How to Sell on eBay? Beginners Guide

Ebay is an awesome platform to sell your brand new as well as used goods. Every small company wishes to own an eBay store. You, as an individual can also set up eBay store and can sell on ebay by following these step by step guidelines:

Step 1:

Open the website of eBay. If you are new to eBay, click on “Register

If you have already registered, “Sign in” your ID and password

Click on Sign In or Register

Step 2:

Fill in the details and click on the “Submit” button.

A pop-up window will confirm the email that you have selected for your account.

Just check it and click on “Continue

Fill Details and Submit

Step 3:

Now you will return to your homepage. Click on “Sell” at the top of the screen and open the page titled “Update your information

Fill in the required details and click on “Continue

Open Update your Information

Step 4:

Now you will see a page wherein you can start listing your items for sale. Type the name of the item and click “GET STARTED

Get Strated Selling

Step 5:

A new page will appear asking you the details about your product like- title, description, image, condition, specifications etc.

Once you have filled in all details, click “List with displayed fees

A window will ask you if you want to edit your listing. After making necessary changes click on “Continue

List with Displayed Fees

Step 6:

If you are registering for the first time, they will ask a few more details and lead you to the payment procedure because the website charges a small fee for selling items on ebay.

If you have sold products before, you will be taken to the following page:

Sold Product Before

Step 7:

You can click on “Track your listing in My ebay to see if anyone is bidding for or buying your item. My ebay will help you keep a track of all the details and questions about your item via email.

Step 8:

You will receive an email from ebay the moment you sell an item.

Now go back to ‘My ebay’ and click “SOLD

You need to send your buyer an invoice. So click “Send payment details

Step 9:

You will get a confirmation email from PayPal. To check whether the amount has been credited, go to the website and login to your PayPal account. Click “Withdraw” and then Withdraw funds to your bank account to transfer the payment to your bank account.

Withdraw Funds

Step 10:

Once you’ve sent your item, go back to “My eBay” and click “Sold“. Click “More actions” on the right-hand side of the screen and further click click “Mark as dispatched“, which will let the buyer know that the item has been sent.

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