6 Tips to Enhance your eBay Store in 2015

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2015 – New Year, New resolutions, New outlook…. With the onset of a brand new year, every young company is looking forward to take their business to the next level or probably to greater heights.

A Positive outlook and a broad mindset can definitely help the developing stores to capture the market and increase their turnover and revenue.

Here are top 6 tips that will surely increase your ebay presence for the year ahead.

1. Start Slowly

Most of the sellers online don’t have a business background and they start listing huge amount of goods at a time. This is the basic mistake that every startup store should avoid. Before taking the big leap, start with a few listings and limited number of items.

Start Slowly

2. Product Listing is the Key

The most common mistakes that sellers make is regarding the photos, descriptions and terms. Providing vague descriptions and using terms that are obsolete is sure to confuse the customer and spoil his shopping experience. Providing Professional eBay listing template can give a more personalized look to your store which would help to increase the conversion rate and sales.

Product Listing is the Key

3. Customer is the King

Providing excellent Customer services must be the top priority of any ebay store owner. Positive reviews from the customers will add more value to the business compared to low ratings. Therefore, make sure you win every customer. Ultimately, a happy Customer will lead to a happy you…!!!

Customer is the King

4. Always Provide Free Shipping

Buyers don’t want shipping cost to come in between their shopping journey. Any seller should definitely understand this and remove some or all of the shipping cost. Moreover, delivering the goods on time or before time will surely bring a smile on your Customer’s face.

Provide Free Shipping

5. Step into the Shoes of a Customer

To know what the customer wants, you must become one. You can garner a great deal of information by meticulously studying the needs and wants of a customer. Understanding what your customer is looking for is the only way to foster the needs of your customers.

Step into Shoes of Customer

6. Create a Customized eBay Store Page

Creating a branded store page can set you apart as a seller and give you an opportunity to highlight your specific products. Here are some examples of custom ebay store design by us.

Case Collection - Homepage

If you are looking to get a custom eBay store design, you can email us at [email protected]. Our team would reach out to you instantly !

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5 Reasons why you should have an eBay Store

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If you are planning to venture into online business and still unsure of which ecommerce cart or ecommerce solution to choose from, this blog would help you to answer some of those questions which you might have in your mind. Also, if you have an ecommerce store and looking to add an additional sales channel, ebay would surely help to increase your ecommerce store sales.

Here are 5 reasons why you should have an ebay store :

1.Cloud based hosting tool


eBay hosts your site on their safe and secure cloud platform and provides you with a unique store URL, a shopping cart, and an easy-to-use tool to manage your store. Ebay now also gives you an option to design a professional ebay store. Here are some ebay store design examples


2.No upfront Investment


eBay stores are a great way to get a feel whether selling online is your cup of tea or not. With a very less upfront investment, you can test the waters without committing a lot of your money or time. The cost is only $16.95 a month and the first thirty days are free—a pretty safe investment.


eCommerce Store


3.Ready Customer base


Ebay has more than 250 million customers, with your store at ebay, you are already in front of customers who are ready to buy. Ebay takes care of search engine optimization for you—making sure you will be listed with Google and Bing. With lot of education material and support from ebay at “No extra cost” you can start becoming a pro seller.

eBay Tool Box

4.Advanced Marketing Tools


Ebay comes in with latest and advanced marketing tools like Newsletter to keep your eBay store in front of your customers. Also with RSS Feeds (Really Simple Syndication) once you switch it on, all your buyers have to do is subscribe to it, and every time you upload new products in your store or up for auction, they’ll get an update telling them what you’ve added. Interesting, isn’t it ?



So, if you have made your mind to start your ebay store, then may be you should read our blog to get started !


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How to Create a Listing on eBay [A eBay Beginner’s Tutorial]

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How to create a listing on ebay is a problem for all the ebay store beginners.

Here is a step by step visual guide to create your first listing on your ebay store :


Step 1: Click on the Highlighted Blue box of create listing on your summary page of the ebay store.


Step 2:  You will get 2 options either to add a single item or to list multiple items, Select accordingly.


Create Listing on Summary Page


Single Item

Step 3: For a single item. Firstly You will be asked to submit either title, EAN or ISBN number. If you have EAN or ISBN number, Your job will become very easy. All the product information will be automatically displayed or you can also continue by putting a title.


Enter an EAN and ISBN




After adding the suggested product or EAN or ISBN number, you just need to click on continue, and then you can publish the listing by clicking on submit.




