aligned then check the respected options highlighted below

Generate eBay Code

You’re ready !

When your edited code is ready with the video, paste it in the respective listing and save. Now, you’ll be able to see the embedded video in that particular listing.

This way, you can add videos to all the necessary listings according to you.

You can ask about your queries by commenting below. If you are looking to get a custom eBay store design and eBay listing template design, you can email us at [email protected]. Follow us on twitter (@infigicdigital) for more updates.

9 tips to increase your eBay store visibility

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All the sellers on eBay aim to be at the peak of the search results for products they’re selling. In such a big competition, the first requisite is to have a professionally designed eBay store as well as ebay listing template for the reason that sellers want their listings in top of the customers who are interested in such products. If there are only a few buyers searching for your products, there isn’t any conjecture that you got 4 page-views. On the way to obtain well-mannered number of page views, the promotion must be moderately active. At eBay, this appears in the form of “Best Match” which’s developed to assist visitors in searching the faithful what product they are in the hunt for: only from sellers that have a higher trust rating.

Search engine optimization (SEO) has for all time been a key factor in any type on digital marketing strategies. This redirects to the question if you can SEO on eBay? There have been a lot of alterations in eBay’s search working over the years. It focuses on customer satisfaction and purchasing assessment to assist buyers in locating products more proficiently. There are no magic tricks or elements which robotically boosts your listings to the crown of eBay’s search results.

However, there are certain key perceptions to reflect on while you’re focusing to build an SEO strategy for eBay. They are as follows:

1. Professional eBay store design and listing templates:

Most of the people have questions about why to design eBay store and listing templates. The foremost requirement to increase your store visibility and enhance customer experience on the store is to have a custom designed eBay store and listing template. An eBay store design and listing template design will give your store a professional look and will make the visitor friendly with your store. This will convert the store visitors and explorers to regular customers.

Professional eBay Store Design

2. List in the correct category:

Ebay strives to facilitate buyers and locate your products by opting for a category and provides the results which best describes their requirement. A seller should be specific while selecting category for the respective product. Be specific, careful and don’t search by the category name. It’s generally a fine plan to select the category with highest bid and page-view counts, be sure that it’s apposite for your product.

List in Correct Category

3. Optimize your titles with “relevant” keywords:

Most of the sellers create attractive eBay titles. Their philosophy is about ways to illustrate their product, add image, format the listing but one thing the sellers not often think is on the subject of creating search friendly listings. Your title should have 3-4 appropriate keywords to bring your product in the search results. You should always double check if you got your title spelled right. The amalgamation of keywords which denote about your product and its specifications is considered as an appropriate title. Title is the chief factor to show your product in the search.

Optimize your titles with “relevant” keywords

4. Put up discount sales on regular basis:

There are several reasons to create sale on eBay listings. Being in a competitive portal, you will need to attract customers and as a result you can offer discounts to attract them. If you are competitive with another seller for identical product and are able to provide a better price than him, you must definitely offer a discount offer to gather in more customers. If a customer gets satisfied by your services, he/she may recommend others to purchase from you. Discount offers always attract customers if relevant.

Put up discount sales on regular basis

5. List multiple products separately:

According to eBay, a seller is able to list multiple products in one fixed price listing. When you create a fixed price listing, you specify a Buy It Now price for each item. Buyers can purchase your items immediately without bidding and waiting for an auction to end. When selling multiple items at a fixed price, it pays to choose a longer duration, such as 10-day, 30-day, or good till cancelled.

List multiple products separately

6. Auctions:

When you apply for auctions, you’ll be given many choices including sell for a fixed price, selling various matching products and in categories you can situate a hidden minimum-selling price. The format of auction is flexible.


7. Fill in all of your product specifics:

While creating a listing on eBay it is necessary to fill in all of your product specifics. This helps the customer to gain information as much as possible according to his requirement. This indirectly improves the search rankings as it could match the keywords. Fill in the attributes as much as you can accurately so that you provide the appropriate and best to the customer.

Fill in all of your product specifics

8. Answer your eBay messages in less than 24 hours:

The customers may leave messages for you to solve some queries. It is essential to answer their questions positively the moment possible to increase trust for after sales services. If you answer behind schedule, the purchase might be done from some other seller till then and your trust rate may dwindle.

