SKU to eBay Listings

How to add SKU to eBay listings

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There are many eCommerce store owners who sell on various websites like eBay. If you are an eCommerce store owner and sell on ebay as well, then you might need to add SKU in your eBay listing template to easily recognize products of different sizes and colors by the code itself. In order to add SKU to eBay listings, you must have Selling Manager or Selling Manager Pro (For more information visit here)

Step 1: Go to eBay and login to your seller account

Login to eBay Seller Account

Step 2: Create a new listing from there and add the suitable category

Create New eBay Listing

Step 3: If that selected category is compatible with variations, you’ll see a tab “List multiple variations of your item”. Under that click “Create variations

Create variations in ebay

Step 4: Then start adding variations. Click “Continue” when done

Add Variations in eBay

Step 5: In the second page you can add “Item specifics” for the product

Add eBay Item Specific Details

Step 6: Here comes the third tab “Variations” where you can add SKU to your product

Add SKU to eBay Product

Step 7: Tick “Add a SKU for your item” and enter the desired SKU then click “Add”. Ebay also allots the SKU automatically. You can also manually enter the SKU label yourself as it is comfortable if you’re selling on multiple channels viz. amazon, big commerce, Shopify or also if you own a Magento store.

Enter desired SKU in eBay Item

Step 8: Now you’ve successfully added the SKU. Complete the remaining sections and save your listing

Now you can jump back to the main listing page to see all your listed variations and add/edit from there only. You can solve your queries by commenting below. If you are looking to get a professional eBay store design, email us at [email protected]. Also check our designed eBay stores here.

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