6 points to be considered before you start your eBay Store Business

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The easiest way to start your ebay store business is to grab the web. Before starting a business on ebay store, there are some points you must keep in mind so that you can achieve your target well.



 1. Registration-The first step to start your eBay Store Business

First and the foremost thing is to register on ebay. It gives you the opportunity to participate in bidding as well as further create your own business profile and chance to start your ebay store business.



start your ebay store business

2. Choose relevant User Id

You need to choose a unique user id to represent your business. There would be suggestions available, but you can go for what you make you feel comfortable as it is your brand identity to your prospective buyers.



user id and password


3. Confirm your registration

Upon signing up successfully, you will receive email. Follow the instruction as specified in the mail. You are now registered with ebay and ready to setup your seller’s account.


conform your email account

4. Set up seller’s account

To set up a seller’s account click on the “sell” link that appears at the top of any ebay page. You will be providing your debit card or credit card and checking account information here. Simultaneously you will choose the way in which you wish to pay your eBay fees. Be sure you won’t be charged anything until you post any item for sale.

 Seller's registration


5. Get your id verified

The id verification option can be used instead of credit card information. It is mandatory if you don’t have a credit card. Getting your id verified will give you an ID verified icon on your feedback profile. It will help in giving more confidence to eBay community to trust in you and buy from you. It will also allow to send feedback information to you.



verify your id


6. Provide online Banking

PayPal is a feature that allows you to accept online payments. It is an additional facility that you can provide to your buyers. It helps in increasing conveniences among buyers so sign up at www.paypal.com and make it your preferred payment option in your item listing.

online banking, paypal

That’s all you are done with starting your ebay store.

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Best wishes!



How to set up your eBay Store on holiday mode

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With the Christmas holidays nearing up, lot of ebay store owners would be putting their business on hold.  To set up your ebay store on holiday mode is very easy. When you put your store on holiday mode your listings would not be visible in the searches and customers cannot buy from your store. The listings are in a hidden mode, so once you come back from the holidays, you can switch off the holiday mode and everything will be back to normal.

There are no additional fees for Holiday mode, you will be charged normal store fees only.


Here is a step by step visual guide on how to set up your eBay store on holiday mode :


Step 1. Click the Messages tab in My eBay

How to set up your ebay store on holiday mode first step for ebay


Step 2. Select the Change settings link on the top right side of the page.


step 2 for putting your store on holiday mode


Step 3.  In the Store holiday settings section, select Turn ON.

Also, there are 2 option :

1.If would like to hide your listings and customers from making purchases from them while you’re away, select Hide and block purchases from my fixed price listings.

2.If you’d like customers to see a return date, select Display a return date, and enter a date in the box provided.

 In the Message to display on your ebay shop front section, edit the default text displayed in the textbox if you would like to customize it.

When turning on holiday settings, the seller has the option to add a personalized message, such as, “We are on a Christmas holiday until Jan 5th and our store will reopen on Jan 6th.“


step 3 for putting your ebay store on holiday mode

Step 4. Click the Apply button.



Always remember unshipped items can have a negative effect on the seller feedback, so ensure that you have set your store on a holiday mode before you head on to your vacation.


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7 Tips to improve your eBay Listing

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Product listing is the gateway to success on ebay. Buyers spend maximum time on listing and based on the listing the buyer decides whether to hit the BUY button or not.

Here are 7 tips to improve your ebay listing :

1. Selecting the best Category

Check out ebay’s categories to see which category would work out for your product. Also, do take a look at the competing products that has been placed. It’s always better to put your product in two categories this will help you to reach out to more number of customers.


improving your ebay listing


2. Descriptive title 

For writing an effective title, you get 55 characters, so ensure that you utilize every single word there. Always use words in your title which describes what a user is searching for.

