How to Revert Back to Old Store Design on eBay?

Ebay has recently incorporated/Integrated a new store design which is a brand new setup with many features and advantages.

Here, apart from the domestic listings, the foreign listings will also be visible on your store. This has become more confusing for the sellers. While the old design displayed only the actual no. of items available worldwide.

To avoid the present confusion, we recommend you to switch over to the old design. Following steps will help you change your settings:

Step 1:

Login to your “My eBay” pageClick On My eBay

Step 2:

Under “Account” go to “Manage My Store

Manage My Store

Step 3:

In the left sidebar under “Store Design” select “Edit Store

Edit Store

Step 4:

At the right corner select “Revert back to old Store

Revert Back to the Old Store

This way you can revert back to old store design on ebay. If you have any queries, do comment below!

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