6 Tips to Enhance your eBay Store in 2015

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2015 – New Year, New resolutions, New outlook…. With the onset of a brand new year, every young company is looking forward to take their business to the next level or probably to greater heights.

A Positive outlook and a broad mindset can definitely help the developing stores to capture the market and increase their turnover and revenue.

Here are top 6 tips that will surely increase your ebay presence for the year ahead.

1. Start Slowly

Most of the sellers online don’t have a business background and they start listing huge amount of goods at a time. This is the basic mistake that every startup store should avoid. Before taking the big leap, start with a few listings and limited number of items.

Start Slowly

2. Product Listing is the Key

The most common mistakes that sellers make is regarding the photos, descriptions and terms. Providing vague descriptions and using terms that are obsolete is sure to confuse the customer and spoil his shopping experience. Providing Professional eBay listing template can give a more personalized look to your store which would help to increase the conversion rate and sales.

Product Listing is the Key

3. Customer is the King

Providing excellent Customer services must be the top priority of any ebay store owner. Positive reviews from the customers will add more value to the business compared to low ratings. Therefore, make sure you win every customer. Ultimately, a happy Customer will lead to a happy you…!!!

Customer is the King

4. Always Provide Free Shipping

Buyers don’t want shipping cost to come in between their shopping journey. Any seller should definitely understand this and remove some or all of the shipping cost. Moreover, delivering the goods on time or before time will surely bring a smile on your Customer’s face.

Provide Free Shipping

5. Step into the Shoes of a Customer

To know what the customer wants, you must become one. You can garner a great deal of information by meticulously studying the needs and wants of a customer. Understanding what your customer is looking for is the only way to foster the needs of your customers.

Step into Shoes of Customer

6. Create a Customized eBay Store Page

Creating a branded store page can set you apart as a seller and give you an opportunity to highlight your specific products. Here are some examples of custom ebay store design by us.

Case Collection - Homepage

If you are looking to get a custom eBay store design, you can email us at [email protected]. Our team would reach out to you instantly !

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4 Tips to make your eBay HTML Template stand out from the crowd

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Ebay html templates are the design elements that you might have noticed some sellers using to differentiate their ebay store from the competition.

Many sellers who are new to eBay don’t bother using them, and you might not have either However, If you want to really make a really good impression on your buyers and give a professional touch to your ebay store. This is a must !

Here are a few tips if you have decided to design ebay html template :

Choose a suitable design for your store

Make sure the design which you are using is in line with what you are selling in your store. A flowery image or an image downloaded from google and edited might now give a professional look to your store. You can check out how we have created a html ebay template for Pedalbits.

Design for Store

Responsive ebay store design template

With the increased usage of mobile phones and tablets, you need to ensure that you should create a responsive ebay design template that would squeeze as per the devices.

Also ensure that the ebay template is designed in such a way that it is able to show case the description of the products in a neat and professional way.

Case Collection - Homepage

Professional Logo for ebay store

A professional ebay logo design gives a professional touch to your ebay store, especially if the color scheme and look fits in with the rest of the template, and it also serves to create more recognition when people have seen your auctions before.

Case Collection Logo

Font types & sizes

Fonts are supposed to be different sizes and dimensions based on the type of the store you sell. For important information, different type of font designs and sizes can be used for your ebay listing template design.

Font Types and Size

If you are looking to get a professional ebay template design, you can email us at [email protected]. Our team would reach out to you instantly !



How to Change Banner on eBay Store

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Regularly updating your ebay store and changing images frequently will make your store look more attractive and lively.

We will guide you through the steps of making changes on your banner page:

Step 1:

To edit ebay listings, go to “My ebay and select “Sell

Go to My eBay - Sell

Step 2:

Click on default product template under the heading “Sell with a template” and select “Start selling

Start Selling

Step 3:

Now you can make necessary changes on the page titled “Edit your listing”. You may like to change the caption, Image description or even change the banner images.

Edit Your Listing

Step 4:

In order to change the banner image, select the particular image and copy the URL of that image.

Now paste it in the HTML version of template design between “<img> </img>

HTML Version of Design

This way you can make multiple changes to your ebay storefront.

If you have any queries, do comment below.

