School Website Design Ideas And Inspirations

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School Website Design Ideas And Inspirations

In this digital world, educational institutions require an online presence to offer their services. Hence, a website has become one of the go-to weapons for schools and institutions to increase their admissions & to offer other relevant information.

Due to this, over the last few years, various leading schools worldwide have started launching websites to offer details about admission, curriculum, upcoming events, and more.

All these leading school website designs in the world have two things in common. First, they have included attractive images and videos to lure visitors. Secondly, they ensure that information they provide is quick to understand for visitors, staff, parents, and students.

If you are exploring the design of best school websites around the globe, you have reached the right place. We at Infigic, a well-known school website design company, are familiar with all the technical know-how of different school websites.

Hence, in this blog, we are providing you some innovative school website design ideas for your inspiration to help you get a clear picture.

7 Best School Websites Design Ideas

Here, we present you a list of some of the most popular school website designs, which you can consider before designing your school website. 

1. Gilman School

It’s an all-boys school website that limelights on rotating images on the homepage in card layout, along with headlines that display some essential skills.

Here, the school website design has utilized all the space by displaying various things such as news, academic calendar, facts & figures, and other things to explore at Gilman.

Moreover, the menu bar on the homepage has a big drop-down from which you can instantly find any information you want. 

2. Norfolk Academy

It is a private school located in Virginia & established in 1728. It’s an awesome school website design that will provide you some latest ideas. Here the homepage consists of a floating slideshow, stacked by box-type design elements and vivid images on edge.

The homepage also features a menu bar along with a drop-down menu through which you can instantly find any information you are looking for.

Moreover, the site uses a combination of colored and black & white images that looks pleasing to the eyes. For instance, sections like valued choices and take a look slideshow is in black & white; however, as soon as you hover over there, it changes its color.

This school website design uses attractive images in slideshows, grid layout, and other innovative ways to present information & capture the user’s attention.

3. The Archer School for Girls

This school website design presents a beautiful video on the homepage, which shows different curriculum and co-curricular activities students will learn in the school.

When you move further down, you will see different programs provided by the school in a colorful grid layout. As soon as you hover them, you will view brief information about different programs.

The site uses light colors that look attractive to eyes and help users find information on different topics like admissions, news, community, calendar, etc.

4. Jakarta Intercultural School

JIS is one of the leading schools around the world. It’s one of the best school website designs you will come across on the web. On the homepage, you will observe that the site has a rich collection of images kept together to present as a collage. 

Each of these photos consists of crispy text along with the call to action that redirects to essential pages. Also, the menu bar, along with the drop-down menu, helps the user to find information instantly.

When you go down, you will observe that the site consists of beautiful images along with the animations to explain various things on the site and keep the users hooked till the end.

5. The Summit CDS

The Summit CDS website presents a business-like approach in telling its story to the users. The site features a big logo in the top-middle section and menu bar on both sides of the homepage. It also presents a 360-degree video of the campus from outside.

When you move further, they have made a collage that displays different programs and school levels offered by the school along with the text, which says they are providing education for a century.

The site also consists of a mission session that shows all the things students will learn in the school. Then there is a facts section along with a shuffle button to know awesome facts about the school. Also, there is a section that provides details about high-trained faculties available at the school.

6. New Orleans Charter Science and Mathematics High School

SCI High is one of the best high school website designs you will find on the internet. On the home page, in the hero section, you will view images in the slider along with text and call to action.

The site utilizes light colors along with the different fonts and images to lure users to get attention. Some of the most amazing things on the website are the view calendar, twitter feed, social, and media icons in the menu bar.

Here, the menu bar consists of relevant links to other pages on the website. Also, there are different sections for students and parents in the menu bar, along with the links to instantly find specific information.

7. The Blake School 

This is one of the most impressive school website designs that focus on branding. Initially, they have portrayed video, images, links, and a menu bar on the homepage, which looks eye-catching.

When you scroll down, they have displayed their mission to the world via three cardboards with an appropriate text. After this, you will see a section that has attractive images of the school along with facts. 

In the last, they present a map that shows all the three locations of the school and the latest news from their different social media pages.


We hope you have a clear idea about what you want to present in your school website design. 

Moreover, the design is the first thing that a user sees on your school’s website; therefore, it is imperative to design it as per the latest trends and technologies. For this, you will require the help of a professional website development company.

Here, we recommend you to approach Infigic, which provide professional web development services for schools, universities and institutes over the globe. They have an excellent team of designers who know how to craft a futuristic school website design.

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