How To Start Online Bakery Store

So you think you make some finger-licking’ bakery stuff? Well, you’re in luck, because the online bakery business is getting off fine and people ready to roll up their sleeves can do amazingly well.

In fact, it’s no longer a side-project or a gig anymore; it’s got the potential to be a very profitable business! And the best part about starting an online bakery store is that with the right amount of passion and tech support, it can take wings!

So before starting a bakery business online, Consider points like where do you start? How do you correctly go about it? Read on to find out the entire process of how to start a bakery business online and running it profitably.

#1 Find what you’re really good at

What do you cook best? A rather delicate chocolate soufflé? Or the classic chocolate chip cookie? A croissant, perhaps?

As long as you’re really good at something, a good deal of your headache is gone. There are numerous advantages of knowing your speciality before opening an online bakery store.

First, it’s easy to have your name associated with a particular product rather than with something as generic as “bakery items”.

Secondly, you can win a loyal customer base. And thirdly, it helps you charge a small premium if you’re known as a specialist like: “If you haven’t tasted Madalyn’s macarons, you haven’t tasted anything!”

#2. Understand your business model

The next step is to find out and finalize the way you’ll operate. Some decisions are strategic, like if you’d be starting only with two products. Others are more specific, like, whether you will give discounts!

Here are some of the many questions you’ll want to answer as early as possible:

  • In what area would you be making deliveries?
  • How do you intend to price your products?
  • What will be your break-even numbers?
Opening a bakery

Ask as many questions you can; it will improve your understanding and help you in the long run.

#3. Give your online bakery business a name and a logo

While finalizing a name, in case you don’t have one, it’d best to have a name that reflects what you’re good at.

Arbitrary names have little if at all any, advantage. Instead, try to fit in your brand name with the product you specialize in. Thus, www(dot) is of no value, while www(dot) is great!

opening an online bakery name and logo

Next, get a logo design done. A logo with contemporary looks can make a powerful statement. But hey, spend enough time on the name and the logo, but not excessive. Remember, there’s a lot of work pending ahead of you!

#4. Bring in the equipment needed to start a bakery business

Since you’re into opening an online bakery store, perhaps you need no more than a gentle reminder of buying things. Get the right oven, containers, storing trays, display units (optional), raw material and so on.

Remember, it’s going to be your reputation at stake, so don’t compromise on the quality front. Buy stuff that you’ll be proud to display, not something you’ll need to hide!

equipment needed to start a bakery

An experienced (and successful) baker once told me: “Use the best your money can buy. That way, you are confident you won’t ever come up with something that no one likes to eat.”

#5 Your domain name and your hosting service provider

Buying a domain name isn’t expensive ($10 – $15 per year). You can either buy it from reputed sites (e.g. or or get it from the agency that’s going to develop your website.

The hosting of your website will decide the overall performance of your site, so it’s obvious the service provider must be good. There’s a large range of services the hosting service providers offer, so you’ll want to read the fine print and find out what best suits your requirements.

online bakery business

#6 Getting the website and app ready

Your website and your ordering app are going to be the most decisive in the entire process, so make sure they’re going to be awesome. Insist on partnering with a technology solutions company that has experience in eCommerce website development and designing.

Your app easily allows customers to make purchases while on the go, from their cell phones. Apps are extremely popular and are used extensively, so you don’t want to miss out this sales channel. The startup has a beautiful website which sure to attract customers.

how to start an online bakery business like jillycakes

#7. Obtain all clearances and licenses

You’re getting into food business so you’ll need to get all sorts of relevant approvals and permissions. Depending on where you’re registering your business and where you’re supplying, permissions for an online bakery business could include:

  • Health department clearance
  • Segregation of storage and usage of vegan vs meat products
  • Storage and general hygiene approval
  • Tax number
licence require for opening a bakery

#8. Partner with the right logistics company

Opening an online bakery store is all about delivery, right?

Make sure you’re with the right logistics company. Your logistics partner must share your business values. The service provider must fully understand its critical role and perform accordingly.

Technology not only helps you deliver faster, but it also helps you track the delivery. For instance, the App can let customer check where the item they ordered reached. It helps them locate the driver and estimate time remaining before delivery.

online bakery business logistic company

Logistics is critical to an online pharmacy’s success

#9. Don’t ignore marketing Ever.

A great product needs no business promotion, said no successful online business owner. No matter how terrific your pastries are, if no one knows you make them, there’s no way you can sell anything, right?

marketing online bakery business

Marketing doesn’t have to be expensive. If you’re going to do it on your own, you have social media platforms. Since you’re selling products where appearance is very important, one your key channels could be Instagram.You can also try SEO to rank in Google.

Alternatively, you can hand over the marketing activity to professionals. We have the complete range of activities available and there’s bound to be something that will match your needs and budgets.

#10. Keep hustling!

We’re not saying setting up an online baking business is easy enough to be stupid. Remember it’s a business after all, and all complexities of business apply here too. You will learn from the business and from your customers over time. Be ready to change. Listen to your customers and appreciate all feedback you get.

Finally, it’d be great if you have someone to cheer you up and congratulate upon every small success. If you take a responsible approach to business and stick to it diligently, you’re bound to succeed.

So that’s it folks, your complete guide on how to start an online bakery business. As you saw, it’s fun, and with the right attitude and the right tech partners, you can surely be successful.

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