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The Best Pharmacy Apps

When you can buy almost everything online, there’s no reason why you can’t buy medicines online. The steady growth in the number of apps to purchase medicine online shows how online businesses are adding convenience and comfort in one more area.

And the growth is not surprising, considering that the US spent over $450 billion on medicines in 2016. Even a small piece of the pie in the business to serve customers who buy medicine online is big business.

A pharmacy delivery app brings a number of benefits to everyone, from pharmacies to patients. Some benefits like ease of purchase or competitively priced products are quite obvious.

However, these apps are capable of adding a lot of value to users. From helping people fix consultation appointments to publishing health blogs, these apps are offering an almost 360-degree service that physical visits to local pharmacies cannot. Little wonder that most physical retail pharmacies are adding mobile apps with which to serve their customers.

Here’s a study of the top 8 best Pharmacy delivery apps, their features and what you can learn from each of them.

1. 1MG


One of the leading on demand pharmacy delivery apps, 1mg has built a loyal following with the range of products and services it offers, apart from the great pricing.


You’ll be able to register with your mobile number and your email id. When you submit your request a registration request, you’ll receive an OTP (One Time Password). 
After that, you may either permit the app to auto detect your location or choose your location from the list. This helps the app tell you whether your current location falls within the region they serve.


1mg, apart from letting you easily buy medicines online, offers a number of other services. You can:

  • Opt for lab tests from various labs (home collection available — there’s even a 1mg Lab).
  • Get into free or paid chats with doctors (there’s an AI tool to collect your primary info)
  • Fix appointments with doctors
  • Set reminders for your pills
  • Buy health products
  • Browse through a rich collection of health-related articles

Other Features:

Two things stand out in favor of 1mg pharmacy home delivery app.

One, the home screen of the app, without looking cluttered, displays all its major services. A single glance and you know what all areas 1mg can help you with.

Two, it provides an easy to understand, clean layout of a sample prescription you’ll need to buy medicines. If the prescription is unclear, their pharmacist will help you understand it.

An interesting feature of the 1mg pharmacy delivery software is that it will ask you if you’re a medical professional before you begin accessing the app.


You can save 25% on prescriptions. Apart from that, there’s a Refer & Earn plan.

Available on iOS and Android, For more information on 1mg apps, Click here



The MedPlus app is a part of India’s leading chain of pharmacy retail outlets MedPlus (originally named Aushadhi). The chain currently operates 1,555 stores, most of which are company owned.


Registration in the MedPlus online medicine delivery app requires your mobile number as well as your email id.

Next, the app would need to know whether you’re based within its area of operation. For that, you may permit the app to automatically detect your location through network settings. Alternatively, you can specify your location by keying in your pin code.


MedPlus offers omni-channel services, letting customers access MedPlus through online transactions as well as through its physical outlets.

The MedPlus medicine app lets customers

  • Browse medicines by brand, composition, products
  • Make purchases from its general store
  • Buy general health and household products
  • Locate nearest stores, using Google maps
  • Buy products for household usage
  • Use lab facilities

Other Features:

Its physical retail outlets were founded in 2006.

MedPlus app allows you to read various health-related articles online. One of the sections in such articles is Home Remedies which helps people stay healthy and cure minor ailments using home remedies.


Currently, it has 25% discount for purchases. There’s a Flexi Rewards scheme. Customers can opt for either cash discounts or free products.

Available on iOS and Android, For more information on Medplus apps, Click here



Netmeds online pharmacy claims to have served over 3 million customers across the nation. It is backed by 100 years of experience in the pharma business


Registering for the Netmeds online medicine delivery app requires you to submit your full name, cell phone number, email address, gender and date of birth.

Alternatively, while ordering, you can login with Google or Facebook.


In addition to letting you order medicines online Netmeds allows you to:

  • Buy fitness related products
  • Purchase Ayurvedic, Homeopathy and Unani medicine
  • Go for medical treatment through qualified doctors
  • Purchase devices for measurements, orthopedic usage and so on
  • Buy smoking cessation products
  • Order special purpose footwear

Other Features:

Currently, Netmeds is trying to build credibility by using celebrity endorsement in its commercials as well as on the medical apps screen.

It has a well organized treatment system of solutions like balms, first aid, skin treatment and so on.


There are various offers currently on, including the 15%Amazon cashback. Besides, you can also benefit by referring friends to the app.

Available on iOS and Android, For more information on Netmeds apps, Click here



RiteAid, one of the best USA based pharmacy apps, comes from the US-based RiteAid Corporation, a Fortune 500 company. It operates a chain of drugstores in the US, the third largest of its kind in the US.


Registration, like with most other pharmacy delivery apps for iphone or android, needs your cell phone and email addresses.

Upon registration, you have the option to receive their communications.


RiteAid has grown to be more than just a pharma company selling medicines. Currently, RiteAid allows you to

  • Purchase medicine and health products
  • Buy Vitamin supplements and diet and fitness related products
  • Buy office electronic items and beauty products
  • Opt for immunization services
  • Avail benefits of Medicare Part D

Other Features:

They also provide printable pharmacy records if you need them for tax purposes. With RiteAid you can also avail the benefits of Medicare Part D, the US government supported insurance program for self-administered prescription drugs.