Multiple Item

Step 3: For multiple listing, you will get a page as shown in the image.

Fill up the necessary information:

  1. Put the number of the listing
  2. Select the category for your listing
  3. Select the shop category as well as sub category
  4. Give a custom label


Start New Listing


Step 4: After filling up information, its time for filling up Product information.

  1. Insert the title and subtitle of the product
  2. Select the condition of the product
  3. Add as many photos as you can
  4. Give a description of the product


Product Information


Step 5:

  1. Select the format of the product listing either it would be a fixed price or an auction
  2. Set up a duration that you wish to list the item for
  3. Set a price for buy it now
  4. Show the quantity
  5. Set up your business policies, that will include your payment gateway, Postage and Returns


Buisness Polices


Step 6: Now that you have filled up all these information, We are just one step away from creating the listing :

  1. If you have any particular product for which you have to describe the dimensions as well as package information, then you can add here. It will be displayed with listing
  2. As soon as you hit the continue button, you will be asked to submit the listing. Congratulations… Your listing is created


Package Weight & Dimensions


If you have any questions that you would like to ask us, kindly feel free to drop a comment below.


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7 Things every eBay Store owner should know

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As a ebay store owner, It is very important to get the basics right.

As the famous saying goes “ Every skyscraper is built on a strong foundation of pillars.”

Here are 7 tips every professional eBay store design owner should know especially the ones who are going to get started :

1. What’s in a Name?

Have a User ID that clearly reflects what you sell. Ideal examples of User ID such as “wristwatchamerica” “pedalbits” gives a clear idea of what the store is selling and generates crebility and trust.

An ID like “digi2843” is vague and might not give an idea to the customer of what you are selling.


2. Don’t start off with a ZERO feedback rating

No one would like to buy products from sellers without any feedback ratings. If you do not have feedback, you can give additional freebies to your first few customers to write a nice feedback for you (if the product and service experience was nice).Sent Feedback

3. Don’t Lower Your Item prices by bloating up your shipping costs

If you charge one dollar less for an item, but charge 3 dollars additional in shipping fees, your buyers won’t see the shipping charges until they checkout. This is a biggest mistake you can ever do in your store. This puts off the customer and they may not choose complete the sale at all.

 Shipping Cost

4. Don’t use misleading brand names in your titles

Don’t try to mislead customers by putting brand names in the item listings. For example, don’t put “iPad” in your listing title for a tablet, unless it is Apple’s iPad, or another Apple product. In addition to violating your customers’ trust and garnering a bad reputation, you would be violating eBay’s policies where ebay might pull your listing; and if you don’t amend the listing, they’ll pull your store and ID, and suspend you.

Misleading Brand Name

5. Avoid blurred product images

Sharp and high quality images give customers a right impression about the products you sell and your store. You want them to perceive you as a professional ebay store, so make sure your listings reflect that.

Blurred Image

6. Add Contact info in your listing

Would you like to buy a product from someone whom you cannot reach out to when you have some issues with the product? Shoppers feel comfortable and safe when they see contact details of the store. Always include an email address, and preferably a phone number where they can reach you as well.

Contact Info

7. Keep a QRA (Quick Response Approach) philosophy

Customers expect “instant” response. The quicker you respond to your customers, the better chance you have of resolving their issues, and making a sale. Also, solving problems of customers who have already bought from your store would ensure that they keep coming back to your store.

Quick Response

For other ebay tips & insights, do check out our blog at

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3 Ways to stay in touch with your eBay Customers

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With your day to day business transactions on running your ebay store, it becomes difficult to be in touch with your customers. However, that’s the gist of entire business, how stay in front of the customers even with our transactional work load. Here are 5 ways to stay in touch with your ebay customers:


1. Automate your follow ups

The first way is by doing a series of follow-up emails to your customers. There are dozens of automate follow up email clients that help you to schedule a follow up. You can use which helps you to Schedule Emails to Send Later, Email Reminders and Email Tracking.


Dont forget to follow up to stay in touch with your ebay customers


2. Create regular touch points of communication

Take out a chance to be in touch with the customer during the entire purchasing process. Do notify the customer through email. Send out an email when payment is received, when you ship the item, wait one week before telling them to post a feedback and two weeks after shipping send out a survey email to make sure the customer was happy.


