Medicine Delivery App Development Cost & Features

medicine delivery app development cost
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Medicine Delivery App Development Cost & Features

As we all know that every business is expanding online these days, and the eCommerce market has conquered the industry in recent years. 

We only need a mobile phone to buy everything we desire with a few clicks. And the pharmaceutical sector is also not an exception.

Customers no longer have to wait outside a pharmacy store to purchase medications. In the sphere of healthcare, on-demand pharmacy delivery apps have proved to be a game-changer.

It has saved customers time by eliminating the need to visit a pharmacy to purchase medicines. 

The medicines can be delivered to the customer’s door in a matter of minutes. Advances in technology have made online patient record keeping, computerised prescriptions, and automated pharmaceutical handling possible & quite easy.

Online medicine delivery future scope

The healthcare industry has grown in importance around the world, rendering it among the fastest-growing industries.

As per Statista report, the number of medical app downloads has significantly increased by 65% worldwide. 

However, South Korea has witnessed highest growth with 135% followed by India, Spain & United Kingdom.

Benefits of online medicine delivery apps

Doorstep delivery

The application’s doorstep delivery service is an excellent technique to satisfy your customers with quick delivery to their doorstep. 

Customers don’t have to go anywhere physically to get medicines, they’ll get their required medicines at home in just a few clicks.

Appealing rewards & discounts

The users can earn reward points or exciting vouchers by making their purchase through medicine delivery mobile app services. 

When ordering online through an on-demand medicine delivery app, pharmacy stores can provide big discounts and rewards.

This feature motivates the consumers to purchase more in order to earn more rewards & Cashbacks.

Easy reminders

Users of the mobile app can set a monthly reminder for purchasing new medicine. They can utilise this feature to find out when it’s time to order new medicines. 

The app will also notify the user when it is time to take his or her medicine. This enhances the reliability of the patient on your application.

Must have medicine delivery app features

You might know that the most significant factor in determining the app’s success is its amazing features.

Who doesn’t enjoy experimenting with a feature-rich app? Sophisticated and out-of-the-box functionalities differentiate the applications from your competitors and help you stand out. 

Investing in unique features for medicine delivery apps and its capabilities will definitely pay you off in the long term.

Easy login

While using your app, users can be able to sign in quickly and create credentials that suit their needs.

They can even be able to join up for the app using their social network credentials. This easy login process helps you to get more sign-ups. 

Submitting prescription

The ideal app should allow users to input their prescription so that pharmacies can review them and send the medications as needed. 

And, with this feature, customers can effortlessly submit the prescription by linking their phone’s library with the app.

Medicine availability information

Each medicine listed on the app must include all relevant information, such as the manufacturing date, expiration date, company, distributor, price, ingredients, and so forth.

Effective profile management

For a better and more flawless experience, a user must be able to create a profile on the application. 

These profiles contain all the users’ information, such as their location, previous orders, medication information, payment details, and other details.

Hassle-free payment

One of the most important aspects of the pharmacy delivery app is payment. When making a purchase request, customers will need to have a variety of payment alternatives accessible to pay money online for a hassle free experience. 

An intuitive app must have payment options, like a debit card, credit card, net banking, and others.

Track past order history

Allow your users to look up their order history before placing a repeat order. Especially for patients with diabetes or high blood pressure, because they order the same medications every month. 

As a result, having an order history feature allows users to swiftly make a repeat purchase through your pharmacy delivery app.

Easy searching

The app must have a feature of searching for the name of the medicine they are looking for, so it’s easy for users to browse & find it quickly. 

Also, customers should be able to find out alternatives for the medicines they want. Because, in some cases it might happen that the medicine they are looking for is not accessible at that point of time.

Filter date & time of delivery

Typically, medicine ordering applications take a short amount of time to process an order. 

In that situation, buyers can even select their preferred day & time for medicine delivery. They can even follow the delivery of medicines to keep track of what’s going on. 

Factors affecting medicine delivery app development cost

Following are some factors which determine the cost of medicine delivery app development. 

Development Platform – The platform on which you want to build the e-pharmacy app can affect the cost. This could be an iOS, Android, Windows, or a cross-platform hybrid mobile application.

Timeline for Development – The time taken to develop the medicine delivery app affects the cost of development significantly. However, features of the app, the framework used, team allotted affects the time required for development. 

Location of Development Partner – The pricing is also determined by the location of your pharmacy application development service company. 

The most affordable application developers you can employ from Asia who charge approximately $20-$35 per hour. US/UK programmers charge around $140–$260 per hour. However, European developers demand £80–£120 per hour. 

The Features – The features of medicine delivery apps that are planned to be included in the app play a significant impact in determining the cost of development. 

The more features an application has, the more costly it will be. 

3rd Party Integration: Bespoke features necessitate the integration of many 3rd party platforms which adds significantly to the cost of application.

The actual medicine delivery app development cost

In order to develop a basic app with a few functionalities the cost of development can be minimal. However, if you want a highly advanced and cross-platform mobile app development with all the premium features, cost will vary accordingly. 

Note – You can book a free consultation call with us, to know about the actual cost of on-demand medicine delivery app development.  

Wrapping up

After examining all of the above considerations, it is obvious that selecting the right on-demand medicine delivery app development company is crucial for development of online medicine delivery apps.

Infigic Technologies is a leading pharmacy app development company with extensive skills and experience in developing high-quality, feature-rich app solutions.

We employ cutting-edge technology and an experienced app development team to create next-generation medicine delivery apps..

Contact us to learn more about how to create a successful user friendly and scalable medicine delivery app with a good user experience.








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