Food Delivery App Development Cost & Features

In today’s world, the trend for online food delivery apps is on the rise. The services of delivering food at people’s doorstep have made our lives so much easier. This is the main reason why most of the entrepreneurs are focusing on how to make a food delivery app. But food delivery mobile app development costs can prove to be a big hurdle if you don’t have knowledge in this area. So, let’s take a look at how much on demand food delivery app development can cost you in the long run.

How Do Online Food Delivery Apps Work?

The first step for any app is to collaborate with owners of restaurants and cafes so that customers have access to a wide variety of cuisines. The app’s home screen displays a list of restaurants from where the customers can order the food items of their choice. 

When the customers have selected the food items of their choice from the menu, they can place the order. A notification will reach the restaurant and once they confirm, the delivery staff will ensure the customer’s food reaches them within a stipulated time frame. 

Factors Influencing Food Delivery Mobile App Development Cost

Different food delivery app features influence the cost of developing an app. The more features you add, the higher the cost goes. Let’s take a look at some of the most deciding factors.

1. Application Platform

Most apps run on iOS and Android. The app has to pay hosting to the platform on which it runs. The platform or platforms you use highly impact the cost of developing a food delivery app. If you are planning on enabling both Apple and Android users to avail your services, you can opt for Hybrid app development. This will help cut down some of the app development costs.

2. Interface Design

UI and UX hold primary importance if we look at them from the point of view of the customers. A user-friendly interface is a must to retain more customers and entice new ones to use the app. Since it’s a crucial factor, the interface design highly impacts the cost of food delivery app development.

3. Marketing of the App

With the existence of top-notch food delivery apps such as Zomato and Uber Eats, it can be difficult for a startup to make a mark amid all the competition. Depending on your pre-app marketing budget, you can launch a campaign to get your word out for the masses. Keeping this budget in mind, you can decide the app development costs.

4. Upgradation of The App

To help an app run smoothly, it’s important for it to undergo constant upgrades. The price of app development depends on the type of upgrade you opt for. 

Food Delivery App Features

Every food delivery app has three main panels, each having different features. Let’s take a look at these separately.

Restaurant Panel

The restaurant panel has the following features.

1. Dashboard

The dashboard provides information about pending and delivered orders. 

2. Accept/Decline

Accepting or declining orders is in the hands of the restaurant. With the help of this option, a restaurant can decide whether they are taking orders or not.

3. Restaurant Database

The restaurant database stores images of food items, restaurant logo, menus, etc.

4. Payment

The payment section comprises amounts processed via wallets, cards, cash, etc. 

Customer Panel

The customer panel has the following featuresDisplay Page

1. Display Page

The display page shows the restaurants and offers from which the customers can make their choice. 

2. Location

This section provides a list of cafes and restaurants nearby using mobile GPS.

3. Login

Customers can log in to their account where their information and preferences are stored.

4. Menu

Menu displays the different food items for customers to choose from.

5. Cart and Checkout

Users can add the delicacies of their choice and place an order after paying online or opting for cash on delivery if the app offers.

6. Delivery

The delivery feature enables customers to track their orders.

Delivery Panel

The delivery panel has the following features.

1. Login

Every delivery person can log in with their own credentials.

2. Order Request and Delivery

Depending on the location of the delivery person, they receive order requests.

3. Order History

The order history section helps the delivery person keep track of the orders that are pending and delivered.

4. GPS and Calling

GPS shows the exact location of the customer. The calling feature helps them to call customers and notify them about their order status.

5. Wallet and Withdrawal

The money is credited in the wallet of the delivery person. After it reaches a certain threshold, they can withdraw the money into their account.

Summing It Up

The common masses love to feel comfortable and avail services delivered to them at their doorstep. Thanks to a wide variety of food delivery app features, not only do people get different delicacies at their doorstep, but they can also save their favorites and avail discounts on their orders.

If you are looking forward to diving into the food delivery business with your own food delivery app development solution, having knowledge about on demand delivery app startups’ costs can come in handy and help you make greater profits. 

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