Create regular touch points of communication customer service


3. Use Newsletters to be in touch with your customers regularly

Use tracking URL’s in emails so that you know how many people clicked on these links. You can also have a newsletter, which is a double opt-in newsletter. This is not the newsletter feature that ebay offers but from a third party service like Mailchimp (


newsletter to stay in touch with your ebay store customers


Finally, the entire process keeps your name in front of the customers. You will never get one complaint about spamming but just the opposite. Your customers will thank you for the great communications.


good communication means good business for ebay store customers

Do you have any other ideas to share with us ? Drop in a comment below. 


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5 Things to be kept in mind while designing your eBay Store Design

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Getting started with your new ebay store design is always an exciting journey. However, it is very important to ensure that the ebay store design encapsulates the philosophy of your store, what you are going to sell and how you want to project yourself.

Here are 5 points to be kept in mind while designing your ebay store design.

1. Identify your target audience

 It is better to pick a certain audience and try to be good at get hold of their attention, preference and choice. This practice allows you to be best at a given area thus developing expertise.

identify your target audience for your ebay store design



2. Answer your customer’s needs

    In order to answer the customer needs, ebay store owners must know what kind of customers the store is welcoming.

     Do they belong to the younger generation or otherwise?

What do they want from your ebay store ?

Are these information, details and pleasures in your store in order to get their undivided attention and loyalty?

     Bear in mind that colors, font size, style of graphics, contents and the entirety of the site affects viewer’s decision and choice.

target the need of the customer for your ebay store design


3. Design with Marketing


Ebay store design is intertwined with marketing, hence ebay store designer has to understand on how to have the use of keywords that would generate visibility

   Though Search Engine Optimization and copywriting are not directly related to designing, still, ebay store designers must have basic knowledge about them.


seo and copy writing for you ebay store design


4. Functionality over design


     Appearance is a means to catch customer’s attention nevertheless, it is not the end. If an ebay store designer prioritizes appearance alone without considering its primary consideration the ebay store’s marketability will suffer.

     If ever you are faced to make a decision between a ebay store’s esthetic form and its functionality, you have to be firm in upholding the latter. Not everything that is pretty is ‘saleable’. Besides, you don’t create ebay store designs for the sake of making it nice-looking.

      Above anything else, the site must be functional so as to cater to every visitor’s wants and needs.

functionality over style in your ebay store design


5. Break the rules

Design rules areset of guidelines, if you feel that the rules are inappropriate for a certain creation follow your heart’s desire and venture on an experimental adventure.

break the rules for your ebay store design.

Do you any points that can be added here ? Do drop in a comment below.


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How to set up your eBay Store on holiday mode

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With the Christmas holidays nearing up, lot of ebay store owners would be putting their business on hold.  To set up your ebay store on holiday mode is very easy. When you put your store on holiday mode your listings would not be visible in the searches and customers cannot buy from your store. The listings are in a hidden mode, so once you come back from the holidays, you can switch off the holiday mode and everything will be back to normal.

There are no additional fees for Holiday mode, you will be charged normal store fees only.


Here is a step by step visual guide on how to set up your eBay store on holiday mode :


Step 1. Click the Messages tab in My eBay

How to set up your ebay store on holiday mode first step for ebay


Step 2. Select the Change settings link on the top right side of the page.


step 2 for putting your store on holiday mode


Step 3.  In the Store holiday settings section, select Turn ON.

Also, there are 2 option :

1.If would like to hide your listings and customers from making purchases from them while you’re away, select Hide and block purchases from my fixed price listings.

2.If you’d like customers to see a return date, select Display a return date, and enter a date in the box provided.

 In the Message to display on your ebay shop front section, edit the default text displayed in the textbox if you would like to customize it.

When turning on holiday settings, the seller has the option to add a personalized message, such as, “We are on a Christmas holiday until Jan 5th and our store will reopen on Jan 6th.“


step 3 for putting your ebay store on holiday mode

Step 4. Click the Apply button.



Always remember unshipped items can have a negative effect on the seller feedback, so ensure that you have set your store on a holiday mode before you head on to your vacation.


If you are looking to get a professional ebay store design, you can email us at [email protected]. Our team would reach out to you instantly !

7 Tips to improve your eBay Listing

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Product listing is the gateway to success on ebay. Buyers spend maximum time on listing and based on the listing the buyer decides whether to hit the BUY button or not.

Here are 7 tips to improve your ebay listing :

1. Selecting the best Category

Check out ebay’s categories to see which category would work out for your product. Also, do take a look at the competing products that has been placed. It’s always better to put your product in two categories this will help you to reach out to more number of customers.


improving your ebay listing


2. Descriptive title 

For writing an effective title, you get 55 characters, so ensure that you utilize every single word there. Always use words in your title which describes what a user is searching for.