Answer your messages in 24 hours

9. Mobile responsive:

As noticed, 70% of the eCommerce purchases are done from mobile devices. Therefore it becomes necessary for you to design eBay store and customize mobile responsive templates. A mobile responsive store has high end width design display among complete categories navigation, optimized and compressed graphics for quicker page loading and perked up browser compatibility.

Mobile responsive

Regrettably there isn’t any surefire formula to achieve a good position in search results. Still, striving to best quality and service to customers is the key trick for optimizing ratings and trust thereby improving the ranks consistently with good business practices with an intention to maximize sales along with customer satisfaction. Another thing that strikes in order to sell more is demand for a product. You should perform an accurate market research regarding demand for products that you are selling.

You can suggest some more tips by commenting below. Follow us on twitter(@infigicdigital) for more updates. If you are looking to get a custom eBay store design or eBay listing template design, you can email us at [email protected]. Our team would reach out to you instantly !

3 most effective ways to write an eBay product description

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As great an opportunity there is for eBay store owners to sell their products on eBay, so is the severe competition. Amid this intensely competitive market, the best way to advertise your product is by writing an effective eBay product description that is informative and electrifies the buyer. A precise and accurate product description highlights the benefits and allows the features to take a back seat. Moreover it portrays a crystal clear picture of your product and boosts the chances of a buyer finding, buying or auctioning your product.

The key to make a visitor become a customer on eBay a perfect product description. In this blog we highlight 3 most effective ways to write an eBay product description this helping you get more buyers to your storefront.

1. Write about the benefits

Before writing the description you must know the best qualities of the product. Along with that the store owner should have thorough knowledge about the target audience. Often the audience doesn’t know the intrinsic details of the product. Highlight the benefits of the product rather than the features. Suppose you are selling a computer and it belong to a reputed company. How will you make the listing compelling enough to convince the visitor that he should buy from you? Peep into the owner’s manual and write down the features. Instead of highlighting facts such as its configuration, specific feature that makes the product different from others, advanced technology that is newly fitted, concentrate on noting down the benefits that a user gets by buying that computer.

Write about the benefits

2. Know the audience

There are two types of audience on eBay, one who has all knowledge about the product while the other is a complete layman. An effective description on eBay speaks to the needs of both these classes.

Suppose for above example, writing a description “fast hard drives, so that your precious data is never lost even when the system crashes” suffices for a non-technical customer but not for a hard-core computer geek. He would be interested in the configuration, graphics and other technical details.

The best descriptions first highlight the benefits followed by the point-wise feature listings from which the benefits are derived. To check the features dig into the user manual or the manufacturer’s website.

Know the audience

3. What is your customer expecting?

Place yourself in customer’s shoes and read the listings as if you were a customer. Before writing the product description do an audience analysis to know the needs and fears of the potential customers. This helps in understanding their mindset. A set of 4 questions every eBay store owner should ask himself before creating a listing include:

  • Who are my potential customers?
  • Why do they want to buy the item?
  • How much acquainted are they with the product?
  • How do I write a description that gives them a strong reason to buy from me?

Once you have a clear idea about these 4 questions, writing the product description will be a breeze.

What is your customer expecting

Apart from reaching out to the target audience, you need to compete against other buyers in your category and stand out among them. As an audience, when given too many options, which product will you be most attracted to, the one with technical details or the one with a balance between features and benefits?

Make the description a place where you can bond personally with the probable buyer. Write in a friendly way as if you’re talking to the reader. The day you understand the reason which makes a person buy your product, you’ll beat all competition and be the best.

Would you like to give some more suggestions? Kindly comment below. :)

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7 strategies to update and optimize your ebay store

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You’ve opened an ebay store and its running quite well. Now, certain variations are bound to happen in the course of business. Similarly the pricing policies, product images, product description etc may also need a makeover.

Updating your online store timely will help you to match up the current trends and keep ahead of others.

Implementing these 7 tips on your store will make sure that your online store is not left behind.

If you are looking to get custom eBay store design or ebay listing template design, you can email us at [email protected] Our team reach out to you instantly!


6 tips to boost your eBay shop on social media

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Social media when used correctly has an immense potential of driving traction, sales, learning about their behavior and interacting with existing and potential customers. The only thing required is in-depth knowledge about each channel, knowledge about the target audience and understanding about how to use each social network. Once you understand the behavior of the users on social media, it can be used as a powerful tool to gain new users, establish yourself as a thought leader and drive in more sales.

