Spree Commerce vs Shopify: Which eCommerce Platform to Use?

There are many ecommerce platforms available but the most important decision is to choose an ecommerce platform that’s best suitable to his store. The ecommerce platform not only influences the UI and customer experience of your store, but is also used for administrating assorted backend tasks. Here, we will talk about spree commerce and shopify so that you can decide your ecommerce platform as per your business.


Spree Commerce is built using Ruby on Rails, which is the best for developing light, fast, and well-designed websites.  Spree commerce is free and also integrates with wombat. Wombat connects your spree and other ecommerce storefronts to any service.  It intelligently routes orders and other information to make sure that the right data gets to the right place at the right time. Spree is a full featured ecommerce platform written for the Ruby on Rails framework. It makes programming applications easier by making several assumptions about what the developers need to embark. If we talk about backend, the spree admin panel is one of the most well designed admin panels containing all necessary elements.


Coming to shopify, Shopify is a comprehensive ecommerce solution which allows you to set up an ecommerce store and sell products. It lets you organize them, customize your storefront, track orders, accept payments.

Shopify charges a monthly fee ranging from $29 to $179. With shopify, you can’t play around with the code whereas spree is an open source platform, allowing you to access and alter all the code (also you can download it at any time). Shopify is simple, provides all the elements a store looks for, it is uncomplicated, but it’s missing out some additional features. In contrast, spree commerce allows you pick the features you want, and use the ones you need.

Shopify stores are maintained and managed by Shopify itself. But with spree commerce, you are the owner and manager of your store entirely. Shopify is preferably suitable for smaller stores. As most of the large stores look to host their own data, customize it extremely as per their needs and not pay commissions, spree commerce is more recommended.


Spree Commerce:

  • Spree commerce is free of cost
  • Spree commerce is easy to conclude on and doesn’t call for specialization
  • Customization can be done excessively tailored to your needs
  • It provides extensions for additional functionality and backend is easily understandable
  • It is open source and built using ruby on rails


  • Shopify is easy to execute
  • It allows less customization, good for small business organizations
  • No access to the code
  • Shopify is a paid product

Now, you can choose the best ecommerce platform for you between spree commerce and shopify. Infigic is a Spree Commerce Development company specializing in custom spree commerce development and spree extension development solutions. Follow us on twitter (@infigicdigital) for more updates related to ecommerce development.

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