Infigic is an eCommerce development agency, providing custom eBay store design and eBay listing template design services. If you are looking to design your eBay store, you can email us at [email protected]. Our team would reach out to you instantly !

How to “Edit exclusion list” in your eBay Store?

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Step 1:

Sign in to “My eBay” and click on “Account Settings

Account Setting

Step 2:

Under Account settings click on “Site prefrences

Site Preferences

Step 3:

Under “Site Preferences” there will be a sub category called “Selling preferences > Shipping preferences”

Shipping Preference

Step 4:

Click Edit and after making your selections, you can check the box to Apply to All Current Listings

If you have any queries, do comment below. 🙂

If you are looking to get a professional eBay listing template design, you can email us at [email protected]. Our team would reach out to you instantly !


How to Change eBay Return Policy?

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Return Policies

It is a fact that buyers prefer to purchase from sellers who offer a return policy rather than from those who don’t.

Return policies are framed in case if the customer has a change of mind regarding purchase or if the product does not meet the customer requirements. Framing an effective return policy will help your store sell better and increase the no. of customers.

Revising Return Policy

It becomes mandatory to revise your return policy based on the market conditions and product life.

Many ebay store owners have had this doubt as to –How to change or revise ebay return policy?

Here is a step by step guide which will clear all your doubts:

Step 1:

Go to “My eBay” and click on “Sellings

My eBay

Step 2:

Click on “More Actions” –> “Revise

Click on Revise Button

Step 3:

Go to “Edit Your Listing”. Under the heading- “Add Other Details” select “Edit Selected Policy

Edit Selected Policy

Step 4:

Select “Returns Accepted”. Further change date and select “Seller”( under return postage will be paid by) and then click “Save and Close”.

Edit Return Policy

Step 5:

Click on “Save and Close” and then click on “Confirm” button.

Confirm and Save Changes

There you go..!! Your policy has been revised..

Infigic is an ecommerce development agency, providing professional eBay store design and ebay listing template design services. If you are looking to design your ebay store, do get in touch with us today!

How do I Remove the Newsletter from my eBay Shop ?

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If you are an ebay shop owner, and would like to remove your newsletter from your ebay store design

Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

Step 1:

Go to manage my shop

Manage my Shop

Step 2:

Click on Promotion boxes

Step 3:

Remove newsletter

Remoce Newsletter

Infigic is an ecommerce agency, providing custom eBay store design and ebay template design services. If you are looking to design your ebaystore, do get in touch with us today !

Can’t Revise Listing Descriptio​ns in eBay Store and they come up in HTML only? Your Problem is Resolved

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Lot of the ebay store owners come to us with the issue “Why have my listings change to HTML when I try to revised them” ?

So here is the issue, If you have updated windows to windows 8.1 you may have to upgrade your “Internet Explorer” to put ebay pages in compatibility mode in order to see your listings.

Here are the simple steps you need to follow :

Step 1:

Open Internet Explorer go to www.ebay.com

Step 2:

Then find your tools icon (the little gear) and click on “Compatibility View Settings

Compatibility View Settings

Step 3:

Open the dialog box and click on the “add” button click on it then close and “Internet Explorer” will automatically refresh.

Click Add Button

Your problem is resolved !

Infigic is an ecommerce agency, providing ebay shop design and ebay listing template design services. If you are looking to design your ebay store, do get in touch with us today !

How to Sell on eBay? Beginners Guide

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Ebay is an awesome platform to sell your brand new as well as used goods. Every small company wishes to own an eBay store. You, as an individual can also set up eBay store and can sell on ebay by following these step by step guidelines:

Step 1:

Open the website of eBay. If you are new to eBay, click on “Register

If you have already registered, “Sign in” your ID and password

Click on Sign In or Register

Step 2:

Fill in the details and click on the “Submit” button.

A pop-up window will confirm the email that you have selected for your account.

Just check it and click on “Continue

Fill Details and Submit

Step 3:

Now you will return to your homepage. Click on “Sell” at the top of the screen and open the page titled “Update your information

Fill in the required details and click on “Continue

Open Update your Information

Step 4:

Now you will see a page wherein you can start listing your items for sale. Type the name of the item and click “GET STARTED

Get Strated Selling

Step 5:

A new page will appear asking you the details about your product like- title, description, image, condition, specifications etc.

