Top 14 Online Pet Business Ideas to Start Today

Pets are loved and cherished by people worldwide. With each passing year, the craze of owning pets around the world is increasing. 

As per the American Pet Products Association, 89.7 million dogs, 94.2 million cats, and 139.3 million freshwater fish are owned by people in the United States. 

Also, Americans spent $69.51 billion in 2017 and $72.56 in 2018. This digit is increasing every year.

The above figures indicate that the pet industry is growing. If you also want to hold a small pie in this big industry, you need to start a pet business. 

To make your task easy, we have done the hard work and found some of the best online pet business ideas that you can look upon to start a new pet business.

Let’s dive in:

Top Pet Business Ideas for Pet Lovers

Here is the list of some of the most trending online pet business opportunities:

1. Pet Walking Business

Similar to human beings, dogs require a sufficient amount of physical activity. Taking dogs for walking is one of the simplest things one can do. However, in this digital era, many dog owners don’t have enough time; hence, they would love to have someone who can meet the demand of dogs by taking them for a walk. 

As a pet lover, if you want to create an online pet business, this is one of the best pet business opportunities. Here, you can create a platform that connects pet owners & pet walkers. Lately, you can earn money based on the terms and conditions.

2. Pet Sitting

Pet Sitting is also referred to as a babysitting business, but especially for dogs. It is one of the fastest-growing trends, and it’s an adaptable business.

Here, you have got two options. First & foremost, suppose you own a right place of your own, then you can begin your pet sitting business just like a kennel operation where people drop their pets at your location.

The second option is you can visit different homes and have a watch on their pets. Besides this, you also have an option where you can combine house-sitting business in addition to the pet sitting business.

3. Pet Photographer

Various people across the globe consider pets as a special part of their family. Also, they love to document the pet’s lives via photoshoots. 

When you love pets and have good photography skills, you can start a pet photography business. Here, you can be a single photographer who does all the things. 

Here, you can build your app/website using which people book for your pet photography services. The second option is you can create a platform to connect pet owners with pet photographers.

4. Pet Grooming

Pet grooming is one of the most essential things that every pet owner considers before purchasing a dog. Grooming services of pets consist of things such as bathing, hair trims, styling, nail trims, etc. 

In most cases, the pet owners don’t do this job, and they hire a professional. Also, these professionals handle the entire task with the utmost care and over-deliver on pet owners’ expectations. 

Pet grooming services can be one of the best online pet business ideas that you can think upon and start immediately.

5. Pooper-Scooper 

Dog Owners don’t care about many things except one special thing, which is poop scooping. They always like to clean this stuff, and they would prefer someone expert at it.

If you are looking for a unique and evergreen business idea, then poop scooping is one of the most amazing online pet business opportunities. 

To operate this business, you need a small investment, simple skills, and a few pieces of equipment. You should have skills to carry a shovel and bags properly, and you are good-to-go. 

6. Pet Workout Coach

Pet workout is one of the most fantastic pet business ideas. As we have mentioned before, pet walking is a highly profitable business. Now, if you are healthy and love to take a dog’s health to a new level, then you can design a pet workout program and reach out to dog owners with the same.

Various pet owners love to keep their dogs happy & active. Hence, you can create an online platform to allow all the pet owners to book for the pet workout program.

7. Online Pet Products

Starting an online business where you sell pet products is a highly profitable business. Here, you can get various products from different manufacturers & fulfill the needs of your target audience. 

Various companies offer drop shipping services, and due to this, your target audience gets products directly from the manufacturer. Here you can sell specific pet products or a vast number of pet products based on your resources. 

8. Pet Boutique Store

Planning to start a retail business in the pet industry, then go for pet fashion as it allows you to generate an ample amount of money. Moreover, various pet owners love to purchase clothes & other accessories for their pets to show off to the public. 

Hence, you can establish a pet boutique store and sell various things like clothes, accessories, toys, etc. Moreover, multiple manufacturers also offer dropshipping services; thus, all such products will reach customers directly from the manufacturer. 

9. Dog Daycare

With each passing year, many dog parents understand the importance of dog daycare services, and they want their dogs to get a fulfilling life. For those who don’t know, dog daycare is a type of service where dog owners drop off their pets in the morning and pick them up at any time of the day later.

Here, daycare centers offer various things that dogs love, like walking, dancing, feeding, running, playing, etc.

Now, if you are looking for a great online pet business idea, then create an online platform for dog daycare services. Here, you need to have a sufficient amount of investment for land, building & equipment. 

10. Pet-Supply Store

Various pet owners love to shop for their pets from a supply store that offers all kinds of things. Hence, launching an online pet supply store is one of the best businesses you can start and meet the demand of pet owners.

Even though you can observe this segment being dominated by leading market giants, you can build a unique pet supply store and sell a wide range of pet products. Also, you can offer services like pet grooming & dog spa.

11. Pet Finder

Pets are an invaluable part of the family, and many times when they go missing, the whole family is sad. Hence, if you love to solve puzzles or find lost things, then you can use this skill to start an online pet-finding business. By starting this, you can find lost pets for the owners and complete their family and earn money through it. 

12. Pet Transportation

Various online pet business ideas are evolving over the years, and pet transportation is one of the most trending ones. Before you start an online pet transportation business, you require efficient vehicles, appropriate sizes of crates, and enthusiasm to find the best customers. 

Here, you need to create a platform through which you will provide pet transportation services. Customers should be able to book transportation services from your platform without any hindrance.

13. Dog Treat Business

A dog plays a vital role in the owner’s family. The owners always love to provide various threats to their dogs. The majority of dog owners & trainers love to offer treats to dogs when their dogs complete a specific task seamlessly.

Hence, you can start an online dog treat business using which dog lovers can order treats.

14. Pet Business Marketing

If you want to become successful in any small business, you need to discover a unique niche and cater to their needs. Pet business marketing is one of it’s kind of niche that will gain a lot of traction in the upcoming years. 

Over the last decade, a large number of online pet businesses have been started. 

Hence, you can start a pet marketing business and fulfill the needs of all such people.


In the coming years, pet business ideas would be evolving fastly and a wide number of online pet businesses will fulfill the demand of the market. 

Therefore, if you are planning to start an online pet business, then research about your interest and the market and choose any of the above pet business ideas to start an online pet business. 

Moreover, if you have decided the pet business idea and want to give it a life, then reach out to us. We at Infigic, a mobile app development company, will brainstorm on your idea and come up with the most suitable pet business solution. Moreover we have a ready to go online pet store solution that can help to start your online pet store in short time.

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