Food Delivery Trends and Features That will Change Food Delivery Business

The online Food delivery business trends are pacing rapidly each year with newer platforms coming into the foray. Food delivery apps like Doordash, UberEats, Postmates, etc. are all racing to provide the best options to satiate hunger at the click of a button. Exhaustive menus give no room for any complaint to the foodies who can have it all by ordering food online which will be delivered anywhere at the choice of their time.

With the increase in online food ordering more and more franchisees and home grown chefs are also moving towards this option.

Online Food Delivery Statistics

As per online food delivery statistics data, the revenue for online food delivery is $22,073m in 2019. With an annual growth rate of 6.5%, it is said to rise up to a market volume of $28,398m by 2023.

Food Delivery Ideas

With its foray into food delivery since 2014, UberEats has garnered a major market share, why would one not try to venture into food delivery when the food delivery ideas are so enticing and hassle free?

Food delivery apps are all set to go to different levels as the business owners are willing to do anything to grab the attention of the target audience and also continue repetitive business be it introducing newer menus to allow attractive discounts or announcing non-conventional ways of food delivery.

On the technological front, food delivery apps are constantly being upgraded and updated to continue giving the best user experience to keep the customers hooked to the apps.

With newer food delivery trends and technological advancements, food ordering apps are not leaving any stone unturned to attract more customers to their apps. The work is in progress and in testing phase before it is launched.

Below is a list of the Food delivery apps features that we might experience when ordering food online:

6 Customer Centric Technologies For Food Delivery Apps

  1. Big data:

    Data analytics tools give precise information and summarises the customer behaviour, purchase pattern and also the reasons why certain apps get uninstalled. The data also provides input on the service and feedback on the drivers, food etc. On the basis of this data food delivery applications are able to make informed decisions to make necessary upgrades or updates to the apps to enhance customer experience and keep the flow of repetitive orders going on. Artificial Intelligence is another area which provides various choices to business owners to add a function or food delivery app feature to the existing food delivery application. The latest food delivery trends and technologies are not only smart but also ensure hassle free food ordering and delivery. Though this might come at a cost but considering the ROI and attempt to retain customers, this step is a must.Artificial Intelligence is another area which provides various choices to business owners to add a function or food delivery app feature to the existing food delivery application.The latest food delivery trends and technologies are not only smart but also ensure hassle free food ordering and delivery. Though this might come at a cost but considering the ROI and attempt to retain customers, this step is a must.
  2. New ways of deliveries

    As per online food ordering statistics data, the majority of the app users abandon an app if there is repeated delay in getting the food ordered.To address this issue is a big challenge as the dependency is not only on the restaurant to prepare the food on time but also on the delivery guy to get it delivered. The final dependency is on a traffic free route which is a rarity these days.So the biggies like Domino’s is in the testing mode to launch delivery using methods like drones, where the customer has to register to opt onto the service of drone and then order the pie of their choice online.On the other hand there are food delivery apps that give further discount if a customer opts for using carbon-efficient transport such as bikes or electric vehicles.
  3. New ways to order:

    More gadgets more the options to order online. Food delivery startups are launching apps which are compatible with devices like smartwatches, home speakers such as Amazon’s Echo, Apple’s HomePod etc. to place food orders. The food delivery app development companies has to constantly keep upgrading the apps to ensure that all the possible options to place orders are included for the end users.Domino’s Pizza was first to use Twitter and let people order pizza by just tweeting a pizza emoji to the company’s Twitter account. All that you need to do here is to create a “profile” on Domino’s online delivery service. Place an order and link your Twitter account to the profile and it’s done.Similarly Grubhub was quick to optimise Alexa, Amazon’s virtual assistant into their app as a feature. The customer can reorder any of their last three purchases on Grubhub. All that they need to tell Alexa is what they want to order, Alexa places the order and announces the estimated delivery time.
  4. New payment options:

    The fourth food delivery trend is use of Cryptocurrency, a product of blockchain technology is the latest payment method and is considered as a safer option for accepting payments by food delivery companies. Cryptocurrency helps in avoiding frauds and gives a seamless customer experience.Food giants like UberEats partnered with Apple on the release of Apple Cards. It is a credit card designed primarily to be used with Apple Pay on Apple devices such as an iPhone, iPad, Apple Watch.
  5. Millenials are trending:

    It is quite a challenge to match upto the expectations and speed of millenials. Anything quirky and quick is their fascination.The current generation are the highest spenders on anything online be it Food, Clothes or Grocery as per market survey. They are a priority as they spend a major part of their budget on food compared to the previous generations. So by catering to their requirements of exclusive menu, one page checkouts, convenient and safe payment options and quick delivery, food delivery applications are all set to grab a larger market share.
  6. Cloud kitchen:

    The sixth food delivery trend is Cloud kitchens are picking up as a viable option for those entrepreneurs who are on trial and testing mode.The concept is simple all you need to do here is to register for online food delivery and cater to orders coming through takeaways or delivery.This will help in reducing cost in real estate, staff and other amenities related expenditure. The only cost incurred here would be on cooking equipments, staff, branding for the virtual restaurant, the menu, ordering and delivery system.Whereas for restaurant owners the same kitchen can cater to walk-in customers and also online food orders with different menus. For example – A pasta restaurant could prepare pizzas as well, and sell these online under another brand. However, they do not sell these dishes in their physical restaurant. This is a way to attract consumers in the search for pizza and targeting customers without making them skeptical about the pizzas having been made in a Pasta kitchen.All this will help in analysing which menu to continue on the basis of the dishes ordered and customer feedback. Eventually, if the pizza sales were successful, the pasta restaurant could add them to the menu of their physical restaurant


With the continuous technological upgradation happening, there are chances that we could see more features and better options in the Apps which can take the end users by surprise. This not only will boost the App usage but also lead to considerable leap in the projected revenue generation for the year 2020-21.

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