For example : Try using brand name, style, size and color


descriptive title for improving your ebay listing


3. Offer freebies

The word Free rings the bell for everyone. Try giving freebies like gift wrapping, express shipping or may be small freebies like a Mouse pad when someone buys a laptop. This would make your listing stand out against the competition.


offer freebies, free service, gift service


4. Use appealing photos

Research says that product with more than 2 photos has 12% more chances to sell. The better your images and product look, the more valuable they appear. Try to pick separate photographs of your products, sometimes combining photos of the products lead to confusion. Also use a professional background, good lighting and ensure that you use variety of angles in your product pictures.

apeealing product photography ebay design cutomization ring diamond


5. Description should help you sell

The product description should be your sales weapon. Always include the brand, technical details of the product. For more description check our blog .


ebay description for ebay selling


6. Shipping information

Your product listing should have the shipping information so that the customer doesn’t get any shocks when he reaches the shopping cart. Shipping carts have been major reasons for shipping cart abandonments. Always include your flat handling fee, include the U.S. Postal Shipping Calculator, or otherwise clearly indicate shipping costs in your listings.

shipping and detailed information ebay


7. Include a return policy

If you providing returns or exchanges, you need to clearly state this in the product description. Returns and Exchanges give your customers a lot of confidence while placing orders at your store.

return and exchange policy for ebay by infigic

I am sure these ebay listing tips would help your product listing shine. If you have any ideas do share with us below.


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5 Ways to save time and be more productive while managing your eBay Store

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As an ebay store owner, i am sure you would always be crunched for time. Lot of ebay store owners, have  asked me how to be  faster and efficient at managing ebay business?

To get the best out of your day, you’re going to need a few good strategies, a collection of tools, and a focused approach at work.

Here are 5 ways to save time and be more productive while managing your ebay store :

1. Set a schedule


Managing your ebay store with your timing and let not non business activities distract you. Keep up a schedule for all your activities. For example, try responding to your buyers query between 10 to 11 a.m., setup a time with your courier company for getting the pickup & shipping managed. This would make your sure that you complete all your task perfectly.


set a schedule to manage your ebay store


2. Write a daily to do list


Before you start your day make up a note stating what you would actually do today. Try to list and have times set for the activities and unplanned tasks that pop up.Try using Pomodoro apps or tools like Evernote to manage your todos.


to do list to manage your ebay store


3. Take advantage of eBay’s listing tools


Every ebay store comes up with the eBay tool wizard  (http://pages.ebay.com/sell/toolrecommendations.html)

Seller tools such as Turbo Lister and seller manager help to make your business more efficient.


turbo lister for ebay

4. Consider hiring a trading or virtual assistant

When your ebay business starts expanding you might probably not be able to manage your growing business single hand. Hence  you can consider hiring a trading or a virtual assistant  so that you can manage your work & home easily. It helps to free up your time and at the same time let your business grow.


trading assistance for ebay

5. Share your plan with your team


Let your team know what is your goal and plan to reach the goal so that they can assist you in a convenient way. Let the people around you know your timing and dedication to work so that you won’t be interrupted by them.


working in team to make your ebay store successful



Do you have any amazing time-saving tips that other ebay store owners might want to know? Share your productivity hacks in the comments.


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3 Reasons to use eBay HTML Template

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Whether you are a brand new ebay store owner or a seasoned ebay store owner, eBay HTML template give you a competitive edge when competing against much bigger brands with deeper wallets. In this blog post, we’ll share 3 reasons to get your ebay listing designed:


1. Make your store stand out

To make your ebay store look more interesting, ebay offers you customization options with unlimited font sizes, styles and colors in a color palate of over 1000 colors.

Find out the right ebay store design & ebay template designer who can help you design your store as per your brand identity.

pedalbits, cycle accessories online, listing  ebay, ebay HTML  template


2. No HTML knowledge

Softwares like Auctiva, Turbolister, Sellbrite  have made the entire listing process easy,  there is no need of having any prior HTML knowledge to create your product listings.


no html, listing tools help ebay store,


3. Simple Copy-paste


All that is needed is a simple word style interface which can help you get started. All that you need to do is to copy, paste and customize whatever layout you need from the net, and your site is ready. If you are well versed with html, you can also directly modify your auction template using html.


Copy paste, easy ebay listing, ebay

If you have any questions around your ebay template design do drop in a comment below.

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How to optimize your eBay Store Template for Google?

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Very few ebay store owners explore the potential of optimizing their ebay store template despite the fact that over 80% of online shoppers do a prior research on google before purchasing the product.

