How to Create a Listing on eBay [A eBay Beginner’s Tutorial]

How to create a listing on ebay is a problem for all the ebay store beginners.

Here is a step by step visual guide to create your first listing on your ebay store :


Step 1: Click on the Highlighted Blue box of create listing on your summary page of the ebay store.


Step 2:  You will get 2 options either to add a single item or to list multiple items, Select accordingly.


Create Listing on Summary Page


Single Item

Step 3: For a single item. Firstly You will be asked to submit either title, EAN or ISBN number. If you have EAN or ISBN number, Your job will become very easy. All the product information will be automatically displayed or you can also continue by putting a title.


Enter an EAN and ISBN




After adding the suggested product or EAN or ISBN number, you just need to click on continue, and then you can publish the listing by clicking on submit.




Multiple Item

Step 3: For multiple listing, you will get a page as shown in the image.

Fill up the necessary information:

  1. Put the number of the listing
  2. Select the category for your listing
  3. Select the shop category as well as sub category
  4. Give a custom label


Start New Listing


Step 4: After filling up information, its time for filling up Product information.

  1. Insert the title and subtitle of the product
  2. Select the condition of the product
  3. Add as many photos as you can
  4. Give a description of the product


Product Information


Step 5:

  1. Select the format of the product listing either it would be a fixed price or an auction
  2. Set up a duration that you wish to list the item for
  3. Set a price for buy it now
  4. Show the quantity
  5. Set up your business policies, that will include your payment gateway, Postage and Returns


Buisness Polices


Step 6: Now that you have filled up all these information, We are just one step away from creating the listing :

  1. If you have any particular product for which you have to describe the dimensions as well as package information, then you can add here. It will be displayed with listing
  2. As soon as you hit the continue button, you will be asked to submit the listing. Congratulations… Your listing is created


Package Weight & Dimensions


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