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How to add video in eBay listing template [2015]

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While you’re selling on eBay, there are some products for which images aren’t enough for explaining everything in your eBay listing template design and for that reason you need to add (embed) videos in your eBay listings. It is much valuable to add product videos to help you sell more. To add videos in your listing template, you will need to post your video on a video sharing site. Use youtube to add videos in your eBay listing as it’s free and eBay supports it.

There are many other reasons to add videos in eBay listing template:

  • People are more likely to see videos over text
  • It doesn’t take a lot of effort to watch a video than reading the list of specifications
  • 1 Picture = 1000 Words, 1 Video = Everything
  • Videos add personal touch about the product with complete hands-on

Get the right gadget to record HQ videos with proper audio. You can also use a microphone (if needed) which will record audio more clearly and loud enough.

add videos to ebay listing template

Pretty recently, we found out through the google product support forum that Youtube has removed the Youtube old embed code method. As ebay’s policy does not allow Javascript and iFrame, here is a tutorial on how to add video in ebay listing template – update 2015

Step 1: Go to the uploaded Youtube video

Go to Uploaded Youtube Video

Step 2: Go to the Share -> Embed button and click on “Show More

Go to Share -> Embed

Step 3: Select the video size in it

Select video size

Step 4: Check if you want to disable suggested videos when the video finishes

Check show suggested videos

Step 5: Copy the Youtube iFrame code

Copy the Youtube iFrame code

Step 6: Go to Youtube code converter for eBay site and add the Youtube iFrame code in it

Go to Youtube Code converter for ebay

Step 7: Generate the eBay code

If you want to generate responsive/mobile friendly code and make it center aligned then check the respected options highlighted below

Generate eBay Code

You’re ready !

When your edited code is ready with the video, paste it in the respective listing and save. Now, you’ll be able to see the embedded video in that particular listing.

This way, you can add videos to all the necessary listings according to you.

You can ask about your queries by commenting below. If you are looking to get a custom eBay store design and eBay listing template design, you can email us at [email protected]. Follow us on twitter (@infigicdigital) for more updates.

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  1. Johnny
    Johnny says:

    Very impressive, This is THE method that also gets ebay videos working on mobile, as of Aug/2016.
    And wow the code is so simple and short.
    Seriously you guys are far more intelligent than that mess behind ebay lol.


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