Here are some tips that could put your eBay store into the rankings that matter.

1. Add Metatags in your ebay store template

Even though the human eye won’t find the Metatags but search engines always are on the eye for meta tags. You have to optimize your ebay store template and ebay html template with meta tags.

meta tags used for ebay store template


2. Choose your keywords carefully

 The best way to select the keywords is to put yourself in the place of your customers and decide what words would you search for while looking for the product. To help you find useful keywords it would be worth using google.com/adwords, you can use the google keywords planner to find out what people are searching for. Once you shortlist the keywords you can use these words in your titles, item descriptions and even your store URL and eBay ID if you can. It also worth keeping in mind that search engines will give importance to words in titles and also ones in bold.

use of key word for your ebay store template SEO 


3. Add Custom Pages in your ebay Store


Custom pages are broadly used to share more information about your products, and company related information to the customer. These are pages within your store that you can create and enter unique content to show promotions, showcase an item or give details about your business.

 ebay store design for accessories



4. About Me Page

About me page is a page that sellers underutilize, ebay store owners can optimize this page by adding keywords, linking it to the store and even promote affiliate links.

Ebay store design for military products




5. Write ebay reviews and guides

Writing ebay guide is a great way to position yourself as thought leaders and share information, Also it is a great way of getting links from ebay which will potentially attract more visitors to your listings and stores. eBay recommends using “search tags” on these pages to show what topics and content are revealed in your content and to make your content visible to the search engines.

  • Tip : Don’t forget to include a link to your listing or store!

ebay guides and infigic blog


I am sure these tips will surely help you to improve get traffic to your ebay store and increase sales.  What other ideas have you implemented to optimize your ebay store template ?


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5 Points to be considered while writing an eBay Description

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Ebay is a crowded marketplace, every second day there is a new seller in the market who opens up a store with the same product which you intend to sell.

Grabbing the attention of the buyer and converting into a sale is an uphill battle.

Writing an ebay description is one of the most important aspect while selling your product on ebay. A buyer keenly goes through the description of the product before buying the product especially the ones which has technical implications. 

Below are  5 points to be considered while writing a product description for your ebay store :


1. Make the description interesting to read

The best descriptions are clear, catchy and to the point. Ensure that you are writing an ebay description in a conversation language.


interesting product description for writing an  ebay description


 2.Provide Technical Details

Technical knowledge shows the real knowledge of the item. Provide every technical detail you know while writing product description, including the details of the manufacturer, where and when it was made, its history, and any other details which you can add on about the product.

technical information for writing an  ebay description


3. Take a pic of the original product description

Try to take a picture of the original description of the product and upload that along with the product. This would give make the buyers more comfortable about the product which they intend to buy.For example: If you are a mobile accessories ebay store, you can take a picture of the product description of the charger and publish it online.

Take a pic of the original product description

 4. Leave nothing out of your description

Even though while writing an ebay description, sometimes it  may look long enough, but do not try to skip information. The buyer would surely appreciate the extra hard work which you have put in to describe the details about the product.


full product description


5. Use FAQs in writing an ebay description


Do try to add in a FAQ section about the product, generally there might a list of questions which you might get for specific products. This would help to make a lot of questions which the buyer will have in his mind.


Add FAQ to your ebay description




Want to ask a question of suggest a topic for a future? Tweet @Infigic or comment below to let us know!


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9 Things you need to do while getting started on eBay Business

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Starting an ebay store can be little daunting. Before you plunge into the game, it is better that you do some solid preparation to ensure things are in place.

Here are nine to-dos that you should  have in place before you start your ebay store :

Step 1: Identify your Target audience

The first thing before getting started on ebay is to do an analysis of your target audience for the product which you are planning to sell.

   Tip :


Target audience


Step 2: Outsmart the competition

 Closely observe what your competition is doing, try to see which products have the most ratings, what is moving fast. Try to observe their weak links and play around that.


Out smart the competition


Step 3: Getting started on eBay with the right product & vendor

 This is going to be a make and break decision for your business. Try finding the product which has a huge potential market at ebay, also identify the vendor who is able to understand about your new venture and is cooperative enough to give some help in terms of product exchanges & credit.