For example : Try using brand name, style, size and color


descriptive title for improving your ebay listing


3. Offer freebies

The word Free rings the bell for everyone. Try giving freebies like gift wrapping, express shipping or may be small freebies like a Mouse pad when someone buys a laptop. This would make your listing stand out against the competition.


offer freebies, free service, gift service


4. Use appealing photos

Research says that product with more than 2 photos has 12% more chances to sell. The better your images and product look, the more valuable they appear. Try to pick separate photographs of your products, sometimes combining photos of the products lead to confusion. Also use a professional background, good lighting and ensure that you use variety of angles in your product pictures.

apeealing product photography ebay design cutomization ring diamond


5. Description should help you sell

The product description should be your sales weapon. Always include the brand, technical details of the product. For more description check our blog .


ebay description for ebay selling


6. Shipping information

Your product listing should have the shipping information so that the customer doesn’t get any shocks when he reaches the shopping cart. Shipping carts have been major reasons for shipping cart abandonments. Always include your flat handling fee, include the U.S. Postal Shipping Calculator, or otherwise clearly indicate shipping costs in your listings.

shipping and detailed information ebay


7. Include a return policy

If you providing returns or exchanges, you need to clearly state this in the product description. Returns and Exchanges give your customers a lot of confidence while placing orders at your store.

return and exchange policy for ebay by infigic

I am sure these ebay listing tips would help your product listing shine. If you have any ideas do share with us below.


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5 Ways to save time and be more productive while managing your eBay Store

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As an ebay store owner, i am sure you would always be crunched for time. Lot of ebay store owners, have  asked me how to be  faster and efficient at managing ebay business?

To get the best out of your day, you’re going to need a few good strategies, a collection of tools, and a focused approach at work.

Here are 5 ways to save time and be more productive while managing your ebay store :

1. Set a schedule


Managing your ebay store with your timing and let not non business activities distract you. Keep up a schedule for all your activities. For example, try responding to your buyers query between 10 to 11 a.m., setup a time with your courier company for getting the pickup & shipping managed. This would make your sure that you complete all your task perfectly.


set a schedule to manage your ebay store


2. Write a daily to do list


Before you start your day make up a note stating what you would actually do today. Try to list and have times set for the activities and unplanned tasks that pop up.Try using Pomodoro apps or tools like Evernote to manage your todos.


to do list to manage your ebay store


3. Take advantage of eBay’s listing tools


Every ebay store comes up with the eBay tool wizard  (

Seller tools such as Turbo Lister and seller manager help to make your business more efficient.


turbo lister for ebay

4. Consider hiring a trading or virtual assistant

When your ebay business starts expanding you might probably not be able to manage your growing business single hand. Hence  you can consider hiring a trading or a virtual assistant  so that you can manage your work & home easily. It helps to free up your time and at the same time let your business grow.


trading assistance for ebay

5. Share your plan with your team


Let your team know what is your goal and plan to reach the goal so that they can assist you in a convenient way. Let the people around you know your timing and dedication to work so that you won’t be interrupted by them.


working in team to make your ebay store successful



Do you have any amazing time-saving tips that other ebay store owners might want to know? Share your productivity hacks in the comments.


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3 Reasons to use eBay HTML Template

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Whether you are a brand new ebay store owner or a seasoned ebay store owner, eBay HTML template give you a competitive edge when competing against much bigger brands with deeper wallets. In this blog post, we’ll share 3 reasons to get your ebay listing designed:


1. Make your store stand out

To make your ebay store look more interesting, ebay offers you customization options with unlimited font sizes, styles and colors in a color palate of over 1000 colors.

Find out the right ebay store design & ebay template designer who can help you design your store as per your brand identity.

pedalbits, cycle accessories online, listing  ebay, ebay HTML  template


2. No HTML knowledge

Softwares like Auctiva, Turbolister, Sellbrite  have made the entire listing process easy,  there is no need of having any prior HTML knowledge to create your product listings.


no html, listing tools help ebay store,


3. Simple Copy-paste


All that is needed is a simple word style interface which can help you get started. All that you need to do is to copy, paste and customize whatever layout you need from the net, and your site is ready. If you are well versed with html, you can also directly modify your auction template using html.


Copy paste, easy ebay listing, ebay

If you have any questions around your ebay template design do drop in a comment below.

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