Once you have filled in all details, click “List with displayed fees

A window will ask you if you want to edit your listing. After making necessary changes click on “Continue

List with Displayed Fees

Step 6:

If you are registering for the first time, they will ask a few more details and lead you to the payment procedure because the website charges a small fee for selling items on ebay.

If you have sold products before, you will be taken to the following page:

Sold Product Before

Step 7:

You can click on “Track your listing in My ebay to see if anyone is bidding for or buying your item. My ebay will help you keep a track of all the details and questions about your item via email.

Step 8:

You will receive an email from ebay the moment you sell an item.

Now go back to ‘My ebay’ and click “SOLD

You need to send your buyer an invoice. So click “Send payment details

Step 9:

You will get a confirmation email from PayPal. To check whether the amount has been credited, go to the website and login to your PayPal account. Click “Withdraw” and then Withdraw funds to your bank account to transfer the payment to your bank account.

Withdraw Funds

Step 10:

Once you’ve sent your item, go back to “My eBay” and click “Sold“. Click “More actions” on the right-hand side of the screen and further click click “Mark as dispatched“, which will let the buyer know that the item has been sent.

If you have any queries, do comment below.

Infigic is an eCommerce development agency, providing custom eBay store design and eBay listing template design services. If you are looking to design your eBay store, you can contact us. Our team would reach out to you instantly !

How to Revert Back to Old Store Design on eBay?

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Ebay has recently incorporated/Integrated a new store design which is a brand new setup with many features and advantages.

Here, apart from the domestic listings, the foreign listings will also be visible on your store. This has become more confusing for the sellers. While the old design displayed only the actual no. of items available worldwide.

To avoid the present confusion, we recommend you to switch over to the old design. Following steps will help you change your settings:

Step 1:

Login to your “My eBay” pageClick On My eBay

Step 2:

Under “Account” go to “Manage My Store

Manage My Store

Step 3:

In the left sidebar under “Store Design” select “Edit Store

Edit Store

Step 4:

At the right corner select “Revert back to old Store

Revert Back to the Old Store

This way you can revert back to old store design on ebay. If you have any queries, do comment below!

Infigic is an eCommerce development agency, providing custom eBay store design and eBay listing template design services. If you are looking to design your eBay store, you can email us at [email protected]. Our team would reach out to you instantly !


5 Reasons why you should have an eBay Store

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If you are planning to venture into online business and still unsure of which ecommerce cart or ecommerce solution to choose from, this blog would help you to answer some of those questions which you might have in your mind. Also, if you have an ecommerce store and looking to add an additional sales channel, ebay would surely help to increase your ecommerce store sales.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have an ebay store :

1.Cloud based hosting tool


eBay hosts your site on their safe and secure cloud platform and provides you with a unique store URL, a shopping cart, and an easy-to-use tool to manage your store. Ebay now also gives you an option to design a professional ebay store. Here are some ebay store design examples


2.No upfront Investment


eBay stores are a great way to get a feel whether selling online is your cup of tea or not. With a very less upfront investment, you can test the waters without committing a lot of your money or time. The cost is only $16.95 a month and the first thirty days are free—a pretty safe investment.


eCommerce Store


3.Ready Customer base


Ebay has more than 250 million customers, with your store at ebay, you are already in front of customers who are ready to buy. Ebay takes care of search engine optimization for you—making sure you will be listed with Google and Bing. With lot of education material and support from ebay at “No extra cost” you can start becoming a pro seller.

eBay Tool Box

4.Advanced Marketing Tools


Ebay comes in with latest and advanced marketing tools like Newsletter to keep your eBay store in front of your customers. Also with RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) once you switch it on, all your buyers have to do is subscribe to it, and every time you upload new products in your store or up for auction, they’ll get an update telling them what you’ve added. Interesting, isn’t it ?



So, if you have made your mind to start your ebay store, then may be you should read our blog  http://www.infigic.com/5-things-to-be-kept-in-mind-while-designing-your-ebay-store-design/ to get started !


If you are looking to get a professional ebay store design, you can email us at [email protected]. Our team would reach out to you instantly !