Tip : Try having some back up vendors. You never know who may come handy during the rainy day J


getting started on ebay product


Step 4: Start Small, Think Big

 It always good to dream big, but all the big ideas started small especially the ones where there is less funds available in bank.So, it’s better to take small steps and move forward. Slow pace but persistence can surely help you grow your business in a short time

Think big start small


Step 5: Chart out a B-Plan


Though, its one more ebay store, but its your “Business”

So like any other business,  Before getting started on ebay, Create a B-plan with:



3)Goals & Objectives

4)How your ebay store is different?

5)What are your strengths and weakness ?

6)Marketing Plan

7)Sales Plan

8)Operations Plan

Try to be as detailed as possible and slowly you will find out fixes for some of the key things which you missed out while planning about your business.


Chart out a Business Plan


Step 6: Expand your business

Being a small business, you need to decide how much money you need to spend on inventory vs marketing.Do set goals for Sales – Weekly, Monthly and Quarterly.A close review of the goals will help you to keep a tab on where the business is heading to.


Time for expansion of ebay


Step 7: Make it Legal

 After you have a hit quite a number in sales, it is better to make your business legal.Try to meet a lawyer, get the paperwork done and establish the business legally.


make your ebay business legal


Step 8: Create a system

 Once you see that the business is regular, you can systematize a lot of things.You can bring in processes for each of the tasks from sending emails to feedbacks to following up with vendors. In the end, you want to make your business scalable. Isn’t it ?


Create system Automation



Step 9: Never give up

 This is the most important part of the business cycle. There would be times when things would look scary, the sales doomed and marketing cycle broken, but this is the actual test of entrepreneurship and your grit.Do not stop until you succeed. Keep working till the time you find a break through.


never give up on getting started with your ebay store


 I’d love to hear your questions on getting started on ebay and answer your questions — please share them in the comments section below.


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5 Tips for building a successful eBay Store

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There are just so many ebay stores out there, that sometimes it can prove kind of difficult to differentiate a good one from a poor one, especially if you are in highly competitive category.  The biggest challenge is customers want low prices, so we end up lowering our prices, but that ends up hitting our profit margins.

Instead of blindly trying to beat them at the pricing game, we have to figure out better ways to provide a unique experience for our customers while shopping at our store

Here are 5 best tips to build a successful eBay store that would help you to stand out from the competition:


1. Unique Product Descriptions


TYR Diamondback Solid Female Royal   Zappos.com Free Shipping BOTH Ways

Image Source : Zappos.com

A great product description is one of the most important features needed for an effective product page alongside user reviews, images, and delivery information.

If you don’t give customers good information, they’ll go to competitor’s sites, or even to the manufacturer’s site to find what they need to know.

Bonus tip: 

  • Use bullet points
  • Provide high-quality photos, with a white background with the product taking up at least 80% of the image
  • Use a lot of keywords in your product descriptions. This would help your products rank higher in the searches

2. Delivering a superheroic level of customer value. 

In a fiercely competitive market, you have to provide value that goes beyond pricing. Keeping your inventory updated, Providing Flexible Shipping Options and providing product related support before purchase and post purchase would lead to a superior customer experience.

Bonus Tip:

A small freebie along with your product would work like a charm 

3. Providing a personalized ebay store experience


When a personalized experience is given to a user, it creates a connection with the store. It shows them that the store is interested in their individual needs. This is what will turn visitors into repeat customers!

ebay provides a great platform for store owners to personalize their ebay store front as well as ebay listing templates.

4. Encourage Customer ratings

Consumer-driven ratings and reviews work like a peer proof for new users while shopping at your store. They provide assurance to the customer during the decision-making process, relieving them from any doubts, which they might have. They also help consumers find products that best fit their needs and help guarantee a more satisfying shopping experience.

Bonus Tip:

Send a follow-up email a few weeks after a purchase to request a review.

5. Go Social

Social media is now an integral part of almost every consumer’s online habit. Integrating Social media with your ebay store can not only help you to boost your store sales but also it can work as an extension of customer service, a way to build brand awareness, a place to improve customer engagement and a way to gain insight into what your customers care about. Ultimately, all of these things can contribute to a rise in overall sales.


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