For refills, they will text you a reminder against which you may text back your response. Based on your response, they process the order.

You can locate their stores with the help of the app.


There are numerous offers customers can choose from, depending upon the frequency of buying as also the kind of products.

Available on iOS and Android, For more information on Riteaid apps, Click here



NowRx was founded in the year 2015. Within a short span of a little over 3 years, it has established itself as one of the leading online pharmacies in the USA.


The registration process is the same as other order medicine online apps; you’ll need your mobile number and your email address.


NowRx currently does not sell any products other than medicines.

  • Doctors directly send the prescription to NowRx
  • Video chat with pharmacist available
  • Prescription refills available through Alexa and Google Home

Other features:

Their major USP is their promise to deliver within 1 day of your placing the order. In case of emergencies, you can get the medicines delivered in 1 hour, by paying an extra fee.


Currently, there are no special offers available. However, the emergency, 1-hour delivery is a big plus.

Available on iOS and Android, For more information on Nowrx apps,Click here



Google best ‘pharmacy apps android’ and you’ll see PillPack in the list as the top most searched android drug app. Founded in 2013, the digital pharmacy PillPack was acquired by Amazon in June 2018.


Registration requires your full name, your email and your phone number. To setup the account and let you benefit from their drug delivery system, it will require your address and details of your doctor and your insurance.


PillPack sells prescription drugs. Besides that, you can

  • Buy creams and inhalers
  • Purchase testing equipments and supplies
  • Set reminders for automatic refills with arrangement with doctors
  • Get 24/7 support
  • Enjoy free shipping
  • Seek their assistance for issues with doctors or insurance companies

Other features:

There are two special features that PillPack offers and which make it different from the rest.

One, when you purchase medicine online with PillPack, they not only home-deliver the medicine but they also sort the medicines according to the dosage and the times. That way, patients or the caregivers don’t have to worry about having to remember dosages.

Two, when you set up the account you can choose to grant account access to your caregiver. This not only helps the caregiver stay in the loop but also lets the pharmacy get in touch with the caregiver if they have any questions.


PillPack is positioning itself on the service ground rather than simply offer hefty discounts. Free shipping is available.

For more information on PillPack apps, Click here



OptumRx is a part of the UnitedHealth Group which is a Fortune 500 company based in the USA and the largest healthcare company in the world by revenues.


To register and become a member, you will need to feed in details like your mobile phone number and your email. Members enjoy certain fast-track, convenience privileges.


OptumRx, apart from letting you purchase medicines online, helps you manage your health. With the app, you can

  • Refill and renew prescriptions easily
  • Request a medication without prescription – the app will coordinate with the doctor.
  • View claims history and know pharmacy benefits you’ve used
  • Send requests to doctors to renew your prescription
  • Choose to have long-term prescription medicines home-delivered
  • Watch videos and get the most out of OptumRx

Other features:

OptumRx focuses on helping customers maintain and organize records and information about their medication intake rather than simply sell at discounted prices. This is an important feature to bear in mind when you’re seriously considering pharmacy delivery app development.

An important feature of the app is the My Medicine Cabinet. It contains all the key information of all medications you take. The idea is to keep you well-informed about the nature of medications as well as the desired goals of your medications.

Another thing OptumRx does is help you compare costs. You can compare costs at a retail pharmacy versus home-delivery and see what suits you best.

Finally, by feeding in the zip code, you can locate nearby pharmacies that belong to the OptumRx network.


Members enjoy various benefits in terms of delivery locations, change of delivery address, faster delivery and so on.

Available on iOS and Android, For more information on OptumRx apps,Click here



Saydl is Saudi’s largest on-demand online pharmacy providing all your pharmaceutical (medical and non-medical) needs within 1 hour.Saydl is a fast and convenient service connecting you with other pharmacies with a single tap. Saydl is considered as one of the best medical reference app for other entrants in the market.


You’ll be able to register with Facebook and your email id. When you submit your request a registration request, you’ll receive an OTP (One Time Password) through SMS.


Saydl is Saudi’s largest on-demand online pharmacy providing all your pharmaceutical (medical and non-medical) needs within 1 hour. Saydl has grown to be more than just a pharma company selling medicines. Currently, Saydl allows you to

  • Purchase medicine and health products
  • Buy Vitamin supplements and diet and fitness related products
  • Buy skin care, beauty & hair related products.

Other features:

Saydl delivers both prescription and over the counter (OTC) medicines. You can simply take a photo of your prescription for Saydl pharmacists to process your order within minutes and deliver it to your doorstep.


Saydal offers you FREE delivery on your first order.

Available on iOS and Android, For more information on Saydl apps,Click here


As you can see, there is a huge opportunity in the on-demand pharmacy app sector. Every app has some unique feature, some great UI/UX and something special.

Only an experienced Pharmacy app development company, whose claims are backed by results, can help you with your pharmacy app development.

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