7 Common SEO Mistakes to avoid in 2015

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If you are ranking too low or don’t have a search engine optimizer for your website, there are some factors to reflect on and double check that you aren’t doing the mentioned mistakes. These questions might not arise if you have the right SEO services provider working for you.

Relevant SEO is important to produce higher rankings in the search engine results; here are some common SEO mistakes that companies often face unknowingly.

Let’s start fixing them!

1. Canonical URL:

There could be duplicate versions of the home page on your website. Considering several solutions to find the duplicate page, one of the straightforward ways to find duplicate variant is to click on the logo in your website’s header. It should lead to the website source domain i.e. “www.yourwebsite.com” instead of “yourwebsite.com/default.aspx” or “yourwebsite.com/index.php” or similar.

What if you’re facing this issue? Not a problem, better late than never. There are two solutions to it –

  • First (Recommended Solution): Add the canonical tag to another version of URL. Learn more on Canonical URLs
  • Second: Do a 301 redirect to the official homepage.

Canonical URL

2. Duplicate Title Tag:

Now you’re clear about the canonical URLs and need to check if your website consists of duplicate title tags. Instead of searching for it manually, follow these steps:

  • Login to the webmaster tools.
  • Under Search Console > Go to Search Appearance.
  • Click HTML Improvements and check your website’s duplicate title tags.

You will be able to see the number of duplicate title tags there.

Duplicate Title Tags

3. Duplicate Meta Descriptions:

There are numerous results for one string but the searcher needs to shortlist only some of them. So what makes him choose your website? The meta description comes first. Meta description should be attractive to make him click your website. It should explain all that services which he was finding in that particular search result. Never stuff your meta description and body content with the exact words, make sure they read to-the-point and are completely unique to each page.

Unique meta descriptions are important because your focus keyword reflects somewhere inside it. It’s recommended to have a meta description of 150-160 characters only, don’t stuff everything in it.

Duplicate Meta Description

4. Keyword Stuffing:

This method of keyword stuffing worked years ago. Now the search engine crawlers are smarter. It’s a new era for SEO, an epoch where you can’t stuff the keyword to make your way up in the search rankings. At present, if search engines find out that you’re transparently overusing keywords in your website; your website rankings could achieve a serious hit.

On the other hand, it doesn’t mean that keywords are entirely inappropriate. In fact, if you’re writing to help the reader instead of search engines, keywords aren’t a matter to think upon.

Keywords Stuffing

5. Broken Links:

Whenever you change an existing URL to a new one, the older should be redirected permanently (301 redirect) to the new one. It’s also significant to return a 404 status code (rather than a 200 or 301) when a particular URL is entirely non-existent.

Now the question arising is how to check broken links on my website? Webmaster Tools can again assist you for that. Follow these easy steps:

  • Go to the Search Console of your website
  • Click Crawl > Crawl Errors
  • You will find URL errors there

Broken Links

6. Not Implementing Responsive Design:

According to google’s new mobile friendly update, responsive design is another preference to present the best possible search and browsing experience to mobile and tablet users.

With responsive design, all your website’s URLs are same across any type of device and hand out the same HTML code. This isn’t the case similar to other mobile configurations where you need to set-up a separate mobile-only version which requires different set of URLs. Responsive design is rapidly becoming a median while serving up optimized experience for smartphones to increase rankings the search result.

Responsive Design

Google has started ranking the mobile-friendly websites higher. Check if your website is mobile friendly or not here.

7. Not Auditing the SEO of your Website:

SEO audit is a method of calculating your website’s health situation in several paths. You will need to check your website’s performance and prepare a checklist regarding the issues that are needed to be fixed and factors which need some change to improve your website’s performance in search results.

Ensure that you accumulate some time to examine the website and resolve working factors and what isn’t working, like unique visitors, top performing keywords, linking domains, pages that receive traffic, total indexed pages.

Auditing the SEO Website

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SEO Predictions for 2015

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Being “tech savvy” has become outdated and “mobile savvy” is in. The vast internet space has shifted from desktop computers to mobile devices like smart phones and tablets. Mobiles will takeover and change the way shopping is done. This is the first and foremost prediction made by seo experts.

Apart from that here is a list of other seo predictions for 2015 which can be of immense help in the field of SEO

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