How to create promotion boxes in eBay shop

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Promotion has always been done for increment in sales and profit. To drive in more sales on your eBay store, you need to promote your products. As we’re talking about eBay, it doesn’t mean to find advertising areas, publicity or other marketing tactics but, to promote products in your eBay store itself.

Check the formulated step by step tutorial below and add promotion boxes in your eBay store or eBay listing template design:

Step 1: Go to Manage Shop and click Promotion Boxes on the left sidebar

Click Promotion Boxes in eBay store

Step 2: Click on “Create New Promotion Box

Click New Promotion Boxes in eBay Store

Step 3: Choose the type as per your requirement and click “Continue

Choose Promotion Boxes Type in eBay Store

Step 4: Select the “Position on Shop page” and click on continue

Select Promotion Boxes Position in eBay Store

Step 5: Select the “Display Type” and “Item Selection Criteria

Select Display Type in eBay Store

Step 6: Give your promotion box a name and preview/save it

Give Name to Promotion Box in eBay Store

Now, you have successfully added promotion box to your eBay store. You can solve other queries by commenting below. If you are looking to get a professional eBay Shop Design, email us at [email protected]. Also check our designed eBay stores here. Follow us on twitter (@infigicdigital) for more updates.

6 tips to boost your eBay shop on social media

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Social media when used correctly has an immense potential of driving traction, sales, learning about their behavior and interacting with existing and potential customers. The only thing required is in-depth knowledge about each channel, knowledge about the target audience and understanding about how to use each social network. Once you understand the behavior of the users on social media, it can be used as a powerful tool to gain new users, establish yourself as a thought leader and drive in more sales.

Here are 6 powerful ways to best use social media to boost your eBay shop’s presence:

1. Use social media to know your audience better and customize the experience accordingly

First find out the social channels being used by the audience and potential customers and optimize it accordingly. If your shop is selling industry machinery, a powerful presence on professional network such as LinkedIn helps while if you’re selling party dresses, it makes sense to use Pinterest, Instagram and Facebook.

Each group of audience uses a different unique channel to connect with a brand so rather than emulating the formula which worked for a brand or industry niche, experiment, research and find out the network that suits your eBay shop the best.

Use social media

2. Target specific audience to gain new traffic

Paid ads have worked wonders for many shop’s in nitro-boosting their visibility. So if you sell jewelry on your eBay shop, targeting the women users between a certain age group and in a certain locality would yield far better results. Getting qualified leads who’ll get converted into customers can be achieved through targeting a specific audience group.

Target specific audience

3. Abide by relevance and consistency

Sharing useful content on social media to address the customer’s pain points will help your posts gain more shares and likes thereby expanding the reach of your business page. Be it posts from your blog or curating industry posts, ensure that the content is not spammer and will be useful to the users.

The best way to optimize the ideal time for your network would be by testing the time when most of your users are online. Study the statistics and frequency of posts that get the maximum shares. Try posting two posts per day for your Twitter handle for a week, the following week post 3 tweets and so on until you get to know the frequency that reverberates the maximum with the audience.

Abide by relevance

4. Take aid of content, videos, presentations and memes

Make your Facebook business page entertaining; use the right elements of information and fun to deliver the message to the audience. For example create a meme with a funny punch tag or include entertaining videos that reflect your brand culture.

Interacting with fans adds a personal touch and also helps in selling. People are curious to know about your brand and the people behind them, showcase it and gain the users trust.

Posts with pictures get more shares on Twitter. So include relevant images, meme’s and infographics. In case of contests, ask the users to Tweet about it and find innovative ways to spread the word about your shop.

Take aid of content

5. Measure each campaign

Apart from the number of users, measuring their engagement gives a true idea about the health of your business page on social networks.

The number of likes, shares and comments shows the type of posts that the customers interact the maximum with, hence streamline the post sharing accordingly.

Measure each campaign

6. Listen to your audience and their issues

Customers often use social media to vent out complaints and dissatisfactions in customer service, use Google Alerts to check every mention of your company. If the user is complaining, ensure that it is solved immediately, if they are posting inquiries, reply to them within 24 hours.

Social media helps your eBay shop in boosting sales, enhancing customer relations and improving visibility. For the eBay shop owners, the best way to highlight your shop is by understanding the customer’s requirements and their interactions on social media.

Listen to your audience

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How do I Remove the Newsletter from my eBay Shop ?

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If you are an ebay shop owner, and would like to remove your newsletter from your ebay store design

Here are the simple steps you need to follow:

Step 1:

Go to manage my shop

Manage my Shop

Step 2:

Click on Promotion boxes

Step 3:

Remove newsletter

Remoce Newsletter

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How to stop others from copying your ebay descriptions?

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You might have taken a lot of care and effort while framing and writing descriptions for your products only to find out that some other seller blatantly copied it and posted it on his store.

How disappointing can that be ??

Your solution lies here, Just follow these 5 simple steps and you can keep those cheaters at bay.

Step 1:

Go to “My Ebay”, click on “Summary” and select “All selling

Click on All Selling

Step 2:

Choose a product and click the down arrow besides “More actions” and select “Revise

Click on Revise

Step 3:

When you scroll down, you will find “HTML” option below “Details

Click on HTML Tab

Step 4:

Copy and paste the following code at the very beginning

Copy and Paste Code

Step 5:

Make sure that you don’t delete any of the above words, not even “ ”

There you go..! Now no seller will dare to copy your descriptions. You can try it yourself as well. A warning message will appear when you double click on the description and copy the text. You can even frame some whacky warning titles by using your creativity.

Let us know if this post was helpful.

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How to change ebay shop name?

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A new name, a better name or a trendy name may strike months after you have opened your ebay store. Or maybe you want to make minor changes to your store name.

Its very easy to make that change, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Go to “My ebay” and click on “Accounts

Step 2:

Under “Accounts” on the left side bar click on “Subscriptions

Click on Subscription

Step 3:

Under “Subscriptions”, click “Manage my store

Manage My Store

Step 4:

Select “Display settings” > Basic information > change

Display Setting

Step 5:

Now you can change the shop name or logo and select “Save changes”

If you have any queries, do comment below

Infigic is an eCommerce development agency, providing custom eBay store design and eBay listing template design services. If you are looking to design your eBay store, you can contact us. Our team would reach out to you instantly !

How to create custom page in ebay?

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Have you ever felt the need to design your own custom ebay page?

Have you ever wondered how ebay store owners come up with fabulous designs for their ebay store?

Well, they plan out and create their own unique designs. Creating a custom ebay page is very easy. Just follow these step by step guidelines specially designed for beginners.

Step 1:

Go to “My ebay” and click on “SummaryGo to My eBay->Summary


Step 2:

Under “Manage my shop” click on “Custom Pages

Click on Custom Pages


Step 3:

Now Click on “Create a new page

Click on New Page


Step 4:

You can select an appropriate layout from those given in the options.

Select Appropriate Layout


Step 5:

I have selected the “Text section”. You can choose any one of your choice.

Select Text Section


Step 6:

Fill in the necessary details in the “text section”, select appropriate options and click on “Continue

Fill necessary details


Step 7:

Checkout the preview of the page and then click on “Save and publish

Click on Save and Publish


You’re done..!!  🙂

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