5 tips to create attractive ecommerce designs that will boost your sales

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Sellers often underestimate the power that an attractive looking ecommerce store has. There are millions of online stores being built each day and therefore it becomes crucial for your store to stand out from the rest.

Crafting a fabulous yet easy design ensures that your customers are not lost during the buying procedure. Because once your customer is lost, you loose him forever.

It must be your aim to cultivate and retain potential customers and these happy customers will naturally take your brand high.

Here are the 5 tips to create attractive ecommerce design that will boost your sales.

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6 common mistakes in ecommerce design

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Worried about the decreasing conversion rates of your customers? Wondering why your ecommerce store is not able to out-sell your competitors?

Just take a look at some of the common mistakes made by sellers online and try to correct them.

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Infigic is a digital agency offering ecommerce development, ebay store design and digital marketing services in all over the world.


5 Powerful Content Marketing Tips to Fuel your eCommerce Growth

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“Content” a small word, but a powerful one on which the whole online business or rather the internet thrives. Imagine if there was no content out there. What would you be searching for? How would you tell the world about your existence?

Content is not just a piece of information, but it is something that remains on the web for eternity. Something strong that will drive in more sales for your company, Something beneficial that will help your company increase profits, Something informative that will create more happy customers for you.

The importance of relevant and meaningful content has gained popularity. People now find solutions to their problems through content and this fact has given CONTENT MARKETING a great boost.

Following 5 content marketing tips that will help your ecommerce store stand out from the rest:

1. Use Magnetic Headlines

The first thing that people will read is the title of your content. If the title does not contain the problem that they are looking for, then they will not view it further.

Secondly, observe the kind of titles and headings that are gaining more tweets and shares online.

Use Megnetic Headlines

2. Create Extraordinary Content

Content that connects and Content that understands the pains of the Customer are sure to spread like wildfire.

Provide plenty of content so that your blogs become the best in the eCommerce industry.Create Extraordinary Content

3. Newsjacking

Newsjacking is a term which means- Making use of anything that’s currently in trend in the social media. For example, the #Hashtag wave has spread in to all social media sites after the onset of twitter.


4. Include more Visual Content

Posts and tweets with images are considered more attractive than long textual pieces of information. Using the right kind of images for your blog will actually make it look more creative and interesting. Images with a tint of humor and  a spark of thought will make the readers happy.

Include More Visual Content

5. Your team is your strength

Your team must include people who write content, monitor and supervise content as well as carry out secondary functions like replying to social media comments, capturing leads and researching blog posts and new topics.

Your Team is Your Strength

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How to Change Banner on eBay Store

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Regularly updating your ebay store and changing images frequently will make your store look more attractive and lively.

We will guide you through the steps of making changes on your banner page:

Step 1:

To edit ebay listings, go to “My ebay and select “Sell

Go to My eBay - Sell

Step 2:

Click on default product template under the heading “Sell with a template” and select “Start selling

Start Selling

Step 3:

Now you can make necessary changes on the page titled “Edit your listing”. You may like to change the caption, Image description or even change the banner images.

Edit Your Listing

Step 4:

In order to change the banner image, select the particular image and copy the URL of that image.

Now paste it in the HTML version of template design between “<img> </img>

HTML Version of Design

This way you can make multiple changes to your ebay storefront.

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How to Change eBay Return Policy?

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Return Policies

It is a fact that buyers prefer to purchase from sellers who offer a return policy rather than from those who don’t.

Return policies are framed in case if the customer has a change of mind regarding purchase or if the product does not meet the customer requirements. Framing an effective return policy will help your store sell better and increase the no. of customers.

Revising Return Policy

It becomes mandatory to revise your return policy based on the market conditions and product life.

Many ebay store owners have had this doubt as to –How to change or revise ebay return policy?

Here is a step by step guide which will clear all your doubts:

Step 1:

Go to “My eBay” and click on “Sellings

My eBay

Step 2:

Click on “More Actions” –> “Revise

Click on Revise Button

Step 3:

Go to “Edit Your Listing”. Under the heading- “Add Other Details” select “Edit Selected Policy

Edit Selected Policy

Step 4:

Select “Returns Accepted”. Further change date and select “Seller”( under return postage will be paid by) and then click “Save and Close”.

Edit Return Policy

Step 5:

Click on “Save and Close” and then click on “Confirm” button.

Confirm and Save Changes

There you go..!! Your policy has been revised..

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How to change ebay shop name?

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A new name, a better name or a trendy name may strike months after you have opened your ebay store. Or maybe you want to make minor changes to your store name.

Its very easy to make that change, just follow these simple steps:

Step 1:

Go to “My ebay” and click on “Accounts

Step 2:

Under “Accounts” on the left side bar click on “Subscriptions

Click on Subscription

Step 3:

Under “Subscriptions”, click “Manage my store

Manage My Store

Step 4:

Select “Display settings” > Basic information > change

Display Setting

Step 5:

Now you can change the shop name or logo and select “Save changes”

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Infigic is an eCommerce development agency, providing custom eBay store design and eBay listing template design services. If you are looking to design your eBay store, you can contact us. Our team would reach out to you instantly !