Here are 6 powerful ways to best use social media to boost your eBay shop’s presence:

1. Use social media to know your audience better and customize the experience accordingly

First find out the social channels being used by the audience and potential customers and optimize it accordingly. If your shop is selling industry machinery, a powerful presence on professional network such as LinkedIn helps while if you’re selling party dresses, it makes sense to use Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Each group of audience uses a different unique channel to connect with a brand so rather than emulating the formula which worked for a brand or industry niche, experiment, research and find out the network that suits your eBay shop the best.

Use social media

2. Target specific audience to gain new traffic

Paid ads have worked wonders for many shop’s in nitro-boosting their visibility. So if you sell jewelry on your eBay shop, targeting the women users between a certain age group and in a certain locality would yield far better results. Getting qualified leads who’ll get converted into customers can be achieved through targeting a specific audience group.

Target specific audience

3. Abide by relevance and consistency

Sharing useful content on social media to address the customer’s pain points will help your posts gain more shares and likes thereby expanding the reach of your business page. Be it posts from your blog or curating industry posts, ensure that the content is not spammer and will be useful to the users.

The best way to optimize the ideal time for your network would be by testing the time when most of your users are online. Study the statistics and frequency of posts that get the maximum shares. Try posting two posts per day for your Twitter handle for a week, the following week post 3 tweets and so on until you get to know the frequency that reverberates the maximum with the audience.

Abide by relevance

4. Take aid of content, videos, presentations and memes

Make your Facebook business page entertaining; use the right elements of information and fun to deliver the message to the audience. For example create a meme with a funny punch tag or include entertaining videos that reflect your brand culture.

Interacting with fans adds a personal touch and also helps in selling. People are curious to know about your brand and the people behind them, showcase it and gain the users trust.

Posts with pictures get more shares on Twitter. So include relevant images, meme’s and infographics. In case of contests, ask the users to Tweet about it and find innovative ways to spread the word about your shop.

Take aid of content

5. Measure each campaign

Apart from the number of users, measuring their engagement gives a true idea about the health of your business page on social networks.

The number of likes, shares and comments shows the type of posts that the customers interact the maximum with, hence streamline the post sharing accordingly.

Measure each campaign

6. Listen to your audience and their issues

Customers often use social media to vent out complaints and dissatisfactions in customer service, use Google Alerts to check every mention of your company. If the user is complaining, ensure that it is solved immediately, if they are posting inquiries, reply to them within 24 hours.

Social media helps your eBay shop in boosting sales, enhancing customer relations and improving visibility. For the eBay shop owners, the best way to highlight your shop is by understanding the customer’s requirements and their interactions on social media.

Listen to your audience

This blog was originally posted on Tamebay

4 Tips to create actionable Auction Titles for your eBay Store

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The space provided for auction title on eBay is 55 characters. You pay for it and therefore you should use it to full extent. People wont even bother to get in, if your eBay store does not have an attractive title. Similarly, auction title must be such that customers feel the urge to browse through the product.

Below Slide deck will help you create fantastic titles for auctions and enhance your eBay store design

If you are looking to get a custom eBay store design or eBay listing template design, you can email us at [email protected]. Our team would reach out to you instantly !

How to create Magnetic eBay Listing Descriptions?

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Your description must be such that it leaves the reader in awe and prompts him to purchase the product or at least have a detailed look at the product. You don’t have to be a pro to create excellent descriptions. Just make sure that you Include more positive listings, relevant details and neatly stitch a story around it. This will surely arouse a feeling of interest in your customers and lead you to success.

Following these 3 tips will surely help you to a great extent:

1. Your Competitors are your Teachers

Carry on a detailed study about the heading, photos, text, colors, description that your competitors are using. Its perfectly fine until and unless you are copying them.

Your Competitiors are your Teachers

2. Design a fabulous eBay Listing Template

Take the help of an experienced eBay store designer to design your eBay listing template. He will have a better knowledge about the theme, color and typefaces that would match your eBay store.

Design eBay Listing Template

3. Expertise lies in your experience

Try to put in your experience as a subject matter of expert in the description. People would appreciate the extra details which you have added and makes shoppers feel better about placing a bid or making a purchase.

Putting in some extra details according to your experience will add credits to the products. The shoppers will feel better about placing a bid or purchasing.

Expertise lies in your experience

Would you like to give some more suggestions? Kindly comment below. 🙂

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