How to Develop an On-demand Video Streaming App

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How to Develop an On-demand Video Streaming App

In the present times, it is being observed that slowly the need for good quality videos has been increasing. And so is the demand for streaming services. People are actually losing interest in TV for entertainment and there is an important reason behind it that we shall discuss going further.

How Does an On-demand Video Streaming App Solve the Pain Points of Users?

People now want to watch good quality videos that are according to their mood and interest. While on TV the air time of programs is fixed which brings a restriction on the viewer.  For watching videos as per the schedule that people are comfortable with, they turn towards on-demand video streaming apps for their share of entertainment. Video streaming apps also allow the users to watch their favorite movies, shows not only at a time that suits them but have an uninterrupted entertainment that is a biggest challenge on TV.

According to Multichannel, global OTT revenues are predicted to reach $129 billion by 2023 and $47.8 billion in the U.S.

These apps certainly have a bright future in the entertainment industry and people are opting out of the cable subscriptions.

If you are looking for developing an on-demand video streaming app, then the below mentioned information will be really of use to you.

Factors to be Considered While Developing an On-demand Video Streaming App

So it must have been clear from the above information as to why a lot of business owners around the world might be more interested now in investing a good amount of money for the development of these apps and are constantly searching for the best on-demand video app developers to not only monetize the growing segment but also to retain the users who are moving from TV watching to online video streaming as an entertainment option.

Along with incorporating features and functionalities to the App, business owners must also be informed about the below factors which are of primary importance before they close the deal with their development partners.

Flexibility is Significant

The flexibility of the video solution is important; it should be good enough for supporting numerous platforms and devices that range from personal computers, tablets to mobile phones. There is a chance of losing a crucial set of the market in case the app is developed just for a specific device.

App Scalability

Another factor that needs to be taken care of is scalability. Basically, the back-end structure has to be scalable as it should be able to handle an increase in the number of users without any kind of interruption.

Security Should be Given Priority

One of the most copied and stolen things on the internet today are videos. So for offering the best safeguards, there should be a constant search for digital rights, access controls, and encryption. In short, the required security parameters should be in place.

Front End Features for On-Demand Video Streaming App:

Here is the list of important front end features for developing a good On-Demand Video Streaming App:

User Registration

This is undoubtedly one of the most basic and primary feature for not only a video streaming app but for any app. The developers must be able to provide the users with a number of options to the user for logging in and registration. For example, it can be done through a mobile app and OTP verification or through Google account or a Facebook login. Always there has to be an additional option which can be used if a user forgets the password accidentally so that the credentials can be recovered. Hence this has to be considered in the design phase which is the first step to creating the layouts of the final product.

Profile of the User

There has to be a choice for editing and personalizing a user’s profile. The developers can also receive important statistics like the subscription count, saved videos, watched videos and the ones that are played repeatedly by this. The option of sharing the recently watched videos on social media also has to be present.

Settings for Privacy

This being a video streaming app, there is a need for privacy settings as per the requirement of individual users. An option for privacy setting will provide an option to users to selectively share what they want to or keep privacy on the broadcasting choice they like to.  

Search Function

Ability to search any specific video rather than browsing through pages will make the app user friendly and setting up of filters based on the category, topic, location, length of video, most watched and language are all impact features.

Geo-location Tracking

This is without a doubt an amazing addition to the on-demand video streaming app. Depending on the region the viewers will be able to find the broadcasts. They will be able to select the broadcasts on the map itself. The developer also has the option to make markers on the map in a range around the user’s present location for showing live broadcasting of the location.  The live ones can be marked in a color different from the ones that are inactive easily for differentiation.

Back End Features set of On-Demand Video Streaming App:

There are also some very important back end features set to be considered while developing the On-Demand Video Streaming App:

Detailed Video Streaming

This is the main focus of the app altogether. So attention has to be paid to all details possible. The streaming should always be routed to an external server to ensure smooth functioning of the App. Another thing is that the broadcasting stream should pass through the server to the user and must stay until the user is watching.  

After the use, it has to get deleted automatically from the server side. The broadcast will be converted by the server and the transmission to the app as well. For video streaming apps cloud servers are important. Make sure you look after the scaling part of the server as with the increase in a number of users the higher number of the requests will have to be handled.

Streaming Quality

In development, this will be an important characteristic to be taken care of. This will assist the users when watching videos seamlessly even when the bandwidth of the network is a bit down. It is best to provide an option for low video quality like 144p and then of higher range like 1080p and even 4k. As per the flow of network, the app should be able to automatically decide on the video quality.

Revenue and Subscription Models

This back end feature is going to help the users to be connected with the app and updated with the latest addition of videos that come up. This enhances the user engagement of the app. If the broadcaster is not allowing a free subscription then it will be a great choice to redirect the user for making in-app purchases from there.

Push Notifications

One of the most essential parts of on-demand Video Streaming app is Push Notification. This is going to help the users to be updated with the present happenings without being on the app. So at the time, their favorite broadcaster will start with streaming, they are going to be notified on their device and they won’t miss it. An additional scheduling feature can also be added by the developer for providing higher flexibility of scheduling future broadcasts and will also make the app interactive.

Graphical Analysis

The admin section comes with an important feature and that is QoE/QoS Monitoring and Analytics. There is an option to analyze the viewers and broadcasters that are living in a graphical way. The admin will know about the real-time insights and use of the app and previous information on which further decisions can be made.  

Monetization for On-demand Video Streaming App

When an on-demand video streaming app is being created it must be able to get the revenue as it’s a business after all and you are offering the users expediency with the services you are providing.  For gaining more subscribers you can always offer a free trial which again is optional, you can offer a flexible system to the users that can be monthly or yearly. 

One can always sell the video space to potential advertisers also although make sure that the ads are of relevance. Another way of monetizing your on-demand video streaming app is by making the subscribers pay for each view. In case you are in partnership with the content sponsors you can also ask the users to pay for the premium versions as well. 

Make sure that there are multiple payment options available to the users and can include PayPal, credit/Debit cards, e-wallets, in-app purchase model and support to multiple currencies.


Video streaming apps is a growing sector and a majority of cable operators of various locations are pooling together and creating a medium to retain their existing customers by presenting the existing product in a new package which matches the current age requirement as well. 

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