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Top 7 eLearning Apps

Check this post to find out the top 7 eLearning apps and which one fits your need.

In this age of technology, if one wants to become good at something that he/she should be familiar with the latest industry trends and their use. 

Earlier, to learn a new topic or skill or to resolve any of the queries, one needs to visit a school or university or institute. However, with the invention of various smartphones and other gadgets, we can learn new skills online and implement it for the betterment of our life.

With the constant evolution happening in the eLearning industry and new apps releasing every year, it might be challenging for you to choose the best one.

As a leading eLearning app development company, we have been familiar with all the things happening in the eLearning sphere. Therefore, we will provide you with the list of best eLearning apps that are targeted for different age groups.

Without taking much of your time, let’s dive deep into it:

Top eLearning Apps for 2020 and Beyond

1. edX

edx elearning app

A vast number of students across the world have a dream of learning courses from leading universities like Cambridge, Harvard, Stanford, MIT, and so on & so forth. However, they understand that it’s really tough to get admission in these colleges or universities.

By installing edX on your smartphone, you can fulfill your dream. edX offers the best content from these universities right in your device. It consists of 2000+ courses on different topics such as Blockchain, Computer Science, Business, management, etc.

All the courses on the app are free; however, if you want a certificate, then you have to pay a nominal amount. Also, these certificates will be useful to build your career.

Key Features of edX App

  • Learn the best courses from top universities online for free.
  • In-depth video tutorials.
  • Various technical courses on programming consist of different tools for better interaction.

2. Linkedin Learning

Linkedin learning app

Linkedin Learning is one of the newest yet most popular apps for professionals out there. It comprises a range of tutorials and courses on various topics.

It has a straightforward yet attractive UI, which you will fall in love with. The app covers highly trending business, tech, and creative skills, along with personalized recommendations.

Moreover, it has built-in Chromecast support, offline support, playlist, etc. It is a best-suited app for anyone who wants to enhance their job skills.

Here, courses are available for free as well as with subscription. After completing any course, you can add it to your LinkedIn Profile.

Key Features of Linkedin Learning App

  • More than 16000+ courses available in business, tech, creative, etc. subjects and new courses are added every month.
  • Download courses and watch them at your own pace.
  • Utilize premium networking tools & receive in-depth insights about your profile.

3. TED

TED  app

As compared to various educational apps that focus on the basic knowledge of any subject, TED presents some innovative and out-of-the-box ideas about different things. Every TED talk is mainly a spoken presentation from a person who has profound knowledge in that field. 

Even though you can find all the TED videos on YouTube and its official website, the app provides some additional features like offline video playback, bookmarks, etc.

Key Features of TED App

  • Listen to episodes of TED Radio Hour Podcast.
  • Explore highly inspiring & engaging talks and selected playlists.
  • Create a custom playlist and watch videos later.

4. Udemy

Udemy E-Learning  platform

It is one of the most profound eLearning apps for students, professionals, or anyone who wants to learn a new skill. The app comprises 130 thousand+ video courses on a wide variety of courses on subjects like technology, business, singing, photography, etc.

Moreover, you have the freedom to study any course at your own speed. In case you have any doubts, you can post it and get relevant answers from other students as well as the course instructors.

Key Features of Udemy App

  • Courses are available in 30+ languages.
  • Here, you will find free as well as paid courses.
  • Download and watch videos at your own pace.
  • Courses are available on 2000+ topics & subjects.

5. Khan Academy

Khan Academy app

It is one of the leading eLearning apps available in the market that provides courses on a wide number of topics. Moreover, the courses listed on Khan Academy offer live classroom feeling even if they are recorded.

Here, you will find some of the best courses on a match, science, history, art, etc. Moreover, these courses are explained via attractive visuals and video clips.

KhanAcademy app is available for Android and iOS. Moreover, you can learn new courses on the web from its website.

Key Features of Duolingo App

  • More than 60 million students are enrolled in the courses.
  • 10+ Videos along with the explanations on different topics.
  • All courses are available for free.

6. Duolingo

Duolingo language learning app

Duolingo is popular as both a language learning app as well as an education app. Whether you want to travel to a new country or you want to learn a new language for another purpose, give Duolingo a shot.

Duolingo teaches you how to order, start a conversation, or ask for directions in more than 80 languages. This includes English, Spanish, Latin, etc. It begins with games. By completing more and more games, you will be able to enhance both your vocabulary as well as grammar skills.

The app helps you to install the habit of learning via two different methods: rewards system and social component. Here you receive rewards in the form of lingots that you can spend for earning power-up and other accessories. Secondly, an in-app social network motivates you to invite more users to the app and then compare scores with them. 

Key Features of Duolingo App

  • Highly intuitive interface to learn reading, speaking and listening
  • More than 30 languages
  • Leaderboard competitions

7. PhotoMath

Photomath mathematics eleraning app

Mathematics is one of the most confusing subjects for various students as well as kids. Irrespective of age, various people fumble a lot in trying to solve simple math problems. 

But, this can be resolved with the help of Photomath, one of the best eLearning apps for kids or students. Using this app, anyone can solve simple arithmetic & calculus equations to complex mathematical equations within a few seconds. 

To solve your math problem is the cakewalk using Photomath. Here, you have to scan your printed or handwritten problem using the app. Then, the app provides you a step by step solution to your question in the form of an animated video along with the explanations.

Key Features of Photomath App

  • Simply scan printed/handwritten maths problems and get answers.
  • It supports more than 30+ languages.
  • Different solving methods for the same problem.
  • Works offline without any issue.
  • Built-in Scientific calculator.


So, these were some of the most popular eLearning Apps that you can try to become an expert on any specific skill or subject. 

Besides this, if you have a unique app idea, then you can approach Infigic, a leading eLearning App Development Company. We have a highly talented team of mobile app developers who can deliver you the best eLearning app as per your requirements and goals.

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