How to send email in development with spree?

This problem arises because you don’t have a local email server to receive your emails.

Step 1:

The first step would be to Install the mailcatcher gem in order to test the setup in development.

You will be using it as a SMTP server to catch all the incoming mails and display them on http://localhost:1080/:

Step 2:

Just run in the terminal “gem install mailcatcher” in the console.

You will find an SMTP server running on port 1025 catching emails and displaying them on HTTP port 1080

Step 3:

Add spree mail settings gem to your Gemfile:-

Add Line:

gem 'spree_mail_settings', github: 'spree-contrib/spree_mail_settings', branch: 'master‘

Then run:


Step 4:

Further, go to “Spree admin panel” and configure it. These settings will work perfectly for you without any code writing.

Then click on “Send test mail

Mail Method Setting

Step 5:

You will receive the an email on your local host.

Now your problem is solved.

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