On-Demand Lawyer Mobile App Development Cost & Features

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On-Demand Lawyer Mobile App Development Cost & Features

“Are you a lawyer who wishes to offer the best legal counsel to your clients? 
Do you want a seamless and quick way to get located when someone needs your legal advice? 
Do you own a legal firm and want to offer a wide range of special legal assistance to your existing or potential clients? “

If the answers of these above questions are yes. In that case, you should seriously consider hiring a lawyer app development company offering high-quality, feature-rich, and superior UI/UX mobile app development services

For the right reasons, on-demand applications such as FoodPanda, Uber, and other such apps are in trend. These convenient applications offer a wide range of benefits to customers, which makes them hooked to the app. So, if you’re thinking of starting your on-demand lawyer app development project, hire a company with a proven track record in mobile app development and earn some good reviews from clients. 

This post will discuss almost everything you need to know about lawyer app development, including lawyer mobile app development cost. However, we will first understand why a lawyer app is the need of the hour and what benefits it can offer to attorneys. 

Why do you need a lawyer mobile application?

The answer is quite simple – To revolutionize the way, you conduct your business model.

It is the era of digitalization, and with the highly competent on-demand lawyer application, you can easily be found by the people interested in hiring your services. 

Users can search for specialized lawyers, book an appointment, audio or video call with the lawyers, and discuss their legal requirements via chat. There are so many possibilities lying when you decide to go for on-demand lawyer booking app development. Now it is time to address how on-demand lawyer apps can prove to be advantageous to your business. 

For customers

  • Customers can search and find a good lawyer in their neighborhood with the specialty of services. 
  • Customers can book an online or offline appointment with a lawyer at their convenient time. They can use app features such as live chat, audio, and video calling to reach out to the lawyer. 
  • Customers can get some good deals and discounts with pre-negotiated rates. They can save some money for legal representation. 
  • With a superior and user-friendly on-demand law firm app, customers can resolve their issues in the best and most efficient manner. 

For Lawyers

  • Lawyers can be found online with the on-demand law firm app development. They can get a whole new bunch of clients who are looking for their services. 
  • They can build relationships with their clients by offering unmatched legal counsel and services. 
  • Lawyers can reach out to their clients remotely as and when they want to discuss something important. 
  • Lawyers can document all their client data online and store them in the app to enhance productivity and efficiency. Such apps make documentation more superior and seamless.

Now that we have discussed the importance and benefits of on-demand legal app development, we will discuss some of the legal app’s features. 

What features should you incorporate in the on-demand legal app?

Ask the law firm app development company to build two apps for users and one for lawyers. Then, they will link both of these apps via a secure admin panel. Let’s look at some of the most general app features. 

For User Panel

1. Sign In and Sign Up 

New users can sign up for the app, and existing users can sign in with their email accounts or numbers of social networking accounts. 

2. The Search Feature

Users can search for the lawyer for different specialties. The search feature must have search filters such as specialty, location, fees, and other search aspects. 

3. App Appointment Booking

Users can schedule an appointment with the lawyer with time and date settings. They should also be able to cancel or reschedule the appointment.

4. A dedicated lawyer page

Users must get all the information about the lawyer, he selects, such as name, degrees, fees, specialties, expertise, the court where he is working, etc. 

5. In-App Calling and Live video consultation

The app must have video calling and an in-app calling facility for a smooth interaction between lawyers and users. 

6. Document uploading and sharing

Users or lawyers must be able to upload and share documents within the app.

7. Payment gateway

Users must be able to pay online within the app with the help of integrated payment models such as credit cards, debit cards, net banking, and other payment options. 

Lawyer Panel

It is an app for lawyers. Its features are:

1. Sign up/ Sign in

Similar to the user panel, lawyers can sign up or sign in to the app with credentials. 

2. Appointment Status

Lawyers can see and maintain their appointments and check the users’ requests. 

3. In-App Calling

Lawyers must contact their clients within the app to discuss the case issues and other crucial details. 

4. Booking calendar

Lawyers can maintain and update their bookings with the calendar. They can update the busy hours when they are not available for taking calls or appointments. 

5. CMS

Lawyers can publish their research on various cases and update previous case histories to read about them. 

6. Receive payments

Lawyers can receive payments from the users and get notified when users pay them. 

Admin Panel

The admin will be able to monitor and manage all the activities and aspects of the application.

1. User and Lawyer Management 

Admin will be able to monitor and manage all users and lawyers registered with the app. 

2. Lawyer Listing Management

Admin will manage and list all the categories of lawyers with their details, expertise, and other details. 

3. Add/Block Features

The admin will have permission to add or delete any lawyer in or from the listing. 

4. Report Management

Admin will manage all the reports related to users’ and lawyers’ requests, payment status and confirmation, and other details in the form of pie charts and statistics. 

What are the advanced features to be incorporated into the app?

You also need to add some advanced features, while building on-demand legal app development. Some of them are:

  • Push Notification
  • User Authentication
  • Document Management and Scanner 
  • In-app Navigation
  • Analytics and reports
  • CRM integration
  • Multiple Payment Gateways
  • Feedback and Ratings 

How much does it cost to develop an on-demand lawyer app?

The lawyer app development cost depends on many aspects. It is a tricky task to determine the cost as it requires detailed information and other factors. Some of the determining factors are the app building platform, features and functionalities, UI/UX, app security, and the location of the law firm app development company you have hired.

Most app development companies go with the hourly model. If you hire a UK or the USA company, they charge around $150 to $250 per hour. On the other hand, when you hire any Asian country such as India, they offer the best app development services at the best costs, generally between $50 to $90 per hour.


Going for lawyer app development is the best decision that you will ever take. It will help you penetrate the new territories and help you serve your clients in a better manner. 

Ensure that you incorporate all the features and functionalities necessary to serve your clients in the best efficient manner. Hire Infigic Technologies – A leading mobile app development company that proposes the best services at affordable lawyer mobile app development cost. 

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