How to set up your eBay Store on holiday mode

With the Christmas holidays nearing up, lot of ebay store owners would be putting their business on hold.  To set up your ebay store on holiday mode is very easy. When you put your store on holiday mode your listings would not be visible in the searches and customers cannot buy from your store. The listings are in a hidden mode, so once you come back from the holidays, you can switch off the holiday mode and everything will be back to normal.

There are no additional fees for Holiday mode, you will be charged normal store fees only.


Here is a step by step visual guide on how to set up your eBay store on holiday mode :


Step 1. Click the Messages tab in My eBay

How to set up your ebay store on holiday mode first step for ebay


Step 2. Select the Change settings link on the top right side of the page.


step 2 for putting your store on holiday mode


Step 3.  In the Store holiday settings section, select Turn ON.

Also, there are 2 option :

1.If would like to hide your listings and customers from making purchases from them while you’re away, select Hide and block purchases from my fixed price listings.

2.If you’d like customers to see a return date, select Display a return date, and enter a date in the box provided.

 In the Message to display on your ebay shop front section, edit the default text displayed in the textbox if you would like to customize it.

When turning on holiday settings, the seller has the option to add a personalized message, such as, “We are on a Christmas holiday until Jan 5th and our store will reopen on Jan 6th.“


step 3 for putting your ebay store on holiday mode

Step 4. Click the Apply button.



Always remember unshipped items can have a negative effect on the seller feedback, so ensure that you have set your store on a holiday mode before you head on to your vacation.


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