Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

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Top 7 Reasons Why Your Business Needs a Mobile App

Mobile applications have undoubtedly become a vital part of all businesses and are shaping up as the need of the hour due to sudden surge in mobile application users since past 4-5 years.

In case you don’t have a mobile app for your business, there is a high probability of not reaching the right audience before your competitors and thereby losing out on a sure shot chance to monetize.

Few years back mobile apps were launched by well established businesses only. But the trend changed and it replaced a brick and mortar setup to online business through Apps. Many startups also adopted App as a medium to launch their business as it involved minimal infrastructure and resource management.

  1. Brand Awareness:

    When you have a mobile app for your business it helps to create brand awareness. This eventually leads to better recognition and visibility on a completely new platform. Here the two ways to achieve this:
    • Creating recognition: To begin with, what was the phrase (called ‘keyword’) you typed into the search engine that brought you to Building an application is easy but getting visibility through the app as a medium is hard work.There are certain standard marketing practices and strategies to be followed for your app to get recognized.
    • Building Brand Value: The mobile app works as an interface for the company. You can hire developers for designing them as per the requirements. You can also have a completely customized app or just a basic one that’s functional and has the main focus on product and service requirements. When you add some eye catching features in the app which matches up to the current trend it is sure to attract customers and assist in value addition for your brand.
  2. Create Digital Marketing Channel:

    To create a strong market presence it is mandatory to include multiple features and functions like User Accounts, Chat, Support, Search, Loyalty programs and most importantly complete information of the company’s business and offerings. The user needs to be updated on such information for them to know your credibility. Constant updates on new products/services launched, promotions or sale can be conveyed through newsletters or push notifications to keep them connected to the App and most importantly your business.
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  3. Loyalty Based Program

    Once the app is launched and is progressing you can slowly introduce loyalty programs for your repeat customers so that it will add value to their purchase every time an order is placed by them. This has two benefits: first- marketing your brand and second- increase in repeat sales.
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  4. Providing Visibility to Clients 24/7

    Mobile apps have gained a lot of popularity over time. It increases the visibility of your business to your potential customers. Statistics also show that the average human spends a lot of time of the day on their mobile phone. So when they are scrolling through their phone and come across the app that you are offering, they will want to connect with that as well. This will be beneficial for your business and stands a high chance of a simple browsing getting converted into a sale.
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  5. Regular Customer Feedback and Review

    Through Apps you can also consolidate the feedback and reviews shared by your customers which is a quality input from the users. This can then be analysed to work on the areas that require improvement. This will surely build more trust for your clients as their feedback has been worked upon.
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  6. Reach to a Larger Target Audience

    A brick and mortar business has capacity to reach only limited places, unlike an App where the possibilities are endless. The physical setup also involves investment in infrastructure and manpower allocation and management. For startups where the strategy is to spend less and cover a larger market, developing an App is the optimal solution to derive a favourable ROI.
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  7. Real Time Customer Support

    The user might come across situations where they are unable to proceed further with their purchase on your app. Having a real time chat support functionality makes it convenient for your customer to reach out to you in case of any query or issues that require your intervention. It highly reduces the transaction bounce rate which definitely is a thumbs up for your business.
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Here are the 7 reasons why having a mobile app developed can make all the difference to your business.


The medium that you choose to market your business be it offline or online is a deciding factor for how you want to scale your business. It is like setting the foundation for business growth in the long run. In today’s digital times promoting your business online is the best choice keeping in mind the current generation’s preference of online purchasing over offline one.

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