How to promote your ebay store using Social Media

There are numerous ways to promote your eBay products but among them, social media could be the best possible source to drive in more sales. As eBay is an online shopping platform and auction house, it allows people selling products to the interested consumers. It has been observed that eBay sellers achieve more sales if they promote to the right demographics. Social media is a great way to advertise products as there are millions of shoppers surfing. Check these tips to boost your eBay store through social media and increase satisfactory sales. Here, we’ll talk about using just Facebook, YouTube and twitter to promote your eBay store effectively.


Promote eBay Store Using Facebook

Facebook is the most commonly used social media platform for promotion be it eCommerce rationale or any other. You can create a fan page different to your personal page and use it to promote your eBay listings. Read step by step guide to setup your eBay store on your Facebook page. With Facebook you can build a society of your fans who interact with you via commenting or posting queries related to the products you sell. As you’re promoting your eBay products using Facebook, you can invite your friends and customers to become a fan of your page. The best way to let customers know about your Facebook page is to promote it in your customer emails. Persuade them to like your page in order to get the latest updates about deals and discount offers. You can also use your Facebook page like a small blog. Engage your fans with compelling content. Use Facebook questions to ask your fans on what type of products they use daily or like to see. Their responses can supercharge your offering.

To keep your customers engaged, respond to your fans messages quickly. Also consider replying to questions, comments or and wall posts with in an affable manner. Do not appear to be inactive or rude as your comments are visible to all your Facebook fans.


Promote eBay Store Using YouTube

If you are looking to advertise your products more specifically and in detail using videos then YouTube is the place for you. Youtube is the best possible medium to attract customers by providing detailed information about your products. Customers visit YouTube to get visual experience, watch reviews, video tutorials and also to understand usage instructions of products. If you’re selling complex products which require detailed/visual information to understand more precisely then YouTube may be a compulsion for you to sell more. Youtube works best when you have the resources, time and skill to capture high definition videos. Formulating a good video involves lots of planning like discovering camera angles, movements, backgrounds, lighting, and the tale you’re going to discuss in the video.

Remember not to create low quality videos or videos with poor explanation or editing. Video is an add-on to your brand and considering that reason, your customers should feel the level of proficiency on your YouTube product videos.


Promote eBay Store Using Twitter

Twitter is considered as a great medium for announcing promotions, new products or posting news about the type of items you sell. If you’re just starting to promote using twitter, begin with inviting customers to follow you on twitter. You can do it the same way as mentioned above for Facebook. You will need to engage with people who regularly tweet about topics or products linked to your business. Try to make your posts interesting from the commencement stage only so that customers retweet your posts which in turn can increase sales and establish faith. Build a great customer service reputation by solving queries in a friendly manner, responding quickly to questions, offering special discounts for retweeters like, “Check out the new products in our eBay Store. We’ll provide 10% off to the first 20 people who retweet this.” Learn what potential customers are talking about by searching Twitter hashtags for the products you sell. Hashtags are keywords that regular buyers may use in their twitter search. Your tweets are only seen by your followers but when they are sent to the search via hashtags, it is shown to everyone following that hashtag on twitter. On the left sidebar, twitter displays trending hashtags. Pay attention to Twitter’s suggestions and craft your post including them as they come up with good and regular customers.

Try not to keep a hashtag before/next to the link. It could be confusing to have highlighted links/hashtags next to each other. Don’t spam your followers with tweet after tweet of your eBay listings.

Increase your fan following through social media and boost sales. If you are looking to get a professional eBay store design, email us at [email protected]. Also check our designed eBay stores portfolio.

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